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T'San Enterprises

CAUTION: OVERHAUL IN PROGRESS, Watch for broken links and falling pics. Please wear hardhat.

Welcome to my humble little site, where you will find, mostly, my art.
Please report any broken links you find(they're really not intentional, and I'd like to fix them as soon as possible, but to do that I have to know they're there), even if it's just by leaving a note in the guestbook.
Enjoy ^_^

23 May 2002
Sesshoumaru and Ryoga
27 July 2002
Duo. Riding a pale horse. *snicker*

8 September 2002
Wufei and Duo ..ano... I should probably slap a PG label on this one, as well as a mild shounen-ai alert(if you know what to look for ^_^; ) If you don't know what shounen-ai is, click here

22 March 2003
Half-orc *G* Not my usual fare, but turned out pretty well. Hair is kinda anime style because it seemed to call for that.

28 August 2003 - gee, I need to update more often...
Miko raising her avatar. Type thing. Had fun designing the avatar. Rather like this one ^_^

Fluffy-sama Otherwise known as Sesshoumaru. *g* In modern type clothing and with his hair up.

Makoto Just some random demon/guardian.

Ranzatsu Demon in the middle of a... meal. Rated for gore.

'Scythe Plushie B-day pressie for Christy. ^_^ Plushie is of... well, Deathscythe. Yes, Duo Maxwell's Gundam. Er, when it's not a gundam.... It's a long story. *g*

Slayers Wing Alert: Shounen-ai hints. Having said that - Duo/Xellos draping himself over Heero/Zelgadiss' shoulders.

21 September 2003
Classic Yaoi Whee! Gargoyles yaoi. My first gargs yaoi piccie... I's so pround ^___^ Original Characters and all that jazz. Why 'Classic'? Because it sounds cooler than 'normal' or 'usual' =P oh, you mean why 'classic' at all? *points to the flowers* flowers are something you see a ~lot~ in yaoi manga. ^_^


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