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My Want List

I will trade any of my items for the following. Although I would prefer to trade, I may also purchase. Feel free to send my your trade list if you don't have anything on my want list - I just might find something I'd like.

She-ra Dolls:

SweetBee and wings/collar/skirt/antennae
Scratchin Sound Catra with mask/skirt/tail
Netossa and headdress/white shield
Flutterina and wings/skirt/collar
Shower Power Catra and skirt/cape/mask/sword
Spinnerella and crown/armbands/skirt/backback
Crystal Moonbeam and sadde/wings
Crystal Sundancer and saddle/wings
Crystal Swiftwind and saddle/wings/mask/reins
Royal Swiftwind and saddle/wings/mask/reins/saddle blanket
Silver Storm and saddle/wings/saddle blanket
Comic: Don’t Rain on my Parade
Comic: Where Hope has Gone

My Little Pony wantlist
Final Fantasy wantlist
Non-sport Cards wantlist
Comics wantlist
Barbie Fairietopia petal pixies and clothing
Disney Fairies figures
Casper figures
Hallmark Mary's Angels colorway ornaments
Amy Brown artwork/figures/jewelry/etc…
Other fantasy related things (unicorns, fairies, dragons, wizards, gargoyles, etc…)

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