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Janeway and Chakotay Quotes

"You are speaking to a member of my crew, I expect you to treat him with the same respect as you'd have me treat a member of yours." – Janeway (Caretaker)

"Who is she to be making these decisions for all of us?" -- Torres
"She's the captain." – Chakotay (Caretaker)

“You don't undersand, Commander. This isn't about Torres. My problem is with you.” -- Janeway Chakotay:
“Me?” – Chakotay (Parallax)

“You're going to have to give them more authority if you want their loyalty.” – Chakotay
“Theirs, or yours, Commander?” – Janeway (Parallax)

"I have no intention of being your token Maquis officer." -- Chakotay to Janeway (Parallax)

"If things had happened differently and we were on the Maquis ship now instead of Voyager, would you have served under me?" – Chakotay
“One of the nice things about being captain is that you can keep some things to yourself.” – Janeway (Parallax)

“It would be a highly questionable decision in light of the prime directive.” -- Tuvok
“If it were me, I would have tried to get there.” – Chakotay
“The issue is whether Captain Janeway would go there, not you Commander.” – Tuvok (Time and Again)

"Commander Chakotay was just showing me how to get in contact with my animal guide" -- Janeway
"I hope you have better luck with yours than I had with mine" -- B'Elanna
"B'Elanna is the only person I know who tried to kill her animal guide" -- Chakotay (The Cloud)

"There's coffee in that nebula." – Janeway (The Cloud)

"Is there a different animal guide for everyone?" -- Janeway
"Actually, yes." -- Chakotay
"Let me guess. Your's is a bear." -- Janeway
(smiling) "Why do you say that?" -- Chakotay
"You strike me as the bear type." -- Janeway (The Cloud)

"If you're interested, I'll be glad to help you contact your animal guide." – Chakotay
"You've got a date..." – Janeway (The Cloud)

"Commander, your stick?" – Janeway (The Cloud)

"Not to belittle Maquis tactics, Commander, but this is a very old trick." -- Janeway
"It worked against those Starfleet Runabouts." -- Chakotay
You're lucky I wasn't commanding one of them" -- Janeway
"Besides, out here in the Delta Quadrant every old trick is new again." – Chakotay (Ex Post Facto)

"That's one trick you won't be able to use again when we get back." -- Janeway
"I have more." – Chakotay (Ex Post Facto)

“He had the motive and the opportunity.” – Chakotay
“He's also had a distinguished Starfleet career. Seska's spent most of the last two years as an enemy of the Federation.” -- Janeway
“So have I.” – Chakotay (State of Flux)

"Good work Commander, in the future if I have any questions about mating behaviour I'll know where to go." -- Janeway (Elogium)

“Am I the only one who is so intent on getting home? Is it just me? Am I leading the crew on a forlorn mission with no real hope of success?” -- Janeway
“You're not alone. I want to get home too. And there's not a day that goes by when I don't hear someone mention Earth.” – Chakotay (The 37’s)

“I'm not sure I want to go in.” -- Janeway
“No matter what happens, we'll make it. Remember that.” -- Chakotay (The 37’s)

“My gut tells me we should go after Chakotay. But my better judgment tells me we should honor his request.” – Janeway
“I would never want you to ignore your better judgment, Captain. But, let me ask you this. In your opinion, how would the loss of our first officer affect this crew? What would it do to the morale on this ship? Maybe this is an instance where your gut is giving you better advice.” – Torres (Manuevers)

“How do you expect me to keep order when the first officer takes it upon himself to run off like some cowboy because he decides it's a good idea? What you did was commendable...the way you did it was not. You set a terrible example, and on a personal level you've made my job more difficult.” – Janeway
“If that's so, I regret it.” – Chakotay
“I'm putting you on report in case that means anything anymore.” – Janeway
“It means something to me, Captain. It means I've let you down....and for that, I'm truly sorry.” – Chakotay (Manuevers)

