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Comic and Fantasy Art Prints, Lithographs, Posters, Etc.




Darkchylde Black/White Lithograph ~14" X 16" signed by Randy Queen $6
Magic: the Gathering Poster$.50

Wizard Posters (10 x 14) 2001 $.50 each
Dawn (J. Michael Linsner)/Savage Dragon (Erik Larsen)
Aphrodite IX (Dave Finch)/Spider-man (Alex Ross)
Vampi (Kevin Lau)/Spider-man(Erik Larsen)
Vampirella (Mike Mayhew)/Sentry (Jae Lee)
Scion (Jim Cheung)/Sabretooth (Joe Jusko)
The First (Bart Sears)/Punisher (Tim Bradstreet)
Edvin and Alexi (George Perez)/Mystique (Joe Jusko)
Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi (Ramon Bachs)/Iron Man (Joe Quesada)
Fray (Karl Moline)/Fantastic Four and Super Skrull (Carlos Pacheco)
Buffy (Joe Bennet)/Daredevil (David Mack)
Victoria Grace (Greg Horn)/Avengers (Alan Davis)

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