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hi. my name is silverfish.
my eyes hurt.

dancer with cheap stage props<-newest drawing
bad bird i know i had a pearl neopolitan the butcher bad apple balloons
books cracked egg and since we're down...keven smile :) the car
the air socket catch-attachtap tap tori smile creepshow

teeth and gums
this is a page with digital photos of small drawings from my sketchbooks.

this has been a rough year.

nothing to say yet. not working on anything at this moment. just staying afloat.

will possibly have some things to put up soon. strange to come back after all this time.

recent projects

Here are some drawings i've done for Andre Duza's Dead Bitch Army:
Bloody Mary 1Bloody Mary 2Bloody Mary 3Bloody Mary 4Death to the Dead Bitch Army
and these are illustrations of some scenes:
Bloody Mary Illustration 1Bloody Mary Illustration 2
i recommend picking this book up. it's wild and macabre and different, and yes, it's available at Amazon. i hope its okay that i'm linking to it here.

a friend of mine on Art Conspiracy named Michael Azrael Franchine, or alternately Orchidal, (my user name is silverfish, if you are not already aware of that and would like to be) allowed me to do a picture for the cover of a chap book he wants to do titled In Bees That Fit Like Gloves. i haven't spoken to him an quite some time, so i don't know the status on it, but i know if he does release a book it'll be really good. here is the image.

Meester Beegloves

also did a banner for our local library with oil pastels. went by a small cartoon picture they gave me of several children dancing and holding up books spelling out "READ!". so what i did is four approximately 3ft x 3ft reproductions of those books, which they laminated and stuck up against the window in the front. below is a link to a page with some shots of the display.

most of these drawings are 14"x 16 1/4" with some being 15"x 20" and, i think, 11"x 14". except for some of the "recent projects" drawings, which i are mostly 8" x 11" being that they are in my sketchbook. i know i'm a little lazy for not specifying dimensions on this page, but for the truly curious i did put them up on my Art Conspiracy site. you can find those right here, in theory. some of them have words on them, which i did not make up (as far as i know, most of these words have been in popular use for a long time), but i do believe i made up the fashion in which they are arranged. um, if they or anything else on this page resembles other work done by somebody else, it was really very unintentional. my education is kind of scattery.

allow me to indroduce myself.
the above link takes you to my biography and artist statement page.

and here's the writing.

and this is a link to a page full of links.

wanna email me?

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all these images are originally by amanda barnett. am i speaking proper legal jargon? please let her know if you want to use them.

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