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Hi there ! This site is devoted to three of my favourite things about Doctor Who

DALEKS ! ! !

Wendy Padbury (Zoe)

There is also a selection of photographs of the Second Doctor ,
Patrick Troughton being my overall favourite.

The pages were built using Frontpage Express as the basic template
with Xara 3D providing the animated title graphics ,
with Tilez creating the swirly backgrounds ,
Buttonz for the static buttons .
and a program I think was called Crossover for the mouse-over buttons .

My Daleks Pages

Scene From Death To The Daleks
Scene From Evil Of The Daleks
A Dalek Mouse-over Example
Be Exterminated !

The Wendy Padbury Section

An introduction to Wendy/Zoe
Scenes from The Mind Robber and The War Games
- - or a comparison of clothes ?

Scenes from The Invasion , The Mind Robber & The Dominators
Three Pictures - can you name the stories ?

Patrick Troughton

Some pages devoted to the Second Doctor

My Links Page

My favourite Who sites and a few others

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