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Can you imagine the supprise when Alan Fraser at ECD in Portland, Oregon
came into the B-205 Yahoo Group and asked if anybody would be interested in a B-205 his company had in a warehouse?

Click on the thumbnails to see a bigger picture. If you have questions requarding this machine, please address them to Alan at the B205 Yahoo Group.
(See our home page for info on joining the group, or e-mail me at Stan

This is the famous B-205 Drum Drive. You can see the read/right heads numbered on the exterior of the drive. This device stored a whopping 4,000 words!

Here is the B-205's CPU, I count over 600 vacume tubes here.

The CPU on the left with the drum drive on the lower right, and the programmers panel above it.

A close up of the programmers panel. Also more of the CPU is visible to the right of the panel.

The maintenance panel.

The manuals for the B-205.

The programmers desk with the paper tape drive shown in the bottom right.

The Sci-Fi buffs will recognize the B-205 Console.

The back side of the B-205 Tape Drive, looking through the side. Also visible(in the right of the image) is another rack that I am not familiar with. Anybody know what this is?

The Magnetic Tape drive again, viewed through the plastic wrap that helped to preserve the machine.