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              WeLcOmE tO St.James OfficiAL wEb SiTe

What's in store?


QualiTy eDuCaTiOn at SuCcEss!

StUdEnT's tOucH

ThE PrEsiDenT aNd tHe dEaN

mY yEarS aT sT.JaMeS

qUaLiTy EducaTioN aT SuCcEsS!

Quality education, discipline and the kind of school environment are very important factors in the molding and guidance of the students to the right direction.

New Admin Waves

         St. James College of Quezon City School Year 2004-2005 starts off with new administration members on board. Mr. Arnel Salgado took the principal's chair in place of Mrs. Lourdes Dabandan while Mr. Joemarie Candido replaces Mr. Rudolph Gacula as the new Boys Discipline Coordinator. This year changes are expected in various sectors of the school improvements on facilities and equipment have already been made. New Celeron Computers were provided to replace the old desktops. Various activities are also lined up and new ground rules for students are implemented. Mr. Candido and Mr. Salgado, together with Mrs. Virginia K. Austria, lead this campaign in strict compliance to school rules and regulations.

  Quality, Globally Competitive Education in:

Associate in Computer Technology

B.S. Nursing

B.S. in Hospitality Management (HRM/Tourism)

B.S. in Computer Science

B.S. in Computer Engineering

B.S. in Information Technology

B.S. Information Management

Bachelor in Secondary Education (majors in math, English)

 Bachelor in Elementary Education

B.S. in Business Administration

Major in Management

Major in Marketing

Major in Entrpreneurship

Bachelor of Arts

Major in Psychology

Major in Political Science


New Computer units:

Pentium IV, Windows '98 and 2000, Internet and E-mail Addresses

Most Modern Audio Visual Room, Speech Laboratory and Children Activity Centers.





StUdEnT's ToUcH

The Events and Happenings in QC

•Careers Oriented to Junior and Senior Students

•Pre-School Department Marks UN Day

•SJQC Celebrates Linggo ng Wika

•Living Rosary Permeates Jamesian People

•College students of SJQC celebrates English Literary Day

•Student-Teacher Day

 •Jamesian's English Week

•High School Night


The President and the Dean

"The Excellence through peak performance"

by Dr. Florentino F. Ferriol

There is a soulful scene in Pinocchio when he looked out through the old Gepetto window. Forlorn sadness and expectant hope were written on his face. Then he saw a falling star and made a wish, said through song:

    "when you wish upon a star makes no difference who you are :

            Everything in your heart desires will come true."

All great things in today's civilization were once upon a time a dream pursued by people who envisioned not probable tomorrow, nor  a possible one, but a preferable future.

Are we teachers, dreamers, too? If we are, what are the dreams?

I would like to say that together, we should have a mindscape akin to a stream of consciousness, which constantly branches beyond the limits of a palpable sensate environment.

It is said that people are what they repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act but a habit, says Aristotle. To attain excellence necessitates peak performers.

For excellence is dependent on:

How good we want to be:

How hard we want to work;

How thoroughly we want to do tasks.

The future is an open country and the heights we want to attain as a school depend on us.


We will reach beyond our human grasp;


We will seek for the best in every child,


We will look beyond what our eyes can see,

And, together,

We will dream of visions

Not of a probable

Or possible future

But a preferable future for the school.

And that preferable future is the vision we have set as the school's mission that you and I are tasked to accomplish now, and the years to come! and since every job should be a signature of the one who does it, my only wish and desire is that we all sign it with quality as members of the St. James College System family.

Good Luck!





mY yEaRs aT sT.JaMeS

 My awesome years st james was quite good but disappointing sometimes...

My FIRST YEAR at high school was so exciting because it was all about discovering high school.. at first we were all quiet because all of us was so nervous but as time goes buy we were bonded and like brothers and sisters... that time the teachers was the old ones that's why they were all professional and so confident unlike on my SECOND YEAR they're new sets of teachers who were new grad and some of them was not that good, and at that time we have our new principal that's why all rules was changed and unfortunately we have the wrong principal, know why? because the nos. of fraternities in our school was divided into many members.. and the vandalism was not stopped.. and the result was on the next year the enrollees was only few.. then on my THIRD YEAR at high school was so enjoying but so disappointing too because of the cliques I'm with, coz some of them was plastic, fakers, users... and now im graduating, I hope it will be great and perfect....