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How to Order

I do have a $10 minimum purchase for my site. If you'd like to buy from my site, please follow these easy steps:

1. Email fairyhearted at

2. Put "Toys for sale on your site" as the subject of your email so I am sure not to miss it and think it's spam.

3. State what you would like from my site including the description/price so I am sure I know which item(s) you are talking about.

4. Include your address so I may get you a s&h quote.

5. Include how you would like to pay: I accept Paypal or USPS money orders.

Note: I do not put anything on hold unless you assure me that you will definately buy it. I have come across too many people who say they want to buy and then back out. I am constantly putting new things on the site, so be sure to check back occasionally. If there's something you're interested in and it's not listed, feel free to ask, I just may have it. Also, prices are negotiable, especially if you are buying more than one thing, so if you do not like a price or do not see a price listed, feel free to make an offer. :)

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