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This page show's you the village and a little bit of history to go with it. The village today hasn't change alot since the 1600's, the buildings are still very much as they were back then. The village consisits of two pubs a post office a church and a school

The George Inn

The Duke of Monmouth arrived with his followers into the village in the late evening of the 26th June 1685, from the direction of Bath. He made the George Inn his headquarters, with billets being sought for his men, and stables for the horses, throughout the village. Of special interest are four guns that have been lugged up the steep inclines of approaching the village. Norton has effectively become an armed camp.

The courtyard of the George pub is where prisoners would stand the hear their sentence's, Judge Jefferies would stand up in the gallery's and give each prisoner there fate....Dungeons or Hanging, The dungeons were and still are located under the pub, If they were to be hanged then they would cross the road to the Fleur-de-lys pub.


The Fleur-De-Lys pub thought to be as old as the George inn. Prisoners would be hanged here and kept on show for the public to see as a reminder. A little boy is often seen standing outside, story is he got hung for opening the gate to let the prisoners cross the road.