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Toys for Sale/Trade (R-Z)

Raggedy Ann and Andy

1980 Raggedy Ann and Andy Yo-Yo (needs a new string)$1
1974 Raggedy Ann Purse $3

1975 Raggedy Ann and Andy: The Little Gray Kitten: a Little Golden Book $2

Rainbow Brite (Mattel/Hallmark)

1983 Rainbow Brite roller skates [sold]
1983 Rainbow Brite Puppy dog $12


Sargeant Havoc $5

Rice Krispees
Pop bean bag $1.50

Sand Animals (take the lot for $6)

Camel $1
Dog $1
Dolphins (3) $1 each
Sea Lion/Seal $1
Mouse keychain (2) $1 each

Scooby Doo (take the available lot for $5)

Man from Scooby Doo [sold]
Scooby Doo small plush (2) $1 each

Scooby Doo plastic dog $2
Scooby Doo man in glow-in-the-dark armor $2

Sesame Street

Cookie Monster bean bag $2
Barkley mini bean $1.50
Ernie mini bean $1.50
Big Bird mini bean $1.50
Giggling Cookie Monster plush $2

Sesame Place mirror/comb/brush kit $1

1993 baby Big Bird with life preserver $1.50

Waving Elmo figure $2
Big Bird as a fireman figure $1
Bert as a crossing guard figure $1

Cookie Monster on float figure $1
Elmo on float figure $1

1997 Tyco Matchbox Elmo in car $1

1979 Muppet Cookie Monster figure $2.50

Oscar with worm PVC [sold]
Oscar with skunk PVC $3

A Shark's Tale

Purple fish $.50
Yellow/orange fish $1


Bow with cape/armor/arrows (armor has damage)$11

Castaspella #1 (dark stone?) with collar/skirt/spinning disc [sold]
Castaspella #2 (dark stone) with collar/skirt (collar’s strap needs sewing) $11
Castaspella #3 (light stone) $6
Castaspella #4 (light stone) $6
Castaspella #5 (light stone) $4

Catra #1 with skirt/shield [sold]
Catra #2 with skirt/shield [sold]
Catra #3 (hair shortened to shoulder-length)$2

Flutterina #1 with collar/skirt (rattles inside/has glue on back) [sold]
Flutterina #2 $10
Flutterina #3 (head has been reglued on) $4

Frosta #1 with skirt/cape [sold]
Frosta #2 with skirt/cape [sold]
Frosta #3 $8
Frosta #4 [sold]

Glimmer #1 (pink stone) with skirt/collar/staff(white stone) [sold]
Glimmer #2 (pink stone) with skirt/staff(white stone) $9
Glimmer #3 (white stone) $6
Glimmer #4 (pink stone) $6
Glimmer #5 (white stone) $6

Glimmer #6 (white stone) $6
Glimmer #7 (pink stone) $6

Perfuma (one peg stuck in back) $10

Sweet Bee #1 (dark stone) with dress/wings [sold]
Sweet Bee #2 (light stone) with dress/wings [sold]
Sweet Bee #3 (dark stone)$5

Fantastic Fashions

Deep Blue Secret: headdress (2) $3 each, skirt $3, fish shield $3
Flower Power: collar/cape $3, hat (2) $3 each
Fit to be Tied: crown [sold], cape $3, vest (2) $3 each, skirt $3
Hold on to Your Hat: hat/shield $3
Flight of Fancy: shield [sold]
Veils of Mystery: vest [sold], sheath w/sword $6


Shrek on rock keychain $1
Dragon keychain #1 $1
Tiny Beach Shrek [sold]
Shrek breaking bears (face changes when button is pressed) $1.50
Donkey Clock (mouth opens up to reveal clock) $.50

Puss in Boots figure #1 MIP $2

Puss in Boots figure #2 MIP $2

Dragon/Donkey baby (makes sounds) $2
Princess Fiona figure loose (2) $1.50 each

Puss in Boots figure #3 MIP $2
Princess Fiona figure #3 MIP $2

Shrek Dragon keychain #2 $4

Shrek Donkey PVC MIP $2

Simpsons (take the lot for $5)

