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Angel Magick

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Magick With The Angels

Angel magick is a type of magick that a lot of people haven't yet had the chance to discover. I hope that this section of the webpage will help you to understand a little more about angel magick.

I would like to start of by giving you a few rules and true facts about angels:

1. Angels aren't anybody's property.

2. Angels don't belong to any particular religious system.

3. Angels don't discriminate based on religious faith.

4. Angels create bridges between various religions

Angel magick is not very hard to work at all. It is a type of magick that is hard to describe, so I will just start out by giving you a few facts and a few key points about angel magick:

Guardian Angels

-Everyone has a guardian angel; they are always around you to help and protect you.

-Guardian Angels work with anybody who has a clear state of purpose and good intentions.

-There are several ways to find your guardian angels:

a. Write your angel a letter

b. Angels enjoy all mediums of art, so try singing to them or painting them a picture.

c. Say a prayer to your angel.

d. Simply start talking to your guardian angel.

-Guardian Angels are beings of light and will never harm nor be unkind to you.

-Remember, your Guardian Angel is not your "property", so they may not always do what you tell them to.

The Watchtowers

It was believed that angels ruled a certain compass direction and they lived in the ends of the earth (more like the ends of the universe). These angels record every event (same with our guardian angels) that occurs in the the world. I think the concept of watchtowers was used because at the time Dee and Kelley were channeling with the angels, they believed that the world was flat.

Angels and Sex

It is believed that angels have no definite sex. They are in spiritual form not physical. These spiritual forms have no reason to differentiate therefore they have no forms of sex, color, race, culture, style, religion, etc. etc. But in the the channelings of Dee and Kelley, it was said that perhaps there were angels that appeared to be male and female.

The names of the Creator

These names can be found in each horizontal center of the four quadrants. The pattern goes as 3 letters, then 4 letters, and finally 5 letters.

Creator's names in the north: Mph, Arsl, Gaiol

Creator's names in the east: Oro, Ibah, Aozpi

Creator's names in the south: Mor, Dial, Hctga

Creator's names in the west: Oip, Teaa, Pdoce

The ArcAngels

These names don't actually appear in the Great Table but these names have been always known (especially in the bible).

ArcAngel of North/Earth - Micheal

ArcAngel of East/Air - Uriel

ArcAngel of South/Fire - Rapahel

ArcAngel of West/Water - Gabriel

Angelic Watchtower Leaders:

These names can be found in the center of each colored quadrant. Starting in the left center (at the intersection of the cross), you will find a letter. From that letter you turn clockwise intertwining into the center until you use all the letters.

North/Earth - Raagiosl

East/Air - Bataivah

South/Fire - Iczhihal

West/Water - Edlprnaa

Sub-Angelic Watchtower Leaders

These are the advisors of the Angelic Watchtower Leaders and their names can be found in the center of each quadrant. Take one of the two letters in the center and go to any direction (up, down, left right) till all the letters are used up. There are six Sub-Angelic Watchtower Leaders and a total of 24.

North: Lsraphm, Saiinou, Soniznt, Slgaiol, Laoaxrp, Ligdisa

East: Habioro, Aaozaif, Avtotar, Ahaozpi, Hipotga, Htmorda

South: Laidrom, Aczinpor, Ahmlicv, Alhctga, Lzinopo, Liiansa

West: Aaetpio, Adoeoet, Anodoin, Aapdoce, Arinnap, Alndvod

The Angelic Gate Keepers

These were never actually mentioned in the Original System of Enochian Magick but after reading Tyson's book. These gate keepers open the watchtowers and their names can be found by looking at each quadrant and taking the letter in the middle crosses of each quadrant (clockwise). Thereafter, take the two letters placed in the middle of the center of the coresponding quadrant.

Gate Keeper of the North: Beaasl

Gate Keeper of the East: Dloiah

Gate Keeper of the South: Nnpbal

Gate Keeper of the West: Aazoaa

The Supreme Angels

There are four crosses in in each quadrant. Above each cross there is a name (excluding the letter that lies in the cross). If this four letter name is spelled out, it is name of a high angel. With the four letters, four names can be formed. So each watch tower has 16 high angels and a total of 64 high angels. I will only show the high angels of the north.

Taad, Aadt, Adta, Dtaa

Tdim, Dimt, Imtd, Mtdi

Magl, Aglm, Glma, Lmag

Nlrx, Lrxn, Rxnl, Xnlr

The Angels of Balance

Under each cross there are four rows. Each row forms a four letter name (excluding the one in the cross). These 4 names are the angels of balance. But there is another set of angels of balance. If the names are reversed, another set of names (4 names) are reproduced. In my belief, both good and bad must exist to form balance (that's why I call it the angels of balance). Angels are neither good nor bad, but they are balanced beings. If asked properly, they will do anything. It is up to your decisions whether you want to make your comands 'good' or 'bad'. In the channelings of Dee and Kelley they were told to use ONLY 3 letters to invoke the 'bad' angels, but I am going to use the names of the 'good' angels and reverse their names. The letter in the cross can be added to these angels of balance to make their powers stronger. There are 32 angels of balance in each watchtower and 128 angels of balance in total. I will only show the angels of balance in the north watchtower (along with the 5th letter that lies in the cross).

Togco - Ocogot


Patax - Xatap

Saaix - Xiaas

Maigm - Mgiam

Leaoc - Coael

Vspsn - Nspsv

Rvroi - Iorvr

Palco - Oclap

Ndazn - Nzadn

Iidpo - Opdil

Xrinh - Hnirx

Xpacn - Ncapx

Vaasa - Asaav

Daspi - Ipsad

Rndil - Lidnr

Even though sometimes this section can be confusing I hope this helped you understand a little more about Angel Magick. Blessed Be and Merry Part! ~Dustin J.