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LCARS Retrevial - Search Parameters: Magill, William J

Current Assignment:

William Jack Magill.
Origin: Earth, North Ireland.
Marital status: Divorced Family: One son, Andrew, currently enrolled as fourth year Officer Cadet, SFMC.

History Graduate, Cambridge
Officer Cadet, UFP Starfleet Academy
Starfleet Intelligence Training Centre

Captain Magill was recruited directly from the Academy into starfleet intelligence Service.
He spent a number of years there serving in the expeditionary department.
Many of the his missions there are still classified and under the Official Secrets Act. Magill indicated a wish to exit the service soon after his divorce and was offered either a post at the Academy, SIS trainning Centre or Starship Duty with full transfer of Rank.
Having chosen the latter he is loathe to return to his days at SIS, however his unique knowledge and tactical discretion made him a obvious choice for fleet defence squadrons.

His first post was onboard the USS Vengeance NCC 1945 - B as acting Captain and later permanently as CO.
Captain Magill distinguished himself greatly during his command, and has recieved citions for valor following an action with a Cardassian Crusier. The Cardassians reclaimed a small farming colony on the edges of their territory and had taken a number of UFP citizens hostage onboard their flagship. Risking himself and his ship Magill ordered the Vengeance to prevent the Cardassians from leaving orbit, before using the Ship's weapons to disable the hostile ship's sheilds and leading a boarding party to secure the hostages and the Cardassian commander.

His fellow officers speak highly of him, as does the director of SIS, Mordecai Sanbi. Who has on several occassions made requests for him to return to the Intelligence service. Altough Magill is a commited Naval officer he has been seconded on an consultative basis to SIS in the past.

After the Vengeance was decomissioned Magill was offered command of the USS William Wallace and has served as her Captain in a model role.

With the breakdown in relations between the Federation and the Dominion in the Gamma Quadrant, the William Wallace is awaiting orders to procees to DS9 and assist in whatever way possible.

One year ago Magill was offered command of a Defiant Class ship, but turned the post down stating that he could best serve starfleet with his current crew, all of who he speaks highly of and rates as "above excellent."

A keen historian Magill is well versed in many cultures, spending a lot of his off-duty hours studying art and philosophy. He has a particular penchant for Klingon poetry and speaks the language fluently.
He fenced for Cambridge during his undergraduate years and for his section at the Academy, and can be found a t least once a week on the holo-deack practicing with his own programs.

Starfleet Cross for Valour

President's Medal for Service to the Federation

Battle Commendation issued to surviors of the Battle of Wolf 359

Starfleet Distingusihed Service Cross

Service Medal for the Dominion Conflict

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