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74 Feature & Stats

91 Feature & Stats
1964 Corvette
Roadster Table of Contents

Unique Feature Vin # 40867S105819

I had it from 1997-2003 my favorite

The uncommon color scheme of Daytona Blue exterior with Silver and Dark Blue interior. Of the 6,929 Corvette produced in this '63 - 64' only shade, most were ordered with a Dark Blue interior to match or Black. With Silver interior making this Corvette uniqueness even more dramatic. This mid-year was great sex appeal. If you know the number out of 3,424 Daytona Blue made in 64 that had Silver/Dk. Blue interior (door kick panels, and carpet are dark blue) I would appreciate any information.

I know it look like white interior but it's silver picture take in the sun.

*** Feedback Received on Interior Request ***

  1. Chatted with a person on Corvette Chat that had 64 back in 68 with same color scheme. Stated he did two dumb things 1) repaint it LeMans Blue 2) sold it
  2. E-mail (11-27-98) from someone in central PA that had 64 with 327/365 and same color scheme. Stated that mine was only one he seen that matched the one he had.
  3. From My Guestbook (08/26/00) Had a 64 in 65, same color scheme. Saw in one of the car magazine once with the number. Could never find it again. If you find out let me know. Good luck. Larry
  4. From Matt Post (2/14/2014) Saw your web page and read up. I just found and bought a 1964 Corvette Coupe 327/300hp original motor with 36k original miles. Car is optioned with factory AC, power steering, power brakes and an automatic transmission. The car is Daytona Blue with Silver and blue interior. The car has an un hit body and has never been painted. The doors and hood were stolen off when it was in barn. The car was delivered new in Cincinnati, Ohio and has lived its entire life locally and within 5 miles of me. This owner bought it in 1966 drove it once and parked it in his barn. It has not been registered since 1969 and has been unseen until now. Car is going to restoration shop next week to be redone. Very neat for me as I have a 1967 Corvette L79 convertible with factory AC in sun fire yellow with white and black interior that was delivered new to the same dealership, Queen City Chevrolet. Both cars are rare color combinations, delivered to same dealership new, and both have factory AC. Figured I would shoot you an email so you could keep track of another one..

Total of 4 so far (mine and 3 others). Any one else that had one or a GUESS? Let me know.
Seem like the hard way to get the number, but no number is in any book I have.

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My 64 Option (RPO) List

867Base Corvette Convertible13,9254,037.00
 --- Genuine Leather Seats1,33480.70
A02 Soft Ray Tinted Glass, windshield6,38710.80
G81Positraction Rear Axle, all ratios18,27943.05
J50Power Brakes12,27043.05
L76327ci, 365hp Engine7,171107.60
M204-Speed Manual Transmission19,034188.30
P48Cast Aluminum Knock-Off Wheels * (see note)806322.80
P92Whitewall Tires, 6.70x15 (rayon cord)19,97731.85
U69AM-FM Radio20,934176.50
   New $5041.65
* Knock-Off a my 64 was not stock there after market knock-off. Looks like they where add to car in the mid or late 80's.

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Some of the awards won with car

1st Place at Bridgeview, 50th Anniversary Fest Show in Corvette Class- Sept. 1,1997
Outstanding Entry at Berwyn, 6th Annual Rt. 66 Show in Corvette Class- Sept. 7,1997
Celebrity Choice Ribbon at Joliet, 1st Annual Rt. 66 Raceway Corvette Show- June 13,1998
2nd Place at Cicero, Seguin Services Benefit Show in 60's Class- June 14,1998
(Also appeared on the Bill Wildt's - Motor Sports Unlimited cable TV series)
1st Place at Burr Ridige, Hansen Center Benefit Show in 60's Class- June 28,1998
1st Place at Hickory Palos Shopping Center Annual Car Show in '53-'67 Corvette Class- June 19,1999
1st Plase at 24th Annual Corvettes Unlimited Show in Club Car Class- March 19,2000

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VIN tag is located on the horizontal body support under the glove box..
4 08 67S100001Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) decodes as follows :
- -- -- -100001Production numbers starting with 100001
- -- -- S xxxxxxAssemby Plant (S= St. Louis, A= A.O. Smith)
- -- 37 x xxxxxxBody Style (37= Coupe, 67= Roadster)
- 08 x x x xxxxxxModel 08 denotes Corvette
4 x x x x x xxxxxxModel Year 4 denotes 1964