“Like it or not, it seems we're in a situation where the rules have changed and maybe if we're going to survive out here, we have to start changing too. Starfleet works well in the Alpha Quadrant. But out here, maybe we should be thinking more like the Maquis. The Maquis had to survive on their own. We were up against insurmountable odds. We had to create our own opportunites for success because nobody was willing to help us. Sound like anybody you know?” – Chakotay
“If you're suggesting we abandon our principles just because we're out of hailing range...” – Janeway
“...I don't think we can afford to keep doing business as usual.” – Chakotay (Alliances)

“I'll destroy this ship before I turn any part of it over to the Kazon.” – Janeway (Alliances)

“You may be willing to die for Federation principles, but they're not.” – Chakotay (Alliances)

“Make a alliance.” – Chakotay
“With the Kazon?” – Janeway (Alliances)

“You can't have it both ways, Commander. If you want to get in the middle with the Kazon, you can't start complaining that you might get dirty.” – Janeway (Alliances)

“I have to admit I'm not sure which one is the Captain.” – Chakotay
“The female...obviously.” – Tuvok (Life Signs)

“I don't know how I'm going to enter this into the log.” – Chakotay
“I look forward to reading it.” – Tuvok (Life Signs)

“There has been a spy aboard Voyager, but it isn't Tom Paris.” – Janeway
“Lt. Paris is, in fact, part of our plan.” -- Tuvok
“Plan?” – Chakotay (Investigations)

“In other words, you didn't trust me.” – Chakotay
“Commander, the simple fact is we needed a good performance. I'm afraid we used you to help Tom provide it. And you did a damn good job.” – Janeway (Investigations)

“I'm not sure if I should be welcoming it on board or apologizing. Voyager isn't exactly anyone's idea of a nursery. And the Delta Quadrant isn't much of a playground.” – Janeway
“My father had a saying, Captain. Home is wherever you happen to be.” – Chakotay (Deadlock)

"Does it matter which way these things go?" -- Chakotay
"I guess it depends whether you're in a beige mood or a gray mood." -- Janeway
"That's not much of a choice. Couldn't Starfleet have come up with something a little more cheerful?" -- Chakotay
"Like polka-dots?"-- Janeway
"I was thinking more of a tasteful pinstripe - something in blues and greens. Well, I suggest we put the gray on the outside and the beige inside." – Chakotay
"I like that, I've always looked better in beige. Actually, it might be kind of interesting - roughing it for a while." – Janeway
"..'Roughing it'..? Let's see... we have shelter, furniture, research equipment, tricorders, a replicator - it's too rough for me." -- Chakotay
"We don't have a bath tub." -- Janeway
"A bath tub?" -- Chakotay
"I love a bath, it's my favorite way of relaxing." -- Janeway
"Captain, I'm sure you can learn to love the sonic shower." -- Chakotay
"You know, Chakotay, it occurs to me - we aren't exactly in a command structure any more. Perhaps you should call me Kathryn." – Janeway
"... Give me a few days on that one, okay?" – Chakotay (Resolutions)

"Where have you been?" – Janeway
"Oh... in the woods." – Chakotay
"For the past two days you've been spending a lot of time in the woods. Is there something going on that I should know about?" – Janeway
"Ah... not yet." – Chakotay
"...'Not yet'..? What's that supposed to mean?" – Janeway
"It means that when it's time for you to know you'll find out." – Chakotay
"Don't I even get a hint?" – Janeway
"I'm building something." – Chakotay
"Building? What could you be building? And why can't you tell me?" – Janeway
"You can't stand it, can you? You're like a little kid, wheedling." – Chakotay (Resolutions)

“Why do you have to see it as defeat? Maybe it's simply accepting what life has dealt us...finding the good in it.” – Chakotay (Resolutions)

"I can't sacrifice the present waiting for a future that may not happen. The reality of this situation is that we may never leave here. So, yes, I'm trying to make a home - something that's more than just a plain gray box." – Chakotay (Resolutions)

"I guess I was always a child of the 24th century." – Janeway
"Well, maybe those camping trips helped prepare you for life here." – Chakotay
"Oh, no... life here is much better than that." – Janeway
"...I think that's the first time I've heard you say anything positive about being here." – Chakotay (Resolutions)

