Asgerd II class Planetoid

25% larger then Luna. (4000 KM diameter)
 Attached Parasite Vessels
  Eight-Hundred SBB Squadrons, Eight-Hundred SBC Squadrons,
  Sixteen-hundred SCA Squadrons, Sixteen-Hundred SCL Flotillas,
 Twenty Four-Hundred SDD Flotillas.
  Parasite crews live onboard the ships.

 Landing Craft
  140,000 Assault Landers,
  Ship Crews; 4,200,000
  Techs; 14,000,000
  Total Crew; 18,200,000

 Fighter Complement
  Two-Million Wings of fighters.
  Fighter crews of 2 per fighter is  288,000,000 crewers
  Support crews for fighters of 10 per fighter totalling 1,440,000,000
  Total; 1,728,000,000

 Standard Ground Forces (Marine)
  140 Legions

 Additional Ground Forces(Army)
900 Legions

  Ship Crew; 1,205,800,000
  Support Crews 1,746,200,000
  Marine Security (Infantry); 48,000,000
  Extra Capacity; 25,000,000,000
  Marines; 1,267,200,000
  Army; 12,096,000,000
  Cruise Load; 3,000,000,000
  Combat Load; 5,000,000,000
  Full Combat Load; 17,000,000,000
  Max Load; 45,000,000,000

Weapon Fit
  Five Hundred-Trillion energy cannons
        1e36W each. 5e50Watts total
        Range of 25 light seconds
  Ninety-Trillion Hyper missile launchers.
        Range of 3 light minutes
  One Hundred Thirty Five-Trillion Sublight missile launchers.
        Range of 1 light minute
  Five-Quadrillion energy point defense stations.
         Range of 15 light seconds
  Two-Quadrillion counter missile defense stations.
        Range of 45 light seconds

  One-hundred kilometers of solid armor.
        1e52J to breach the armor

Outer Shield
        Peak instantanous absorbtion is 2e54J
        Recharge rate is 2e52W

Inner Shield
        Peak instantanous absorbtion is 1e54J
        Recharge rate is 8e51W

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