Body Number Plate

Located on the horizontal crossbrace under the dash.
My 64 plate for example reads:
STYLE 64  867     3424 BODY
TRIM   491BE       916AA PAINT
C26 = Build date ( November 26)
64 = Model year (1964)
867 = Body style (Convertible)
Later 64 S = St. Louis A = A.O. Smith place before body#
3424 = Body number
491BE = Trim combination (Silver / Dk. Blue)
916AA = Paint color (Daytona Blue)

Vinyl Upholstery Codes
ColorCoupes built in St. LouisCoupes built A.O.SmithConvertible in St. LouisConvertible in A.O.Smith
Silver & Black491AA491AE491AE491AA
Silver & Dark Blue491BA491N491BE491M
White & Black401CA491CB491CE491CA
White & Dark Blue491GA491S491GE491R
White & Red491DA491Q491DE491P
White & Saddle491HA491U491HE491T
Leather Upholstery Codes
ColorCoupes built in St. LouisCoupes built A.O.SmithConvertible in St. LouisConvertible in A.O.Smith
Silver & Black899AA899AE899AE899AA
Silver & Dark Blue899BA899N899BE899M
White & Black899CA899CB899CE899CA
White & Dark Blue899GA899S899GE899R
White & Red899DA899Q899DE899P
White & Saddle899HB899U899HE899T

Looks like my 64 was order with vinyl upholstery. Someone down the line change to leather. I replace dry out leather seat cover which was in car at time with new ones.
Then I located body number plate weeks later. I think the leather was a nice upgrade. Just like the after market knock-off. Both are suitable to the car now.

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LITTLE KNOW FACT :    In 1963 GM didn't offer Silver as a interior color, in 1964 it offer Silver/Black and Silver/Dk. Blue, in 1965 only offer Silver/Black, in 1966 offer all Silver and in 1967 back to no Silver.

Production Stats

Shoe's 1964 Stats (underline is what I had)

Stats on 1964 . . Production Serial No. 100001-122229 . . 22,229 Total

Qty. Mo. Serial #
1741 Sep - 101741
2304 Oct - 104045
2018 Nov - 106063
2028 Dec - 108091
2206 Jan - 110297
2025 Feb - 112322
2248 Mar - 114570
2295 Apr - 116865
1940 May - 118805
2115 Jun - 120920
1309 Jul - 122229

Exterior Colors
900-Tuxedo Black
912-Silver Blue
916-Daytona Blue
923-Riverside Red
932-Saddle Tan
936-Ermine White
940-Satin Silver
Interior Colors
Silver came w/black or blue and White came w/black, red, blue or saddle carpet
Transmission Codes
C ... Powerglide, Cleveland
P ... 4-speed, Muncie
T ... Powerglide, Toledo
S ... 3-speed,Saginaw
Build Date

A-September 63
E-January 1964
I -May
Build Date

A-January 1964

Rear Axle Codes
CA -3.36, Open,all
CB -3.36, Posi.,all
CC -3.55, Posi.,4sp.
CD -3.70, Posi.,4sp.
CE -4.11, Posi.,4sp.
CF -4.56, Posi.,4sp.
CJ -3.08, Posi.,4sp.
CX -3.70, Open,4sp.
CZ -3.08, Open,4sp.
Engine Suffix Codes
RC -327/250, WCFB 1x4 BC & Manual Trans.
RD -327/300, AFB 1x4 BC & Manual Trans.
RE -327/365, Holley 1x4 BC, Hi-Lift Cam,MT.
RF -327/375, FI, Hi-Lift Cam & Manual Tr.
RP -327/250, WCFB 1x4 BC, A/C & Manual Tr.
RQ -327/300, AFB 1x4 BC, AJC & Manual Tr..
RR -327/365, Holley 1x4BC,Hi-Lift, A/C, MT.
RT -327/365, Holley 1x4BC,Hi-Lift, T/I, MT.
RU -327/365, Holley 1x4BC,Hi-Lift,A/C,T/I,MT.
RX -327/375 -FI, Hi-Lift Cam, T/I & Man. Tr.
SC -327/250 -WCFB 1x4 BC & Powerglide
SD -327/300 -AFB 1x4 BC & Powerglide
SK -327/250 -WCFB 1x4 BC, A/C & Powerglide
SL -327/300 -AFB 1x4 BC, A/C & Powerglide
Note: WCFB and AFB are four-barrel carburetors manufactured by Carter
FI: means Rochester Fuel Injection
A/C: means Air Conditioning
TI: means Transistor Ignition.

