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LCARS Active - Upload complete : Ship Schematics for USS William Wallace

Here are the offical Schematics for this class Starship. Further modifications have been made to the William Wallace sanctioned by Starfleet Command and Starfleet Intelligence Service.

For updated Schematics and specific blueprints please obtain Priorty 47 Clearance.

The Nebula class is an offshoot of the Galaxy Class. Intended as a cheaper, less cost-intensive platform than the Galaxy, the Nebula was designed to supplement the Galaxys' limited numbers in the upgrade of the venerable Ambassador Class and New Orleans Class ships. Many parts of the Nebula are ripped directly from the Galaxy class: the saucer, the warp nacelles, and the warp core, along with a few of the computer systems. However, there are many more differences. For instance, the saucer section cannot seperate on the Nebula class. Many systems which are hard-locked into the Galaxys' design are included in the Nebula only as plug-in components. The large modules above the stern contain different systems and are installed modularly dependent on the Nebula's current mission. There are several different modules, each installed for a specific mission profile, for instance, for an exploration mission, a sensor suite would be installed; for an evac mission, extra living quarters would be installed; for a combat mission, a weapons array would be installed, etc. While this feature makes the Nebula class more mission-specific, it also allows for greater adaptability. Future modifications can be made with very little structural reworking or cost. While the Nebulas are seemingly less capable than the Galaxys, their adaptability and success have made them a powerful platform whose projected service will cover nearly a century.


In light of current intersellar affairs with organisations outlying the Federation, The William Wallace has been commissioned specifically for Fleet defence. To this end she is the first ship in which to be equipped with an experiemental hull which has had Ablative Armour (similar to that of Defiant class ships and variants) bonded to her hull protecting vital areas and primary systems.
The William Wallace is equipped with a primary weapons module specific to this class of Starship. To complement her exisiting offensive capability the Weapons Module allows for streamed phaser output and syncronous photon and quantum torpedo salvos.
It is Starfleet's intention to continue development of this Class of starship with the intention for it to serve as a destoyer/marine frigate.

Starboard Profile

Dorsal Rendering

Ventral Rendering

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