1990 Homer Simpson figure $1.50

1990 Lisa Simpson figure $1.50

Flanders as Werewolf figure $1.50

1990 Maggie Simpson on Turtle $1.50

Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas

Sinbad toy MIP with constellation creature #2 card $.50

Small Soldiers (take the lot for $5)

Small Soldiers

Flatchoo [sold]
Punchit/Scratchit $.50
Scratchit [unavailable]
Chip Hazard $2
Nick Nitro $1.50
Kip Killigan $1
Archer [sold]

Smily Faces

Smily Face purse $.50
Smily Face bendable figure $.50
Smily Face with sunglasses $.50


Vintage Smurf puzzle winter scene [sold]
Vintage Smurf puzzle summer scene $3

1982 A Smurf Village Punch-Out Book (about half the book has been already punched out)$2

Vintage adjustable elastic Smurf carrying cake belt w/magnetic clasp (opens to 25" before stretching elastic and reduces to about 14" - elastic is in excellent condition)$5

1980 Smurf book: The Fake Smurf $3

Smurf plastic stickums $.50 for the lot

1980 Schleich Smurf bowling keychain $1.50

1.2" Metal Smurf cowboy (has some paint rubbing) $2


1984 Green Scuba Snork $4


"I Need A Hug" figurine $5


Spawn action figure $3

The Spiderwick Chronicles (take the lot for $7)

Goblin toy MIP #4 $2

Fairy #1 $2
Goblin toy loose $1.50
Fairy with wings $2

Spirit: The Stallion of the Cimarron

Walking Rain $2
Rain with Virtual Vision Scope stand [sold]
Male horse with Native American Indian [sold]

3.2" 2002 Breyer Pewter Spirit horse figure $10

Sponge Bob

Starfish figures $.75 takes both

Spongebob as Pirate figure (safe opens) $2

Spy Kids

Spy Kids figures $.50 takes both


Spyro figure $2

Star Wars

Star Wars: Episode I Hidden Majesty Queen Amidala from the Queen Amidala Collection - no longer has robe but otherwise MIP $7
1984 Mini-Storybook Return of the Jedi: Wicket Finds a Way [sold]

Star Wars: Attack of the Clones Yoda with Force powers MIP $6

Ewok Pez dispenser $2

Star Wars mini Yoda figure $1.50
Star Wars mini dark soldier figure $1
Star Wars mini Han solo figure $1.50
Star Wars Yoda pvc $2

Vintage Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Towel $8
Classic Star Wars Book: Luke's Fate $4

Stone Critters by United Design Company

'88 Black and White calf cow $4
'89 Cream colored colt/pony $4

Strawberry Shortcake

Vintage Strawberry Shortcake twin sheet set $10
Vintage Strawberry Shortcake beach towel [sold]
Vintage Strawberry Shortcake coloring book (some pages have been colored) [sold]

Strawberry Shortcake sponges [sold]
Strawberry Shortcake doll (older straight hand version) $3

1980 Strawberry Shortcake pamphlet $2

1987 Strawberry Shortcake Hopsalot Bunny #1 $3

1987 Strawberry Shortcake Hopsalot Bunny #2 $3

1982 American Greetings Corp. Sour Grapes doll $6
Strawberry Shortcake Vintage Thank You postcard unused $1.50

80s Sugar Bear small plush (2)$2 each

Sugar Planet (from creators of Bratz)

Sugar Planet Arctic: Skiing girl $2
Sugar Planet Mermaids: Sianna and her pet Zoe $4

1984 The Supergirl Storybook $10

Surf's Up

Surf's Up Penguin $1

Sweetie Pup

Large Afghan pup $7

1985 Sylvanian figures: Male and Female grey bears, and white Russ bunny $6 for the set

Teddy Bear Story

1986 Applause Teddy Bear Story bear family $5 for the family and pamphlet

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT)

