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SilverLine 1978 Kodiak 17T - 17' Tri-hull Bass Boat

What it look like new, taken from the unofficial, unauthorized, SilverLine Boats website.

    I name boat: 'GILLIGAN 2'    

What it looks like now.
My goals are to make it a fishing boat, not to restore it. I like it to look nice but it doesn't need to look like it did in 1978.
        I got boat, 50hp Johnson motor, trailer, trolling motor and fishfinder. All I know it floats and motor run about 3 years ago. I am the the 4th owner. The 2nd owner bought boat for the 115hp motor and replace it 1974 50hp Johnson for resale. The 3rd owner just let set outside for 4 years because it didn't run very good and didn't have time to fix. I work on it for about 45 hours how it's done. Yes. I got that 50 Johnson working like a top. Little small for boat but, get's me around nice on the water. After all it's not a speed boat, you got to stop to fish. I did a boat test/fish run with it and got 3 feet long bass so far. The trolling motor is now a one speed it move boat at right speed. It's little to big for me, need two people to put in and out of water. I did like working on it.

Work done in 2009 : new deck, carpet, seats, add a radio with CD player, rewire trolling motor, clean carbs, ture up now runs great, fix prop, new bilge pump, new stern and bow lights new plug bases, replace cover to rod box and front live well, add boarding guide-on, new couper, Y-stop and light kit to trailer also the best thing of all I did was get a cover for boat.

From a shipwreck

The boat as it look before I start on repair it.

Yes, that's a tree growing in boat.

Replace plywood deck (what was left of it) with hardiebroad.

Scrap off old carpeting on fishing decks.

Too shipshape in about 45 hours of work

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