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LCARS Retreival - Search Parameters: Goldmoon, Aylise S.

Current Assignment

Lieutenant Commander Aylise Goldmoon
Origin: Earth, United States of America
Marital Status: Widow - lost her husband during the second Borg incursion to Sector 001

Direct Entry to Starfleet Academy Officer Cadets Training Programme
Specialised in Intersellar Law and Enforcement

After graduating 25th in her class from the Academy Goldmoon spent an extended period of time on DS12 on the Security Chief's staff.
A short while later she was offered her first Starship post on the deep space exploration vessel USS Grissom. Having obtained her promotion to senior staff officer an opening arose on the newly commissioned USS Rapier.
Her Captian on the Rapier rated Goldmoon's performance highly and was sorry to lose her when the ship was attached to DS12, however promotion once more presented itself to the young officer who gladly accepted the post on the USS William Wallace as First Officer.
Although most of her time is now taken up with Starship administrative duties as the Captain's first point of contact with the crew Goldmoon still finds times to persue her artisitc interests. Passionate about indigenous artforms she practises Bajoran sculpture and pottery.
Goldmoon has described herself as a latter-day police woman, especially given her early experience on DS12, however Captain Magill defends the need for such an officer on the USS William Wallace which is primarily concerned with fleet defence. Magill has stated more than once that Goldmoon's keen investigative mind has provided solutions to seemingly inpossible problems. Goldmoon has also made an admirable account for herself as executive officer, Magill has no qualms in relinquishing command of the ship to Goldmoon as the situation determines knowing that the Lieutenant Commander is an efficient and consciencious officer capable of command responsibilities. Captain Magill has twice cited Goldmoon for sterling service and for bravery in the face of armed forces.

Commander Goldmoon has passed over promotion once, perferring to remain as executive officer of the USS William Wallace.

Personal details:

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