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Dilithium Crystal Information

General Information

Chemical Formula: Li2Te

Composition: Molecular Weight = 141.48 gm)

Lithium 9.81 % Li

Tellurium 90.19 % Te

Empirical Formula: Li2Te

Environment: Silica-poor planetesimals which did not undergo significant parent-body metamorphism during formation.

IMA Status: Not IMA Approved

Locality: Interplanetary asteroids.

Name Origin: Named after it's composition.

Synonym: Go Juice

Warp Factor 9


Dana Class: (2)Sufide Minerals

(2.0)Without Dana Classification Numbers

Strunz Class: II/X.00-00 II - Sulfides and sulphosalts
II/X - Unclassified Strunz Sulfides and sulphosalts
II/X.00 - Telluride

Axial Ratios: a:b = 1:1.897

Cell Dimensions: a = 7.67, b = 14.55, Z = 12; V = 855.96 Den(Calc)= 3.29

Crystal System: Orthorhombic - Disphenoidal H-M Symbol (2 2 2) Space Group: P222

Physical Properties
Cleavage: [0001] Distinct
Color: bottle brown or amber brown.
Density: 3.1 - 3.5, Average = 3.3
Diaphaniety: Transparent to translucent
Habits: Crystalline - Coarse - Occurs as well-formed coarse sized crystals., Tabular - Form dimensions are thin in
one direction.,
Hardness: 5 - Apatite
Luminescence: Triboluminescent.
Luster: Adamantine - Resinous
Streak: white

Optical Properties

Optical Data: Uniaxial (+), w=1.952-1.984, e=1.971-2.01, bire=0.0190-0.0260.

Dilithium is one substance that can safely combine matter and anti-matter into a stable stream.

The Crystal becomes the focal point where the matter/anti-matter injectors fire. The crystals then combine and refract the beam in to the Warp Core. Kinda like the reverse of a light prism. Instead of only one beam of light hitting the prism and refracting into mutiple beams of light.. it does the exact opposite. Takes 2 beams of in-compatable energy, combines them to make a single stable beam of energy and fires into the warp core chamber... and voila, you have warp power!!

I know that it would be possible for the deuterium ions to "channel" through the crystral, provided it is very pure and exactly aligned. The antideuterium is the problem, since it is supposed to have the opposite charge (negative). This would mean the ions would not behave like deuterium and would (under the same conditions) possibly collide with the dilithium nuclei: boom! This is where the TNGTM makes a nice suggestion to create a condition (high frequency excitation) to make the material porous also for antimatter. Another possibility is to accelerate them to a high speed, so that the deflection in the crystal is minimized.