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As you can tell we have recently (and surprisingly) updated this site! I felt like coming back and cleaning things up a bit so they'd be more user friendly. I've learned so much more about computers, websites, graphics, etc.
since this site was first created.

I no longer write Voyager FanFiction so please understand that if there is a story that is halfway done, it's more than likely going to stay that way for now. I *am* terribly sorry about this but I'm going for a second college degree, working full time and slightly addicted to drawing manga & Harry Potter ::sheepish grin:: - things change I guess. The funny thing is though that I still have so many wonderful friends from this part of my life - and for that I am forever greatful to JC!

So, for what it's worth, if anyone happens to stumble onto this site, whether you're a newbie or an oldie, enjoy a cup of coffee, dust off the sofa, sit on down and enjoy what VOYAGES HOME still has to offer. Thanks!