“We have to talk about this.” – Janeway
“Alright.” – Chakotay
“I think we have to define some parameters... About us.” – Janeway
“I'm not sure I can... define parameters. But I can tell you a story... an ancient legend among my people. It's about an angry warrior who lived his life in conflict with the rest of his tribe. A warrior who couldn't find peace, even with the help of his spirit guide. For years he struggled with his discontent. The only satisfaction he ever got came when he was in battle. This made him a hero among his tribe, but the warrior still longed for peace within himself. One day, he and his war party were captured by a neighbouring tribe led by a woman warrior. She called on him to join her beacuse her tribe was too small and weak to defend itself from all its enemies. The woman warrior was brave and beautiful, and very wise. The angry warrior swore to himself that he would stay by her side, doing whatever he could to make her burden lighter. From that point on, her needs would come first. And in that way, the warrior began to know the true meaning of peace.” – Chakotay
“Is that really an ancient legend?” – Janeway
“No, but that made it easier to say.” – Chakotay (Resolutions)

“Do you think it's a trap?” – Chakotay
“Do I think Seska is capable of manipulating you and me with this? Oh, yes.” – Janeway (Basics, Part One)

“If you choose to go after him, I know I speak for the enitre crew, Starfleet and Maquis alike, when I say that we'll stand behind you.” – Janeway (Basics, Part One)

“Trapped on a barren planet and you're stuck with the only indian in the universe who can't start a fire by rubbing two sticks together.” – Chakotay (Basics, Part Two)

“Of course, there's always the possibility that the Ancestral Spirits really do control what happens in the shrine.” – Chakotay
“To each his own, Commander. But I imagine if we scratch deep enough we'd find a scientific basis for most religoius doctrine.” – Janeway (Sacred Ground)

"Well Kathryn, you got us home." -- Chakotay
"Right place, wrong time." -- Janeway (Future's End Part One)

"I don't know what my relatives were doing this far back in history. For all I know she could be my great, great, great...great grandmother." – Janeway
"She does have your legs!" – Chakotay (Future’s End)

"Being moved by an emotion isn't always extraneous, sometimes it's the whole point." -- Chakotay, (Alter Ego) “Maybe I could stand with an apple on my head and you could phaser it off.” – Janeway about talent night.
“Sounds great. If I miss I get to be captain!” – Chakotay (Coda)

“Don't ever do that to me again.” – Chakotay (Coda)

“....You on the other hand are still adapting to your duties of first officer. Under the circumstances I believe my time would be better spent assisting you in your effort to justify the trust the captain has placed in you.” – Tuvok (Worst Case Scenario)

“You've just threatened the wrong woman, Chakotay.” – Janeway (Worst Case Scenario)

“Kathryn, don’t try to be a hero.”— Chakotay (Worst Case Scenario)

"According to my calculations neither of us have eaten since last night. Join me for dinner?" – Chakotay (Scorpion, Part One)

"This day was inevitable. We all knew it, and we've all tried to prepare ourselves for the challenge ahead. But at what point does the risk become too great? Could the crew accept living out the rest of their lives in the Delta Quadrant? I keep looking to these captains - my comrades-in-arms. But the truth is... I'm alone" – Janeway
"If that moment comes we'll face it together and we'll make the right decision. You're not alone, Kathryn." – Chakotay
"Three years ago I didn't even know your name... today I couldn't imagine a day without you." – Janeway (Scorpion, Part One)

“I'm not ready to walk out onto the bridge and tell the crew we're quitting. I can't do it, Chakotay...not yet.” – Janeway (Scorpion, Part One)

