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People with custom, antique, & original cars, trucks and motorcycles that live in Central Arkansas, Need a place to belong. So, in order to belong to a good organization, A few people decided it was time for the state to have a new club. This was great for People who had got fed up with other clubs and their affairs. So an organizational meeting was held. The first meeting occurred on Saturday May 7, 2005, in Malvern, AR. And the OUTLAW CAR & BIKE CLUB, was born! The members will help each other out when ever possible, and work to better the club in any way they can. The club is made up of a group of people who just want to have fun! We’re no better than any one! Just different!--------- We also have a sister club, (As of Feb, 10, 2006,) in Salisbury, New Brunswick, Canada. = South East Performance, Outlaw Car Club. Here’s to a great Partnership!---------------------------------------------- We also have a chapter in San Antonio, Texas.---------------------------------------------------------------- Lets just get together and have fun, and enjoy, Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, And whatever comes along!-It was decided at the August, 27th, 2005, meeting that Meetings would be held the last Saturday of each month, Unless otherwise stated at a previous meeting. Meetings will be held at 6:00 P.M. at various locations. Next location will be decided by the close of each meeting.------------------------------------------It was also decided that the club would try to help out a family in need, at Christmas time. This will consist of, Non parishible food items, Toys & or clothes for the children, And things such as this. It may not be much, but hopefully it will help someone.------------Keep Those Motors Purrin!!

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