Howard the Duck figure $1.50


1985 Hachiman with mask $6
1985 Monkian #1 $4
1985 Panthro #1 [sold]
1986 Ma-Mutt [sold]
1986 Lion-O puffy sticker on original backing $1
1984 Thundercats symbol [sold]

1985 Monkian #2 $4
1985 Monkian #3 $4
1985 Monkian #4 $4

1985 Tuska Warrior $5

1985 Wily Kit figure (paint rubs) $1

1985 Mummra figure with staff (7) $6 each

Tonka Trucks

Silver 1978 Tonka Truck $6
Red 1978 Tonka Truck $6
Green and Yellow 1978 Tonka Truck $6

Toy Quest: Stretch Screamers: Green Sea Monster $1

Transformers (take the lot for $25)

1996 Stingray transformer $1
2000 Pink Beetle transformer $1
2000 Dragon transformer $1
1984 Driller transformer #1 $5
1984 Driller transformer #2 $2
1984 Transformers Cup [sold]
2000 Cheetah transformer $1
1996 Catapillar transformer $2
1984 Dump truck transformer $6
1985 Rock transformer $4
2000 Airplane transformer $1
1997 Scorpian transformer $1.50
1996 Panther transformer $1
1996 Red Beetle transformer $1.50
Spider transformer $1.50

Trolls (Take all the trolls for $7)

Russ Baby Christmas Troll $2
Russ Dinosaur Troll (has some marks which could probably be cleaned with nailpolish remover)$.50

Standing Troll with Bib and Diaper $1.50
Treasure Troll with Green hair $2
Troll dressed as Batman $2
Troll with green jacket $.50
Troll with bunny ears $1

Twin Towers – World Trade Center Memorabilia

World Trade Center red pin "I've been to the top of the world" $25


5 1/2" black iridescent ceramic unicorn [sold]
3" glass unicorn with gold accents on mirror base [sold]
Animal Alley purple unicorn plush in house [sold]
1993 Mystic Beanie Baby $4
small unicorn pvc $1
white and pink plastic rearing unicorn [sold]
Unicorn koosh toy $2
Soft Expressions white/gold unicorn/pegasus 12" plush $5
Lisa Frank unicorn bean bag $5

18” x 24” winged unicorn clock (hangs on wall) $5
Death of a Unicorn by Peter Dickinson $1
4” Dacra Glass mirror unicorn on wooden base (quote reads “Climb High, Climb Far, Your Goal the sky. Your aim the stars!”) [sold]
6 ½” x 5” white ceramic unicorn with blue flower necklace trinket holder [sold]
5” x 3 1/2” white ceramic unicorn with multicolor flowers in hair (back leg was repaired – very difficult to notice) [sold]
5” x 6” iridescent ceramic unicorn with rainbow mane [sold]
8” x 7 1/2” ceramic unicorn with pink hair on ball (has a couple tiny chips – not very noticeable) [sold]
4” x 3” mother and baby unicorn $3
4” x 3” rearing unicorn with gold horn and grey hooves (has paint rubs to horn, leg was repaired and has a crack by lip – not very noticeable damages)[sold]
4 Ύ” unicorn suncatcher [sold]
5 ½” rearing iridescent ceramic unicorn [sold]
4 ½” ceramic unicorn with gold horn standing on 3 feet (minor paint rubbing to horn) [sold]
7” x 7” pink unicorn candle (was repaired in various spots, missing ear tip)[sold]

Unicorn plastic cup $.50
Black ceramic unicorn [sold]
Blue sun and moon unicorn (outer finish is a tiny bit cracked on the non-display side - not very noticeable)[sold]
1979 M.S.R. Imports Inc. music box ceramic unicorn (spins and plays the Impossible Dream)[sold]
Ceramic unicorn with castle music box (spins and plays music - not sure what tune)$7
Small flocked unicorns (yellow and blue) [sold]
Unicorn erasers $.25 each

5" Lead Crystal Unicorn paperweight [sold]
2.5" Glass unicorn with pink hair $5
7.5" Paperchase Aluminum water bottle [sold]
3" Barbie Swan Lake Unicorn ornament $5