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Mechanical Dimensions
Wheelbase 98 inches (2.489 m) 98 inches (2.489 m)
Overall length 175.2 inches (4.450 m) 175.3 inches (4.453 m)
Overall width 69.6 inches (1.768 m) 69.6 inches (1.768 m)
Overall height   49.8 inches (1.265 m)
Front tread 56.8 inches (1.443 m) 56.8 inches (1.443 m)
Rear tread 57.6 inches (1.463 m) 57.6 inches (1.463 m)
Frame Full-length ladder type with five cross members and separate body
Ground Clearance 5 inches (12.7 cm) 5 inches (12.7 cm)
Front suspension Independent; upper and lower A-arms; unequal-length wishbones; coil springs; anti-rollbar;tubular shocks
Rear suspension Independent with fixed differential; nine leaf springs; lateral struts and universally-jointed axle shafts; radius arms and direct-acting shock absorbers  
Steering Saginaw recirculating ball, 17:1 ratio, 3.4 turns to lock
Rear axle type Hypoid semi-floating
Brakes Hydraulic, duo-servo, self-adjusting with sintered iron linings and cast iron drums
Front Drum diameter 11x2.75 inches
Rear Drum diameter 11x2.0 inches
Total swept area 134 square inches
Wheels 15" 5-lug steel disc
Standard rear axle ratio 3.70:1

Engine Specifications
FeatureBase EngineRPO L75RPO L76RPO L84
Type V-8, Overhead valve
Block Cast iron block
Displacement 327 cid
Bore & Stroke 4.00 x 3.25
Compression ratio 10.50:1 11.0:1
Brake horsepower 250 @ 4400 rpm 300@5000 rpm 365@6200 rpm 375@6200 rpm
Torque 350 lb-ft @ 2800 rpm 360 lb-ft @ 3200 rpm 350 lb-ft @ 4000 rpm 350 lb-ft @ 4400 rpm
Main bearing five
Valve lifters hydraulic Mechanical valve lifters & High-lift camshaft
Carburetor Carter Four-Barrel Type WCFB Model 3501S   Carter Aluminum Type *AFB four-barrel   Holley four-barrel Model 4150   Rochester Ram-Jet Fuel Injection  

* AFB - Aluminum Four Barrel

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RPO# Exterior Qty.
900 Tuxedo Black 1,897
912 Silver Blue 3,121
916 Daytona Blue 3,424
923 Riverside Red 5,274
932 Saddle Tan 1,765
936 Ermine White 3,909
940 Sebring Silver 2,785
Retail Price on Option List
837Base Corvette Coupe8,304$4,252.00
867Base Corvette Convertible13,9254,037.00
---Genuine Leather Seats1,33480.70
A01Soft Ray Tinted Glass, all windows6,03116.15
A02 Soft Ray Tinted Glass, windshield6,38710.80
A31Power Windows3,70659.20
C07Auxiliary Hardtop (for convertible)7,023236.75
C48Heater and Defroster Deletion (credit)60-100.00
C60Air Conditioning1,988421.80
F40Special Front and Rear Suspension8837.70
G81Positraction Rear Axle, all ratios18,27943.05
G91Special Highway Axle, 3.08:1 ratio2,3102.20
J50Power Brakes12,27043.05
J56Special Sintered Metallic Brake Package29629.00
J65Sintered Metallic Brakes, power4,78053.80
K66Transistor Ignition System55273.35
L75327ci, 300hp Engine10,47153.80
L76327ci, 365hp Engine7,171107.60
L84327ci, 375hp Engine (fuel injection)1,325538.00
M204-Speed Manual Transmission19,034188.30
M35Powerglide Automatic Transmission2,480199.10
N0336 Gallon Fuel Tank (coupe only)38202.30
N11Off Road Exhaust System1,95337.70
N41Power Steering3,12675.35
P48Cast Aluminum Knock-Off Wheels806322.80
P91Blackwall Tires, 6.70x15 (nylon cord)37215.70
P92Whitewall Tires, 6.70x15 (rayon cord)19,97731.85
T86Back-up Lamps11,08510.80
U69AM-FM Radio20,934176.50