"Maybe helping the Borg asimilate them (8472) isn't such a bad idea - we may be doing the Delta Quadrant a favor." – Janeway
"I don't think you really believe that. I think you're struggling to justify your plan because your desire to get this crew home is blinding you to other options. I know you, Kathryn. Sometimes... you don't know when to step back." – Chakotay
"Do you trust me, Chakotay?" – Janeway
"That isn't the issue..." – Chakotay
"Oh, but it is. Only yesterday you were saying that we'd face this together - that you'd be at my side." – Janeway
"I still have to tell you what I believe. I'm no good to you if I don't do that." – Chakotay
"I apreciate your insights, but the time for debate is over. I've made my decision - now... do I have your support?" – Janeway
"You're the captain. I'm your first officer. I'll follow your orders, but that doesn't change my belief that we're making a fatal mistake." – Chakotay
"Then I guess I am alone, after all." – Janeway (Scorpion, Part One)

“You have to make this work. I want you to make this work. Get this crew home.” – Janeway (Scorpion, Part Two)

"Well, I've made my decision. If it were only a matter of going against the orders of my superior officer... but you're more than my captain, you're my friend... and I hope you'll understand." – Chakotay (Scorpion, Part Two)

“The doctor brought me up to speed but he couldn't tell me what I really wanted to know. Why?” – Janeway (Scorpion, Part Two)

“You never trusted me. You never believed this would work. You were just waiting for an opportunity to circumvent my orders.” – Janeway
“Trust had nothing to do with it. I made a tactical decision.” -- Chakotay
“So did I.” – Janeway (Scorpion, Part Two)

“It's too late for opinions. It's too late for discussion. It's time to make the call and I'm making it...” – Janeway (Scorpion, Part Two)

"I was linked to a collective once, remember? I had a neuro-tranciever embedded in my spine. I know who we're dealing with. We've got to get rid of that last Borg and take our chances alone.” -- Chakotay
"It won't work... This isn't working, either. There are two wars going on - the one out there and the one in here and... we're losing both of them." – Janeway
"...'It will be your undoing'..." – Chakotay
"What?" – Janeway
"Our conflicted nature, our individuality. Seven of Nine said we lacked the cohesion of a collective mind, that one day it would divide us and destroy us. And here we are - proving her point." – Chakotay
"I'll tell you when we lost control of the situation - when we made our mistake. It was the moment we turned away from each other. We don't have to stop being individuals to get through this, we just have to stop fighting each other." –Janeway (Scorpion, Part Two)

"Bridge to Chakotay. Scorpion." – Janeway (Scorpion, Part Two)

"I want you to know that disobeying your orders was one of the most difficult things I've ever had to do." – Chakotay
"I understand. And I respect the decision you made, even though I disagree with it. What's important is that in the end we got through this. Together. I don't ever want that to change." – Janeway (Scorpion, Part Two)

“I cared about the Vori but I hated the Kradin. I wanted to kill everyone of them.” – Chakotay
“Evidently that was the point.” – Janeway (Nemesis)

“I wish it were as easy to stop hating as it was to start.” – Chakotay (Nemesis)

“Something on your mind?” – Janeway
“Yes, but you're not going to like it.” – Chakotay
“That's never stopped you before.” – Janeway (Year of Hell, Part One)

“Abandon ship? The answer is no. I'm not breaking up the family, Chakotay. We're stronger as a team. One crew, one ship. The moment we split apart we lose the ability to pool our talents. We become vulnerable. We'll get picked off one by one. Now I say we make our stand together. As long as Voyager's in one piece, we stay.” – Janeway
“To be honest, I wasn't too found of the idea myself.” – Chakotay (Year of Hell, Part One)

"You'll lead us into the compound, but I'm coming with you." -- Chakotay/Capt. Miller
"I work better alone." -- Janeway
"This isn't a request, its an order." -- Chakotay/Capt. Miller
"Order? Do I look like I'm wearing one of your uniforms? I go alone." -- Janeway
"I thought you wanted our help. I'll be right behind you." -- Chakotay/Capt. Miller (The Killing Game)

"Mademoiselle, after you..." -- Chakotay/Capt. Miller (The Killing Game)

"You're a gung ho kinda' gal, aren't you?” -- Chakotay/Capt. Miller
"Does that bother you?" -- Janeway
"Nope. Just not used to it, that's all. The girls back home are a little different." -- Chakotay/Capt. Miller
“I guess when it comes to my people's safety this girl tends to get a little... gung ho." – Janeway (The Killing Game)

