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Welcome to the Orpheus Guild, a haven for Orpheus fans to gather and share their thoughts. This means you too.

blargh... it’s been too long... and the site went down... so I placed it back here again... too bad, I kinda liked as the address... Anyway, I am still working on the conversion, and I will be posting my current notes in the Projects section soon. I also have some other fans helping me so progress should be faster. Also, I would like some feedback when I place my notes in the Projects section. Ill try to update more often and I apologize for slacking on the site.
p.s. here is a link to the Template I created, but I am going to make some updates on it too, until then though, here it is so you can at least use it. Orpheus NWoD Template

Last Semester has been taking a toll on me, yet I have been Beta testing the new Conversion rules, and an currently in the process of writting a draft, which I will release in the Orpheus Forums in the White Wolf site in order to see what everybody thinks of it before I make a semi-official PDF file. I have, however, created a new Interactive Orpheus Character Sheet for the Converted Rules. I hope you guys all like it.

busy as hell... stupid school.... anyway, here is a link to the new World of Darkness Character Sheet for Orpheus, as soon as I finish reading the book, I will work on an Orpheus template and full conversion. I hope you guys enjoy it :-)

testing the new site without popups.. :-D

Just created the Conversion rules to allow faster combat in Orpheus. check it out :-D

Conversion Rules.

ok, I know this site is uber uber slow, but I promis I will get myself in gear. so far I have not heard any input or comments on the site, I guess I have no advertizing, kind of feel like there is not enough content for that yet... I also lost access to photoshop so my next few updates will be text only. I have added a new Spectre type as well as a new link to some cool pictures to use in your End Game chronicle in the underworld, you Have to see this stuff.

Yet another month with little to no updates... well I should have more time over the summer... finals are next week. blargh.... This semester was busy, but I learned a few new things which I applied to the latest Wallpapers I just uploaded into the Downloads section. I hope you guys enjoy.

I have updated the NPC section with 2 new versions of Spectres in case you don't have enough from the books :-D. I also added 2 more Wallpapers in the Downloads section, I think I like the new background I am using behind Christopher Shy's art. It just looks neat and reminds me of what Soul Forging would look like (see wraith for reference). Anyway I am getting stuff on the site, slowly but surely. I wonder how many people actually frequent this site... maybe I should put up one of those counter things...
I also just put up a 3rd party (shudder) guestbook in hopes that I might get feedback from you guys who actually come here.

Well... crap... two whole months have gone by and what did I update? Nothing. Why? Because for some reason, college became hard and I was too busy for anything, but at least I learned more Internet stuff, and am currently learning Flash... and this promising sight it slowly turning into a Blogg... is that what the kids call it now a days? Note to self: learn how to create an interactive forum. Well since I have still not fleshed out any of my ideas, and I do have a lot of them, I decided that I will place a new button with work in progress, this way I could have input from the Orpheus Community. I guess this site will be more R&D now. :-D Sorry, I like Unvariel's sight too much to try to compete with him. you can find the link for Project Flatline in the link section. I hope the new buttons don't look too horrible...

Another Update, I have just created my first Spectre class in the NPC section. Check it out.

Yes, It is January and I am at school with my precious computer. But first week of classes are here and I am still trying to organize my thoughts and notes to update this site and finally be able to talk about it without shame. I will update this as soon as I can, but give me a week and I should have something. I already have a lot of nifty ideas that I need to edit and alter. So for those of you who think that this is a failed fan site, do not fret.

January is here and there is still no update.... Why? Because I am not back from winter break yet so I do not have access to my web making tools on my computer. I promise I will have something up here within this month even if I have to tap spite for it.... Like during finals week. So for all those who keep visiting this site, please be patient, or better yet, Send me something. If my Email is not working (I don't see why not) then you can reach me on the Orpheus Forums on the White Wolf site.

I originally had a going away message that I made but I forgot to upload it. Essentially I will not be able to update the site until January because I am in a different state from my computer. I would still love some input and submissions of your own creations so that I may upload it next month. I am sorry for the lack of content but bookmark this site anyway, hopefully we will have enough on this site for you to become a regular visitor.

Well, Just finished adding in the Wallpapers and 4-page character sheet somebody made for your players.... if you have any. You should seriously run this game if you don't. Unless you are not an ST but in fact a Player, for which I suggest the Player section... once I put anything in it. I need more content. I know people like Orpheus out there... drop a line. As for any other content, the main attraction is currently the Download section. Check out the half-assed Combat Charts. They have been great in my game.



Email me with any suggestions and comments.

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