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ISPY007 SPY EAR  NEW SPY EAR Mini Spying Hearing Enhancer$ 9.95
Remote Controlled Fart Machine  The Original Remote Controlled Fart Machine$ 19.95
2 Remote Fart Machines  2 Remote Control Fart Machines$ 34.95
Incredible Sex Card 10  10 Incredible Sex Cards That Never Tear$ 6.95
Fake Lottery Tickets (6)  Get 6 Scratch and Win Fake Lotto Tickets$ 9.95
Fake Lottery Tickets (12)  Get 12 Scratch and Win Fake Lotto Tickets$ 12.98
Fake Lottery Tickets (20)  Get 20 Scratch and Win Fake Lotto Tickets$ 16.31
Fake Lottery Tickets (30)  Get 30 Scratch and Win Fake Lotto Tickets$ 21.88
Fake Lottery Tickets (45)  Get 45 Scratch and Win Fake Lotto Tickets$ 24.95
Fake Lottery Tickets (60)  Get 60 Scratch and Win Fake Lotto Tickets$ 29.66
Fake Lottery Tickets (75)  Get 75 Scratch and Win Fake Lotto Tickets$ 36.38
Whoopie Cushion  Some One Sits On It, Makes Loud Fart$ 3.95
Monica/Clinton X Rated Money (1)  Shows Monica and Clinton On The Front$ 1.95
Monica/Clinton X Rated Money (5)  You Get 5 Monica/Clinton X Rated Bill$ 7.95
Billy Clinton Sex Dollar Bill (1)  Billy Clinton X Rated 6 (sex) Dollar Bill$ 1.95
Billy Clinton Sex Dollar Bill (5)  You Get 5 Billy Clinton X Rated Sex Dollar$ 7.95
Hillary 3 Dollar Bill (1)  Hill-Airy Clinton Funny $3.00 Dollar Bill$ 1.95
Hillary 3 Dollar Bill (5)  You Get 5 Hill-Airy Clinton Funny $3.00$ 7.95
Snapping Gum  Gum - With Mouse Trap Features$ 1.95
German Itching Powder  German Itching Powder$ 6.95
Nerd Glasses  Pair Of Geeky Nerd Glasses$ 9.95
Goofy Droopy Glasses  Pair of Goofy Droopy Eye Glasses$ 9.95
Dirty Horrible Teeth  Dirty Horrible Billy Bob Teeth$ 9.95
Deluxe Pirate Eye Patch  Deluxe Pirate Eye Patch$ 6.95
Betty Boop Drivers License  Full Size Cartoon Driver's License$ 7.95
UFO/Alien License  Cool Alien Driver's License By Area 51$ 6.95
Leonardo DiCaprio License  Cute Blue-Eyed star of Hollywood$ 6.95
Princess Diana License  Princess Diana British Driver's License$ 7.95
Elvis Presley License  The King's Last Official Driver's License$ 7.95
Arnold Schwarzenegger License  Arnold Schwarzenegger Driver's License$ 6.95
Rudy Giuliani License  New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani License$ 6.95
Monica Lewinski License  Monica Lewinski Intern License$ 6.95
Bill Clinton License  Slick Willy Bill Clinton License$ 5.95
Marilyn Monroe License  Marilyn Monroe Collector's License$ 7.95
James Dean License  James Dean Indiana Bad Boy License$ 7.95
Ricky Martin License  Latino Singer Ricky Martin License$ 6.95
Moe (from 3 stooges)  Moe From the 3 Stooges License$ 7.95
Larry (from 3 stooges)  Larry From the 3 Stooges License$ 7.95
Curley (from 3 stooges)  Curley From the 3 Stooges License$ 7.95
3 Stooges License Set  All 3 Stooges Moe, Larry, Curly- Complete Set$ 14.95
ALBERT GORE License  Year 2000 Presidential License!$ 4.95
GEORGE W. BUSH License  George W. Bush 2 Presidential License!$ 6.95
ELIZABETH DOLE License  Year 2000 Presidential License!$ 4.95
DAN QUAYLE License  Year 2000 Presidential License!$ 4.95
All 4 Above Presidential License!  Year 2000 Presidential License!$ 15.95
1001 Hottest Free Stuff  1001 Free Stuff For Kids and Adults!$ 9.95
350 FREE Things For Kids  Freebies For Children To Write Away For$ 9.95
Free Stuff For Sports Fans  Hottest Freebies For Die-Hard Sports Fans$ 9.95
Free Stuff From Uncle Sam  Free Stuff From The Government$ 9.95
Confiscated Seized Items  Confiscated Seized Items By The Government$ 9.95
100+ Work At Home Jobs  Most Profitable Ways To Make Money At Home$ 9.95
United States Coin Guide  Tells You Which Coins Are Worth Big Money$ 9.95
All 7 Paperback Books  You Get All 7 (9.95) Books Above This Line$ 34.95
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