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Society Against Remy Bashing...

Have you ever noticed just how much Remy bashing there is in the world? The X-Men do it, random other members of the Marvel Universe do it, fans do it--heck, even staff members of Marvel do it! I, for one, believe that there is too much Remy bashing in this world, and am ready to stand up and say "Cajuns need love, too!" I invite you to join the Society Againsy Remy Bashing (SARB) today, and show your support for our favorite Cajun as you protect him from his constant torment!

All right, all right, that was corny...But join SARB anyway...You get your name on a list *and* a nifty little picture thingy for your site (see top image). So join SARB. It'll make you feel cooler... :)

To join SARB, simply send an e-mail to the address at the bottom of screen. C'mon...ya know ya wanna...

Proud Members of SARB

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