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Crew and Passengers of the NRS Liberty II

(Character portraits created using the Hero Machine program)


Player Characters:

Character Position Race Sex Homeworld Character Name Player Name Portrait
Mission Commander Human Male Sluis Van Emdig Genfore Bill Humphrey Genfore.jpg (27142 bytes)
Executive Officer Human Male Undisclosed Anurion Nadur Ian Fielder Nadur.jpg (26841 bytes)
Chief Engineer Human Female Alderaan Illyria Antia Michelle Hendricks Antia.jpg (50513 bytes)
Security Officer Human Male Dantooine Jarred Kohl Geoff Lokke Kohl.JPG (28662 bytes)
Security Officer Human Male Undisclosed Xamot Runaar Dan Clarke Runaar.jpg (30208 bytes)Runaar_bd.jpg (35690 bytes)
Ships Helmsman Human Male Corellia Zak Duo Frank Zappavigna Duo.jpg (54389 bytes)
Shuttle Pilot Human Female Undisclosed Erilla Rheaclya Edd Saxton Rheaclya.jpg (27487 bytes)
Shuttle Co-Pilot Wookiee Male Kashyyyk Aleichibek Taejas Kudva leich.jpg (71050 bytes)
Senior Aide Human Male Chandrilla Tehl Dashwood Bill Kokal tehl_dashwood.jpg (33841 bytes)
Failed Jedi Farghul Male Farrfin Ghaloon James Witte Ghaloon-Maybe.jpg (54093 bytes)
Guardian Leader Arkannian Male Atraken 2 Zir Amzenki Jim Haywood Amzenki.jpg (59163 bytes)Amzenki_fs.jpg (52990 bytes)
Guardian 1 (droid) Astromech Droid NA Corellia R2-4T Kurt Over Forty.jpg (9018 bytes)
Guardian 2 Human Male Undisclosed Izek Korona Graham Burell Izek.jpg (257603 bytes)



