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Old Guestbook Log !

Theresa(Platek)Richardson - 12/19/05

Comments: Awesome web site! Very cool. Keep in touch.

Carol Sodersten - 05/18/05

Comments: Someone else said, but this is such a proffesional website. I couldn't do this in a million years. I'm still figuring out how to cut and paste correctly.

Arianna - 04/22/05

Comments: I'm inspired

Ian - 03/09/05

Comments: very professional page. clear. consise and interesting. Well done.

Jeff Kelley - 05/09/04

Comments: Great site, good info and jokes. I enjoyed every minute I was here!

Dr. Tessalee - 04/20/03

Comments: Finally got to your website...thanks for including our names...God kept you alive...we just helped out.

Keith Hargrove - 09/25/00

Comments: Thank You for the information on your site. Had been searching for date codes for my 64 , 327/365 RE code,conv/HT.also Daytona Blue with (BB)double dark blue int. Thanks for the excellent example of Corvette history. Mine is not in the same class but pretty close. Thanks, Keith

Rich Molitor - 09/06/00

Comments: Hi, Shoe I saw Hank at work today. He told me about your place in Michigan. How do you like retirement? Talk to you later. I got to look at the rest of your site. Bye Rich

Larry - 08/26/00

Comments: Had a 64 in 65,samecolor scheme. Saw in a mag once the numbers, could never find it again. Good Luck.

Ed Miller - 08/13/00

Comments: I just saw your site and would like to join your club. Please send me some info.Thanks, Ed

Larry Brownfield - 06/20/00

Comments: Shoe: Congratulations on your retirement. Saw your name in the streamliner. Good luck Jim!

Jack & Athena Harrist - 06/11/00

Comments: Nice page! I wish we could find the time (and the patience) to do more with ours. Love your car, we have a 64 air coupe. I know it's not a Big Block 67, but we love it just the same. Enjoy your eite and I'm sure at some point we'll catch up to you later. Jack & Athena

Charlotte Miller - 04/11/00

Comments: Great web site!

Will - 01/23/00

Comments: I also have a 1964 corvette, Daytona blue with a white top and white interier 327/300

Dale Boranko - 01/10/00

Comments: I own a '64 red corvette coupe, 327, 365 hp.

Bob Ivey - 01/01/00

Comments: I have just purchased a 1964 Daytona Blue with Black interior 300Hp with AT, AC, PB. All original one owner. I would like to get a history from GM on the options that came with the car i.e. the build date etc. Do you know where I can obtain this? I really enjoyed your WEB page. Thanks Bob

Jim Casement - 01/01/00

Comments: I finally found time to visit your site! Good job, Happy New year.

Dennis Murphey - 08/22/99

Comments: I owned a 64 white with red dash & carpet white seats and doors, white tops, 365 HP AM/FM radio Chrome Hubcaps, no other options, Loved the car sold it in 1970, found it in 1995 but owner won't sell it back to me, (yet). Your car is very very cool, never saw silver like that. I went to scholl in C'dale and been to the Corvette shop their, Just moved from Naperville to Virginia, I own White 98 and a Silver 81, soon a red 64 coupe. Great site, fun refreshing informative

Don Ferestad - 02/21/99

Comments: looks like it should be off the showroom floor

Russ Larsen - 02/15/99

Comments: Wish I had your Vette! Sharp!!!

Randy - 01/25/99

Comments: Excellent! Wish mine was a 365hp. I've acquired the right manifold, and valve covers. Looking for the carb. OEM wants $450, way over my head. I rarely see 64's so it was nice to see yours.

half shaft - 11/15/98

Comments: I also have a 64 conv, enjoy your site! my car was a 300hp/327, 4-sp, 370 posi, white, number 360, made sept 9, 1963! very early car!

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