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Photo Gallery

Pic#1... Taken May 24,1998 come into a car show.
Pic#2... Taken Sept.19,1997 two days before 75th Anniversary open house at Electro-Motive still part of GM back then.
(I also harded the car show the next day). My 64 Vette is 2nd one from the right,1st row. Here's Electro-Motive website for the F.R.N. out there.
Pic#3... Taken Sept. 1,1997 1st time out, won 1st place out of 8 stock Corvette's at show.
Pic#1 Pic#2 Pic#3
Click on above picture -- for enlargement
327/365 (L76)
Interior (silver & dark blue)

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Owners Title History

    Build date:November 26,1963 Vin # 40867S105819
  • 01 12/63 to 08/66 unknown Houston, Texas ...see Update, Florida's D.M.V. don't have record of 1st owner. (My guess there was only one other owner. I believe the 1st owner was a Navy pilot also, but bought car in from another state never had it title in Florida. That way Florida did have record of the 1st owner.)
  • 02 08/66 to 02/71 Pensacola, Florida then Gastonia, North Carolina (Terry Young)
  • 03 02/71 to 07/81 Bessemer City, North Carolina (Frank Young)
  • 04 07/81 to 01/85 Belmount, North Carolina (Malloy Davis)
  • 05 01/85 to 07/85 Concord, North Carolina (Gary Morrison)
  • 06 07/85 to 08/88 Cornelius, North Carolina (Bob Kalina)
  • 07 08/88 to 01/89 Carolina Corvette Shop then Cardondale Corvette Shop in Illinois (Jim Lafferty)
  • 08 01/89 to 03/95 Chicago, Illinois (Frank Otto)
  • 09 03/95 to 07/97 Plainfield, Illinois (Don Picha)
  • 10 07/97 to 12/03 Chicago, Illinois (Jim Scehovic) (All copy of above titles went with car went I sold it. This add to it's value.)
  • 11 12/03 to 11/06 Antioch, Illinois (Bruce Faber)
  • 12 11/06 to 2008 Barrington, Illinois (Sam Dodero)
  • 13 2008 to present ... want over sea (see Update) (sold thou Corvette Mike's Midwest ).
    That will be the end of this midyear history. Starting in Texas ending somewhere over sea. It took me 11 years to do it, 5 years after I sold it. It's nice to finish something you started. I like to thank everyone that help me.

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    History Work-up (The way it went)

    Started with Illinois (in 1997) it led me to North Carolina which led me to Florida in 1966 my car was owned by a Navy man because on title had lien post on it with Navy Federal Credit Union, Main Navy BLDG, Washington, DC. for $2700. He move back to Gastonia, NC. in 1968 . Then Terry's dad took over car after plane crash, numbers are the same with a "A" added to the end of it to designates the second owner of car in North Carolina. I send letter to Florida's D.M.V. and received letter stating record not found by VIN. or TAG #. Then I send letter to which I think has 2nd and 3rd owner which came back no such address number. I'm at a impasse on the title history of my 64. Just under two years to account for and no way to get it. Now what????

    ATTENTION ! looking for info on: Terrell (Terry) Robert Young of Gastonia, North Carolina and Frank Young of Bessemer City, North Carolina

    * Got email from Sid Rayfield, dated: Feb. 27,2002
    Terry Young of Gastonia died in plane crash of navy fighter at Cherry Point, North Carolina during Vetnam War. I think both parents are also dead, Has living sister, but do not know married name or where now living. Sorry, thats all I have to tell.
    * Sid, email back the next day with is info, Frank Young was Terry's dad.

    Sid was a friend of Terry's before he went in the service and never see him again after. So I think Terry Young, got out of service and was spending time in North Carolina National Guard, when his plane crash. Looks like a deadend for the history of my car now, but it took, Sid, about 3 years to find my website to tell me about Terry. Maybe his sister will get on line or some else that knows something about it.

    Please email me at Thanks, I know it's a longshot

    All this history is part of this car and went with it then I sold it. But if you have info on it plase send it alone. THANKS

    *Got email from Dennis Hamann, dated: Jan. 26,2004
    He has a daytona blue 64 roadster with white interior build date 12-26-63. He is originally from this area of North Carolina and will ask around to see if anybody knows anything more. Thanks Dennis

    Just before Frank's, passaway in 2000


    I ask friend Frank Kummerer, to look over my 64 and give me what he thinks of it. Frank, had his car judge and won plus judge other midyears at Bloomington Gold Show in his time. (Hell Frank's mid-name was 'Midyear'). He said,"It's nice but it would take a lot of time and money to get GOLD. There was lot of originality and the history that I did helps a lot in it value. Now maybe value 30-32k but add say 15-25k work could bring it up to mid to upper 50's. As long as you have fun with it. Do you want to driver it or work on it. He'll help me like he did with so many others get the 'GOLD' if that is what I wanted."