Designation: Race: Sex: Character Name: Status: Portrait
Engr 1 Human Male Regid "Sparks" Jufter Engine Watch 1 Jufter.jpg (49300 bytes)
Engr 2 Human Male Derrik "Spanner" Myncia Engine Watch 1 Myncia.jpg (49924 bytes)
Engr 3 Human Male Lar Panner Engine Watch 1 Panner.jpg (48035 bytes)
Engr 4 Human Female Selon "Gadget" Minar Engine Watch 1 Gadget.jpg (48680 bytes)
Engr 5 Human Male Rontir Hawk Engine Watch 2 Hawk.jpg (48590 bytes)
Engr 6 Human Female Kira Thraken Engine Watch 2 Kira_Thracken.jpg (45365 bytes)
Engr 7 Human Male Karcen Thracken Engine Watch 2 Karcen_Thracken.jpg (50169 bytes)
Engr 8 Human Male Krontir Marcoff Engine Watch 2 Marcoff.jpg (50001 bytes)
CMO Human Male Lt. Orin Attlan Active Attlan.jpg (53181 bytes)
Medic 1 Human Male Jaxor Mibriel Medical Watch 1 Mibriel.jpg (27610 bytes)
Medic 2 Human Male Zerne Mahanoy Medical Watch 1 Mahanoy.jpg (31776 bytes)
Medic 3 Human Male Gantner Jec Medical Watch 2 Jec.jpg (25801 bytes)
Medic 4 Human Female Jania Starhopper Medical Watch 2 Starhopper.jpg (24322 bytes)
Gunner 1 Human Male Oreon Pax Ship Watch 1 Pax.jpg (25982 bytes)
Gunner 2 Human Female Okanna Tarconic Ship Watch 1 Tarconic.jpg (27170 bytes)
Gunner 3 Human Male Plax Umgor Ship Watch 2 Umgor.jpg (29389 bytes)
Gunner 4 Human Male Drak Pictar Ship Watch 2 Pictar.jpg (26655 bytes)
Gunner 5 Human Male Mer Linon Ship Watch 1 Linon.jpg (25253 bytes)
Gunner 6 Human Male Deran Keery Ship Watch 1 Keery.jpg (25835 bytes)
Gunner 7 Human Male Zev Plaeku Ship Watch 2 Plaeku.jpg (26101 bytes)
Gunner 8 Human Female Gissa Sanortha Ship Watch 2 Sanortha.jpg (25276 bytes)
Navigator Human Female Ensign Leela Natol Bridge Watch 2 Natol.jpg (27501 bytes)
Sensor 1 Human Male Ensign Ploor Fraknal Bridge Watch 2 Fraknal.jpg (26618 bytes)
Sensor 2 Human Female Ensign Jaxua Hirtar Bridge Watch 1 Hirtar.jpg (49370 bytes)
Shield 1 Human Male Ensign Nator Beriel Bridge Watch 2 Beriel.jpg (25350 bytes)
Shield 2 Human Male Ensign Essen Trate Bridge Watch 1 Trate.jpg (26548 bytes)
Comm 1 Human Male Lak Utinsha Bridge Watch 2 Utinsha.jpg (27592 bytes)
Comm 2 Human Female Rata Uhura Bridge Watch 1 Uhura.jpg (24115 bytes)
Security 1 Human Male Darig Masc Ship Watch 2 Masc.jpg (47928 bytes)
Security 2 Human Female Tarinna Klotial Deceased Klotial.jpg (49426 bytes)
Security 2 (New) Human Female Feli Rutar Ship Watch 2 Rutar.jpg (47326 bytes)
Security 3 Human Male Louth Iscandar Lt. Kohl's Aide Iscandar.jpg (50890 bytes)
Security 4 Human Male Floor Patcho Ship Watch 2 Patcho.jpg (54081 bytes)
Security 5 Human Male Hictor Letan Deceased Letan.jpg (55979 bytes)
Security 5 (New) Human Male Y'tal Kecner Ship Watch 1 Kecner.jpg (50690 bytes)
Security 6 Human Male Mexor Tarcan Ship Watch 1 Tarcan.jpg (55445 bytes)
Security 7 Human Male Toric Macsen Ship Watch 1 Macsen.jpg (55619 bytes)
Guardian 3 Human Female Flight Officer Iza Kranal Guardian Flight Section 2 Kranal.jpg (51175 bytes)Kranal_fs.jpg (48014 bytes)
Guardian 4 Human Male Flight Officer Garan Hetca Guardian Flight Section 2 Hecta.jpg (52128 bytes)Hecta_fs.jpg (49570 bytes)
Senior Negotiator Human Female Fluur Justinian Active Justinian.jpg (47800 bytes)
Senior Secretary Human Male Bail Martok Active Martok.jpg (63651 bytes)
Staff Member 1 Human Male Jarvus Olical Active Olical.jpg (24952 bytes)
Staff Member 2 Human Female Arriana Senkow Active Senkow.jpg (21901 bytes)
Negotiator Human Male Vladamir Harkonan Active Harkonan.jpg (55197 bytes)
Aide Mon Calamari Male Ardine Active Ardine.jpg (47874 bytes)
Secretary Human Male Quatar Jocalir Active Jocalir.jpg (25429 bytes)
Staff Member 3 Human Male Gutir Castagir Active Castagir.jpg (27925 bytes)



Designation: Type: Name: Nickname: Status:
Protocol Droid 3PO RX-48 Rex Attached to diplomatic party.
Guardian 2 (droid) R2 R2-G8 Gate Destroyed
Guardian 3 (droid) R5 R5-FX Effex Iza Kranal's droid.
Guardian 4 (droid) R2 R2-H7 Squealer Garan Hecta's droid.
Military Protocol Droid M-3PO M2-3PO Emtoo Attached to Liberty senior officers.
Medical Droid 2-1B L2-1B Eltoo Active in Liberty Sickbay.
Medical Assist. Droid FX FX-5 none Active in Liberty Sickbay
Engineer Droid R2 R2-M2 Metoo Active in Liberty Engineering section.

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