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We're two fun and wild guys
The year 1954, Jim 5   -   Paul 6

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Paul's Memorial Page

He will be miss but never forgotten.

Paul (1994)

Paul John Scehovic

March 23, 1948 - December 17, 2007

Jim (2004)
Paul and I have same hair line.

Paul was only 59 when he passed away at Joliet Area Hospice Home, from symptoms of congestive heart failure (CHF).

I was told Paul had twenty bouts with CHF. Starting back in 2003 before his submission. Preceded in death by his parents and first wife of 18 years.

Survived by his second wife of 15 years, five step-children, seven step-grandchildren and one great-grandson. Also by me his brother, Jim.

Paul was a big part of the Knights of Columbus.

He was a past Grand Knight, a District Deputy member of KC 4400 and 4th Degree Member of Joliet Assembly 204.

(I like to get picture of Paul in his Knights outfit.
If any of his brother knights have one please send it to me, Thanks.)

Memorial Service held on February 2, 2008, at St. Mary's Church, Mokena, IL.

I like to have Paul see this page. Do they have, 'The Web', in heaven? If so, is it dial-up or DSL, and can they teach Paul to use it. GOOD LUCK!

Paul, My Brother

When you or I would call we talk about things that happen so long ago.
I always wanted to know how you remember all that from years ago..

You'll be miss.

Not that you was my pillar and that I look up to you we both could stand alone.
It's was because you are my brother, family, you know.

You'll be miss.

But now that you'll not here, who will I call to talk about the pass.
It's going to be hard to get over that you'll not here.

You'll be miss.

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More family pictures

Da(John), Ma(Rose Marie), Paul and Jim 1951


Paul 3 & Jim 2 (1951)

Jim & Paul 1952

Paul 4, Jim 3,Grandpa and cousin Ralph 3 (1952)
Plaid on top of plaid, Paul was differant even back then.

Paul 8 & Jim 7 (1956)
I like to say the tree is still there.
But that darn thing didn't last a year.

Ma, Da, Paul, Ginger, Jim & Penny 1961
Two year later we lost our Da to a heart attack.
(He was only 53, Ma died at 70 of same).

Jim 24 Paul 25 (1973)
Before his wedding checking time.
Look at all that hair we had !

Even doe we fought like cats and dogs when we where younger. Wasn't as close as we should of been when we got older. There was some good time we had.
One day Paul (about 7) got his hands on some matches. He thought he start a small fire in our bed room's trash can... All I'll say is good thing I had to pee.
Oh! I got it for pee in can. But he told me not to tell... So what is he going to do about now? We where brothers and he will be miss. We still love each other.

email I receive from this page:

MI (02.02.08) Uncle Jimmy,
This is a very beautiful site. I am so sorry that your brother passed away. At least he will not be suffering anymore. And think you have many more years ahead of you because you have always taken better care of yourself than he did. I miss you. Love, Jess

MI (02.03.08) Hi Jim,
The web page was really touching. I know that growing up you shared some special times and your mom was proud of her boys. Thanks for sharing a part of this. You, Paul and Linda were the reason Steve and I got together. You hooked me up with my soul mate and I can never thank you enough. Take care. Love, Nancy

IL (02.03.08) Dear Shoe,
Your memorial page to your brother is wonderful. I hope he can see it from where he is. I'm sure he can. God can do wonderful things if we only open our hearts to him. I am also glad that Wally and I came to his service. Love, Kathy

ID (02.05.08) Jim,
Thanks for thinking of us...nice tribute to Paul. How time passes. The 3 of us in 1952....old pictures....memories....and thoughts. Take care, Ralph

TN (02.08.08) Hay Jim,
I love the page about your brother, sorry about him passing away. I hope all is well with you. Love, Mary