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The Dr. Who Shoebox of Triviality

Formerly K-9's House of Killer Jelly-Babies

Last Updated: 12/27/06

Welcome to this humble den of Whovian obsession! Our mission is to revive a love of this great show, in the hopes that it will make a comeback and be continued. Please enjoy your stay.

Updates:What, this thing still exists? Hmmmm...

Adoption Centre!
Here, you can adopt your own Time Lord. Browse our selection. More to come!

The Cross Over from Hell Compitioon
The first annual compition. Vote on the Cross Over you want to see written

Coming Soon
This section shows what you can expect in the weeks ahead. Now you can't say I didn't warn you...

Top Ten Lists
Letterman we ain't..

101 Things to do with a Dead Dalek
Have a dead Dalek on your hands that's taking up valuble storage space? Maybe we can help!

Fun With Microsoft Paint
This section was spawned from sleep deprivation and a computer coloring program. Enjoy!

Dr. Who Purity Test
How obsessed are you with Dr. Who? Do you frighten people? Do BBC execs run from you? Put yourself to the test!

Got some time to kill? Of course you do, you're here aren't you? Browse through our growing section of goodies for you.

Here, you can tell us what you think about the site, plus giving us your opinion on certain topics!

Other Dr.Who places on the Web you can spend time at. Hold on there though, take some time out to sleep and eat! (And bathe...)

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Created: 7/24/00

We don't own Dr.Who, the BBC does. Either way, we're not endorsed or athorized by them. So back off, you lawyer types! Images from The Doctor Who Image Archive