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Janeway and Chakotay, forever

The romance has been building for years, and I will not let any lame brain writer destroy what was suppose to be. At this site you can find my J/C fan fiction and J/C quotes, an episode guide as well as a few J/C song lyrics. I would love to hear from anyone who wishes to give me a shout so please send comments on how you think this site is and what you think it could use. I will be sure to write you back!! Thanks a million to visiting guys and gals!

Wow, so I'm back! I disappeared there for a while because I managed to forget my password and I let the E-mail account I had this thing on expire. But I finally managed to break the code so here I am again, I'm going to work on updating the site, hopefully adding some pictures and I'm going to work on adding some Voyager links and some recommended reading. Good voyaging! 6/23/2006

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