"Nothing to apologize about, I'm the same way with my men. There's not a day goes by that I don't think to myself 'I'm going to get them back safely, even if I die trying.’” -- Chakotay/Capt. Miller
"I know the feeling…” – Janeway (The Killing Game)

“I can't ignore orders, but I won't ask the crew to risk their lives because of my obligation.” – Janeway
“My obligation. That's where you're wrong. Voyager may be alone out here, but you're not. Let us help you.” – Chakotay (Omega Directive)

"That's a reasonable argument, but you're not always a reasonable woman." – Chakotay (The Omega Directive)

"If that's all, Commander..." -- Janeway
"Actually, I'd like to make a request. I've been saving up my holodeck rations and I've got three full hours coming. Any chance I might be able to persuade you to join me for a few rounds of Velocity? It'll help clear your mind..." -- Chakotay
"My mind is perfectly clear." -- Janeway
"And what if I told you I'm not leaving until you join me?" -- Chakotay
"I'd say 'have a seat, its going to be a while.'" – Janeway (Night)

"Chakotay, there's no one I trust more than you. You're a fine first officer... are you ready to captain this ship?" – Janeway (Night)

"You told them... they knew coming in." -- Janeway
"Let's just say I wouldn't be a fine first officer if I hadn't." – Chakotay (Night)

"Starfleet Headquarters. Brings back memories, even if it is just a re-creation. I remember my last visit there. I was given my general orders for Voyager's first mission: proceed to the Badlands and find the Maquis." -- Janeway
"The orders that brought us together." – Chakotay (In the Flesh)

“You'd better get going." -- Janeway
“Right, I don't want to be late." -- Chakotay
"Just be home before midnight." -- Janeway
"Yes, ma'am." – Chakotay (In the Flesh)

“Dinner plans?” – Janeway
“Nothing special, a date with the replicator.” – Chakotay
“Cancel it. That's an order.” – Janeway (Timeless)

“Speaking of risks, are you ready to try some home cooking?” – Janeway
“I'll alert sickbay.” – Chakotay (Timeless)

“I'd be willing to consider your theory... if I didn't know Chakotay as well as I do. There is no one on this ship I trust more.” -- Kathryn (to Seven) (The Voyager Conspiracy)

“I heard the strangest rumor today. Apparently the captain and first officer nearly came to blows.” – Janeway
“Mutiny?” – Chakotay
“First officer walked the plank. So I heard.” -- Janeway
“I don't believe a word of it.” – Chakotay
“Me neither.” – Janeway
“Seven was malfunctioning. We don't have that excuse.” – Chakotay
“You're right. We've been through too much to stop trusting each other.” -- Janeway
“You didn't poison the coffee, did ya?” – Chakotay
“Not any more than I usually do.” – Janeway (The Voyager Conspiracy)

“Do you have lunch plans?” – Janeway
“Is that an invitation?” – Chakotay
“I was hoping you'd help me compose a response.” – Janeway
“You're on.” – Chakotay (Life Line)

“I know what you’re thinking. We’d be violating a half a dozen Starfleet protocols. And if the collective ever learned we were involved, we would be putting Voyager in the middle of a civil war. Valid objections. Chakotay, we’ve had our disagreements, and there have been times when I have chosen to proceed without your support. But this can’t be one of those times. I won’t do this without my First Officer.” – Janeway
“The way I see it, risking the safety of Voyager is a small price to pay. If we help these people, this could be the turning point in our fight against the Borg.” – Chakotay
“I’m glad we agree, because I almost talked myself out of it.” – Janeway
“Somehow, I don’t think you were ever in danger of doing that.” – Chakotay (Unimatrix Zero)

“Guess I'd better be going, huh?” – Janeway
“Anything you'd like done around here while you're gone? Gravity plating recalibrated? Carpets cleaned?” – Chakotay
“Surprise me... You have the bridge.” Janeway (Unimatrix Zero)