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LCARS Retrieval: Search Parameters: Petterson, Luke

Current Assignment: S F M C Contingent attched to USS William Wallace

Name:Luke Petterson
Origin: Terran
Place of Birth: Mars Sector 001
Age: 37 years old

Rank: S F M C Captain

Undergradute Degree in Terraforming and Geology, MAI
Starfleet Marine Corps Officer's Training Programme, Hawesbay Island

Petterson is the only son of Rear Admiral Kamal Petterson(deceased) However he and his father never quite got on. Petterson had, from an early age a desire to see space, but did not want to follow his father's cut-and-dreid plan of him entering the SF Academy and so instead enlisted in the Marine Corps.

Although academically and phyiscally able Petterson has made no great effort in rising through the ranks.
His report from the SFMC Training Centre on Hawkesbay Island states that the (then lieutenant)Petterson could in fact have done much better during his Officer's training course, but none the less rates him as 'well above average'.

Served with the 103rd Attack wing assigned to the USS Comanche for 6 years then moved to DS 2 for 6 more years.

Injured in the line of duty Capatin Petterson returned to Hawkesbay Island as an instructor during his convalesence.

With the declaraton of war on the Dominion Petterson immediatley applied for shipboard duties and was attached to the USS Hawking until transfer to USS William Wallace.
Both there as Marine team leader and on board the William Wallace as Officer Commanding 45 Commando Cadre, Petterson has proved that he is one of the rare individuals that "War brings out the best of" (From the Counsellor's report - USS Hawking). Both the SFMC Company Commander on board, Major Petrosian and Captain Magill have cited Petterson for bravery and courage under fire and Captain Magill refers to the younger man as an exemplorary officer.

From the Captain's Citation:
"Due to the use of Jem'hadar transport inhibitors, two cadres of the SFMC 3rd Commando Brigade where stranded during the Dominion Assault on Minos Corva. To facilitate the expedient extraction of men and officers of the 3rd Commando Brigade, it was deemed necessary by SFMC Company Commander in situ to abandon the contingeny plan for the 3rd Commando Brigade to proceed to the secondary extracion point and be extracted via transporter. Having devised quickly a series of covering salvos from the ship's weapons system Captain Petterson offered to pilot the heavy Marine extraction ship to the LZ which was heavily fortified. Captain Petterson against all advice repeatedly piloted the craft to the planet's surface in the face of heavy and sustained enemy barrage, bringing the Marines beyond the range of the transport inhibiting field before returning to extract the final Cadre. It is for this action, and conduct in the face of the enemy that I have no reservations in citing Captain Petterson's actions not only in the ship's log but also for further merit by Starfleet Marine Corps Command."

Personal details/interests:
Petterson enjoys playing golf to relax. He enjoys the personal competion side of the game and is often found on the Holodeck trying to bring his handicap down. Petterson has said in the past that the only thing worthwhile his father left him was his collection of Brandies from all over the galaxy. His most prized is a century old case of Kahazakshanian.


Starfleet Medal for armed engagement with the enemy

Service Medal for the Dominion Conflict

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