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February 19, 2006
Ok, ok. So the site has kind of gone under for the past few months, but I just got back to it and I'm now adding and editing it. I just added Wolf Creek to the library, so you can check that out. Expect some more in the next few weeks.

November 25, 2005
So I haven't updated, I've been busy for awhile. I hope everyone enjoyed Thanksgiving. I added a couple new movies to the library, so enjoy!

June 20th, 2005
I remade the main page image links, adding a new creepier font and also added an x-ray hover link for the images. The poll manager at HTML gear isn't currently working so the poll will be down until I can get access to the poll editor. Also, here are a few upcoming horror movies and their release dates: Undead (July 1st), Dark Water (July 8th), The Devil's Rejects (July 22nd), The Skeleton Key (August 12th), and The Woods (September 2nd). There is also news in the horror world of a new "The Hills Have Eyes" remake, which will be directed by Alexandre Aja, the man who brought us "High Tension", and Final Destination 3 is now in the middle of prouction. Also, don't forget to check out the official Horror Stop Forum, where you can discuss everything horror.

May 20th, 2005
I have so far created an honorable mentions list in the movie gallery section, it's purpose is to let you know of some other good horror movies out there to look into basically. I'll be up more on the site once school's out, I have about 16 days left so expect more updates in the summer time. That's about it for now. Thanks for visiting!

May 9th, 2005
It's okay, I'm here! You may have noticed the MAJOR changes to the site. I have added and deleted sections that weren't nessecary, and have added lots more to the movie gallery. I hope you enjoy the updates!

April 23rd, 2005
Ok, there are a lot of updates! I added new pictures for movies in the movie gallery. I also created pages for some of my favorite horror series. They're not completely finished, but I'm working on it!

April 22nd, 2005
The site is coming along well. I've added the new Coming to Theaters and Video/DVD sections. Their links are posted on the Horror News page. I added pages in the movie gallery for Carrie, I Know What You Did Last Summer, and A Nightmare On Elm Street. I'm still working, so there's going to be so much more added in the future. By the way, Happy Earth Day!

April 14, 2005
The movie gallery is now full of movies (Ok, not full) but there are a lot more than before. I also created a neat menu at the main page. Anyways, remember, The Amityville Horror comes out tomorrow!

April 11 2005
The site is up and coming! I've added some movie pages into the movie gallery section and there will be many, many more in the future. I have so much more to add, so don't think I'm finished. I'll keep you posted on new additons.