    I said,"I wasn't looking to make money but to have fun. I didn't what put that much money and work to get so little back." So I drive it and have fun. Because I talk with other friends that put money in there 30K cars and wasn't having fun with them. Didn't want to drive them because they put too much money in them. I didn't want a trailer queen. I wasn't going to pay to get it judge other then the $10-$20 registerion fee for the wash-n-shine I cruise to.

    The end of 2003 I wasn't having fun with it so I sold it.

    Things I did or had done in the 6 years I had it

    We'll start with what Don, install in the two years he had car. clutch plate, pressure plate, throw-out bearing, pilot bearing, clutch fork, machine flywheel, trans. bearings with seals, shifter linkage assy., plugs, plug wires (dated set), rebuilt dist., set valves, idler pulley, water pump/idler belt, alternator belt, water pump hoses, heater hoses, right rear wheel bearing assy, drive shaft 'U' joints, carburator re-buid kit, battery disconnect switch and new wire looms in engine compartment. Don, had 3 vette he was working on plus a full time job.

    The 1st year, I detail engine compartment, clean valve covers add decals and recoated exaust manifolds. Install knock-off lug nuts Don had from the guy he got the car but didn't have time to do. Install seat belts, bracket for seat belt buckles on console and washer pump noz. repair kit that Don gave me. I had the genuine leather seat covers install that Don gave me. I clean and repaint seat tracks, wheel wells, install headlight motor lift side and trip odometer knob.

    The next year, I had speed-o-head replace (odometer didn't work, Don didn't have time get fix) also had wiring under the dash re-taping at sometime.

    In 1999, I had master cyl.,right/frt. wheel cyl., hose replace, rear racing brake shoes (after market) replace with reg. shoes and I install new battery.
    Don, sold me new soft top about 3 year after get form him, he got in garage sold for $50, It wasn't a date top but new. The one on car a had rust stain on it. I didn't have time to have it install. I never show it with top up. (The old master cyl. and top went with car when I sold it. Bruce said,"He was going to have top install 1st thing.")

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    History update 2007

    The new owner, Sam (#12) of my 64 call and told me the car is going to be feature NCRS magazine (Summer 2007). There was a lot of holes in the magazine article. I did the history on is car. I like to clear up, that Terrell R. Young wasn't fatally shot down in VietNam. He died in a Navy fighter at Cherry Point, North Carolina as fare as I know that not in Vietnam. I got all but the 1st owner, and there was no, Bob Sindelar, that own is car. Like I told, Bruce, then I sold it to him that the mileage is not right I had to speed-o-head replace the 2nd year I own it. Because the odometer didn't work on it, stop just over 54k and one of the title had over 60k on it after the 5th owner. Someone try to turn it back. My guess it had well over 70k on it then I sold it. I was up front with is info just like Don was with me when I bought. It's still a nice car and in good hand I think. I just like to get things right. I know that he had all history work I did he said it came with car. I read what he did to car in this article. I know the history part of article was wrong.

    I cann't see how this NCRS article could add to the value of this car it not ture. Someone made it up. Sad part of it they had the ture from my history work. All they had to do was use it.

    I got word it was awarded NCRS Top Flight in 2007, scoring 95.5% for overall originality!??? Getting Top Flight or even Bloomington 'GOLD' don't add value to car.
    It's what you did to the car to get them that add value. I other words you cann't judge in value you have to put in value. It's list for sale $79,990.00 at Corvette Mike's. I think the value of this car is the upper 50's to lower 60's that about all.

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    History update 2008

    I got this email from Sam 08/02/08 He ask, If I was going to post it. I will.

    "That car was all chopped up mix with a ton of incorrect parts and bad parts. No owner along the line took the time to correct a dam thing except me and my friend Dave, So be happy that the car is now correct and is a TOP Flight CAR! Wrong carpet, wrong carburetor, wrong mirror, hoses, belts, tires, expansion cap, seat covers, wiring, wiper blades, timing & vales out of wack, Brakes bad, over spray all over the place, door panels incorrect with dark blue carpet, seats out out line, steering out of line, mileage speedometer not working, wrong fuel pump, bad fuel filter, exterior paint all scratch up, back bumper missing support bracket, muffler holes and exhaust pipes all rusted out, crappy tires, K.O. wheel have not been professional cleaned in years, the entire dash section dirty with all the chrome pitted and badly need polishing and cleaning, radio speaker shield missing screws, wiring under the dash hanging all over the place and in need of re-taping, incorrect head lights, incorrect oil canister, incorrect oil plug screw. Engine block dirty, incorrect nut and screws through the engine compartment, the wrong screws under the rocker panels, incorrect seat belts bolts, incorrect rear view mirror glass, sold off or lost the hard top, The car ran like crap when I bought it."