2.25" Spoontiques M529 Pewter Unicorn Rocking Horse with Crystal $10
2.5" Pewter fairy on unicorn with yellow hair [sold]
2.25" Rearing unicorn with orb [sold]
2.5" Pewter fairy on unicorn with pink hair $10
3.5" Pewter unicorn with purple orb $20
3.6" Pewter Tudor Mint Myth and Magic "The Unicorn" by Roy WAPW Gt. Britain 3024 with multi-colored crystal $30
2.75" Rearing Pewter Unicorn on blue agate slab [sold]
1.4" Laying Pewter Unicorn [sold]
3.25" long Comstock Pewter 4109 Mother and Baby unicorns with pink quartz orb [sold]
3" long Comstock Pewter 4110 Angel on Unicorn with Pink Quartz orb [sold]

7" Unicorn with wings and castle $15

Papo unicorn $2
Swan Lake barbie with unicorn $5

Vanna White – Wheel of Fortune

Vanna White doll $5


Voltron: 1984 King Zarkon figure $4


1986 Hasbro Softies Goldfish watchimal (needs new battery) $6

Webkids games

2002 Mage Knight: Guardian Sphinx #79 $5
2003 S.B.D.: Silent but Deadly figure $2

Webkinz (take all 3 for $12)

Webkinz large plush frog $5
Webkinz large plush chihuahua $5
Webkinz large plush pegasus $5


1985 The Good Stuff Gang: Wendy $5
1985 The Good Stuff Gang: Overstuff’d bear $5
Animal Planet stuffed lion MIP [sold]
Wildlife blue and green bug $.50
Wildlife blue and yellow bug with gold wings $.75

Where's Waldo

Where's Waldo Straw-holding wizard figure $2

Small plush elephant, koala, and monkey $.50 each

Turtle small plush $.50

Large Plush Monkey dressed like Tarzan (makes noise)$3
Small plush Lion $.50

Wild Wild West

cowboy $.50


W.I.T.C.H. set of five figure keychains with comic book $7.50


Medieval Legends 7.5" Dragon with Wizard statue (has a chip to the back on the wizard's cloak - not visible on display) $25
Hagen-Renaker 2.5 cm dragon figure (looks like it may have been repaired) $2
Pewter finish 2.75" Wizard with cape magnet [sold]
Pewter finish 2.75" Wizard with cloak magnet [sold]
Pewter finish 2.5" Dragon magnet [sold]

3" Heavy Pewter Fantasy & Legend Merlin with multi-colored crystal by Mark Locker WAPW UK (CATALOG #3200 (M1) Retired 12/2001) $30
3.5" Black finish Pewter Spoontiques HMR1518 with crystal eyes and three other crystals $10
3" Comstock 1993 Pewter Wizard F4410 with 3 crystals [sold]
3" 4405 Pewter Wizard with staff and 10 crystals $22
3.5" Pewter Lady of the Lake with 2 crystals on Excaliber sword [sold]
2.25" Pewter 4057 Wizard with crystal and two orbs [sold]
1.5" Pewter Spoontiques MR942 Wizard with tree/owl and crystal [sold]
2.5" Pewter Excaliber sword with two crystals [sold]

Wizard of Oz

1995 Dorothy 7 1/2" doll loose $3
1995 Dorothy 7 1/2" doll MIP $6

Xena: Warrior Princess

Toy Biz Xena: Sword Drawing Action figure with accessories and backcard $8
Toy Biz Gabrielle with accessories $8


1995 The X-Files mug "The Truth is Out There" (unused)$10

Yu-Gi-Oh! - Labyrinth Tank and Magnet Warrior figures $1.50 for the lot

Yu-Gi-Oh! - Blue dragon $2
Yu-Gi-Oh! - Yellow dragon $2


Yu-Yu-Yakusho card packs (one card pack has been opened but all the cards remain inside – I have 8 packs) $2 each


Ziggy pvc rollerskating with a pillow tied to his back $.50

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