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Witchblade figures for Trade/Sale

Witchblade: Series 1

Medieval Witchblade MOC $4
Nottingham MOC $4

Golden Kenneth Irons variant MOC $6
Golden Witchblade variant MOC $6

Medieval Witchblade MOC signed by Clayburn Moore w/certifcate of authenticity $8 (not shown)
Witchblade MOC signed by Clayborn Moore w/certificate of authenticity $8

Witchblade: Series 2

Witchblade w/red dress MOC $4
Witchblade w/different head on in package variant MOC $8
Witchblade w/black dress variant MOC $6
Fathom MOC $4
Transparent variant Fathom MOC $6

Witchblade: Animated

Witchblade MOC $6
Magdelena MOC $6

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