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The main events will be the independent films and question and answer sessions starting at 10am and going all the way until the close of the show at 2am. The question and answer sessions are brief, they normally include the director and some of the actors introducing their movie before it plays and taking a few questions from fans.

Question & Answer Sessions With...

Guests Listed Soon

Independent Films Playing...

Genuine Nerd, directed by Wayne Alan Harold, starring Toby Radloff
Townies, directed by Wayne Alan Harold, starring Toby Radloff
The Dead Next Door, directed by JR Bookwalter
Murder Is Like Sex, by HTM Films, starring Jason Garity and Robyn Griggs
Gypsy Vampire, directed and starring Conrad Brooks
Madman Pondo ICW Highlights, starring Madman Pondo
2020 An American Nightmare, directed by Travis Bowen starring Conrad Brooks and Joe Estevez
Toxic Shock Zombies, by Rick of the dead Fusselman & The DSK Funky Bunch
Preview of Super Hell 2 & DeFlowerd, directed by Johnny Walker
Outside Of Nowhere, directed and starring Gwendolyn Kiste
Hellraiser: Prophecy, horror fan film
Many More Movies Playing...

Cult Classic Films Playing...

Dawn Of The Dead, directed by George Romero, featuring Clayton Hill, Sharon Ceccatti Hill, Joe Shelby, & Nick Tallo
Maniac Cop, starring Robert Z'Dar & Bruce Campbell
Plan 9 From Outer Space, directed by Ed Wood, featuring Conrad Brooks & Bela Lugosi
Many More Movies Playing...