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Welcome all horror freaks to my internet realm of horror and whatnot, The Horror Stop! Here I feature a gallery of horror films and all kinds of other stuff to share my love of horror with you on the web! This site mostly focuses on the older, more classic horror films, but not completely, I also shine a little light on the others too. I hope you all enjoy my site! I will be constantly making changes, so come back every so often, there will probably be something new to see. In the mean time, this page is under construction pretty much all the time and will be constantly growing and expanding, so be patient! Use the menu below to browse my site. You can also sign the guestbook and tell me what you think. That would be good. Anyways thanks for visiting and come back soon!

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All material for the movies and such on this website is copyright of their respective owners. I have no association with any of the film companies and I do not intend on stealing the copyrights. This page is just my own little creation, nothing more, nothing less. Please, before using any of the images or graphics on this website, please email me and ask for them, and I will send the ones you would like to you. I hate it when people use them without permission. Even though the pictures came from other sources, I modified them and made them my own, so just ask. Thanks!

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