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Old Western State Hospital History and Pictures Washington State

Hey there thank you for visiting my website. The site was being updated daily and was a lot more organized but I am too busy now a days to do anything to the site. I will be updating guest stories and pictures as I receive them. So feel free to check back and see. If your looking for the history of the hospital check out my links and go to WSH Historical Society. I no longer have it on my site anymore but if you have any questions about the history of the hospital or how to get there email me I will get back to you as soon as I can. Oh yeah and if you have any pictures or stories I will post them on my site if you want them up. Sorry there won't be anymore updates unless I get submissions from other people, since I no longer live in Western Washington. So if you have any stories or pictures email me and let me know. I will post them on my site for you.

Night Investigation!

More Night Investigation Pictures

Night Investigation pictures turned out red


My 6 pages of pictures including the Hill Ward, Barns, Abandoned building, Cemetery and more

Hotel orb

New Pictures 4 pages

Couple more Pictures

Pictures Submitted by Guests

Scary Stories Submitted by Guests

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