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Rachel's Faerie Page

Welcome To Rachel's Faerie Page!

In the depths of my mind,
I have come to rely on the
part of me that is still a
little girl. Who, still wants
to believe in Unicorns, Faeries, Imps
& all the wonderful things that
used to swim through my mind
as a child. Now, I make
my fantasies come
to life, I paint
them, and with
their image,
the are
Now, you too, can see...

Beware Faeries Sighted!

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I'm sad, because I have no name!

I have created these faeries with my
own hand, and my imagination.
They are who visit me, in the time between
sleeping and being awake. They leave their
little foot prints on my covers, and
freckles on my cheek from their kisses.
I struggled hard to catch a glimpse
of them, but one night, I awoke,
and peeked from one eye, and there I
saw her, sitting on the cup of water
next to my bed!


This is Pepper I caught her one day
stealing the bell around my kittens
neck. I had always wondered where
the collar had been going!

Please name me!

This is my pretty little fae
that I found in the garden.
She was sitting on top
of one of my grandmother's rose


This is Diaz...
She whispered her name one night in
my dreams. She said she hated weeds
and she would keep my garden beautiful!
I thought this was wonderful, for I hate
weeding my garden!

Child with little faerie

I always wanted to catch a faerie when
I was young....

I too am nameless!

This is a kiddie faerie!
Her wings just grew in nicely
and her mother will soon teach
her to fly.
She just can't wait for that,
because she wants to see over
the tall grass stalks & mushrooms!


Please, let me hear your comments!
Plus, I'm looking for names for the three nameless faeries!
I'm always open for suggestions...

Would you like a portrait of someone you
love as a faerie, angel... I would love to do one
for you... check out this page to see what I can do!

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