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In Memory of Snowball
A faithful companion, truly a best friend, I will always have you with me ... for I have your paw prints on my heart.
I'll be with you someday to play with you again.
    I Adopted 'Snowball' in 1992 at Animal Welfare League, Chicago Ridge shelter (tag# 5398) he was 1 year old. It was hard thing to make the choice to let him go. It was for him not me. 'Snowball' was (14 1/2) a Labrador mix, a wonderful friend and buddy.

    The replacement dog name; 'Sheba' adopted 2006 (tag# 71968). A 3 year old Labrador Retriever/American Staffordshire Terrier mix, rust/brown in color no marking color, with a Labrador face and ears of AmStaff she is a good looking dog. She just a dog... but I said that about 'Snowball' 13 1/2 year ago when I adopted him, "just a dog that's part of me". Just like 'Cassie' the black Ladrador I had 9 years before him.
    There room for her on my heart, time will tell. She knows sit, give paw and is housebroken also walks good on leash but needs little work on that. Gets along with people great. So it's not a bad thing to adopt a older dog. Now it May, I would miss her if something should happen to her. Dam what happen to just a dog. Way cann't that work?

In Memory of Cassie
Weep not for me my master dear, I am not gone.. I linger near, As long as you've a memory... Within your heart I'll always be...

07/04/83 - 05/21/92
(Roll mouse over 'Cassie'
picture see her at 3 mo.)
Cancer got her in the end. That way I adopt mix bleeds now.

"If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. "Will Rogers" The same go for me.
In Memory of Friends Dogs
Tanya, Nick & Haley miss you.
"Ralph", now I'm with my master Joe.
Thanks, Gina & Mark for take care of me.
"Libby" Katie, Steve, Steven and
Cammy will miss you. I will also
miss you.
"Ravyn" Gina and Mark will miss
there girl alot.

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