    Sam, sounded mad at me and a Frank, (I didn't post that part of email) I guessing he's the new owner? But I sold car as is and not to him. He bought 3 years after I sold it. It WASN'T a top flight car it was a driver. That's the way I sold it. I did the owner history on is car I know that was right up to 2003. The car ran great when I sold it and mileage speedometer work. Trim Code 491BE that's Silver / Dk. Blue off the Body Number Plate that on the car. I know it need a lot of work, a complete frame-off restoration to get "GOLD". Before I sold it Bruce, had car trailer over to Vetteran Automotive Inc. to have them go over at his expense. They said, It was a good driver, ran good and price was right. So that's way he bought it. All I'm try to do is keep up the history now. GM did put Silver carpet (which was Lt. Gray) in for one year only that was 1966. In 1967 they drop Silver interior option. Like I said before, K.O. are not stock there after market. The hard top was long gone when I got it. I was looking for one at one time. The car was 33 years old and all a parts didn't make it when I got it. SORRY, I didn't do more, but I had fun with when I had it. Now I golf and I'm not any good at that also.

    I email Sam with:

    Sorry, you read something in to what I post on my webpage. Did you read all of it, or just what you want to see? I didn't go in to what you did (that up to you to put on your webpage, but did I post your email. I put what I get on the car on my page to update history. I have no control of car after I sold it 2003. I know you did lots of work to the 64.

    8-03-08 Sam reply with:

    " Sorry I got so mad yesterday, but I only gave the drive line bits and pieces of history, they made up and wrote the story the way they wanted to. I told them Bob Sindalar went down to NC to purchase the car with a someone, one the the early owners. He knew some of the history on it. He is the one who pulled the drums to find the sintered Metallic brakes. I would never had sold it, but I ran across a 65 fuelie, silver, silver roadster. So I own that car now. Who knows if someone else bought that car in stead of me, It could be parts right now! As of now it is very closet to being correct as it left the factory back in 65."

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    Got email (08-27-08) from a Scott Weber stateing:

    He the grandson of a Navy pilot station in Pensacola, Florida back in mid 60's. His late grandfather told him that he had a new Blue 64 Corvette roadster, with silver and dark blue interior back then. That he sold it in 1966 to another Navy pilot. My mother told me he sold the hardtop for it about two years after return home, the man he sold car to never came to pick it up. Granadpa Cooper was from Houston, Texas back then. Grandpa said, "He didn't know way he order it with a hardtop he never use it". Here a copy only picture of car. Maybe it's the the same car.

    Boy the time line sure is right could be the same car. But it's all word of mouth. You can't get info from DMV like I did back in 1997-98 since 9/11 happen. How many 'Daytona Blue with silver/dk. blue interior' where in Pensacola at that time? Scott, it's nice to see what it look like back then.

    September 6, 2008

    I met-up with two men from Corvette Mike's Midwest at the Berwyn RT66 Car Show, talk about my 64. One of them said "That he thinks it want over sea". He said "That he email me with more info about car if he could. But he know that one of Daytona Blue midyear went over sea." He is pretty sure it was the one I had. I never got that email

    Hell, they getting our jobs they mite as well get our cars. I like to think someday I'll get something on is car from wherever over sea it when, but that will be a long shot. Boy-o-boy you never know when and where you'll find out about some things. Sometime be at right place at right time helps..

    April 10,2012

    I got this email.
    Could this be the car that you sold:
    There was a guy on the Norwegian Corvette Club forum who found the car and your internet page. He complained about the car`s asking price of 110000 USD or so. I opened those links and read what you had written and saw that you didn`t know where your car went. I hope I helped you tie up a few loose ends.
    Jan Erik Thomsen
    Owner of a somewhat stock 1980 L82

    Thanks of info Jan, I was able to check VIN# with picture off the web site you send that had VIN.# on them,they match. That is the car I own and did history on.

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