Rottweiler Review

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Plot:Follows the story of a dog who was beaten severely at a young age and has surgery, in which it's bones are replaced with metallic bones. Later, this half robotic dog comes back for a gruesome revenge.

Cast: William Miller, Irene Montalà, Paulina Gálvez, Cornell John, Lluís Homar, Jacinto Molina, Ilario Bisi-Pedro, Nicholas Aaron, Lolo Herrero, Ramata Koite, Bárbara Elorrieta, Ivana Baquero, Roberto Hijón, Abdel Hamid Krim.

My Thoughts:Not a bad killer pooch film.

Review:"Rottweiler" is one of the better killer animal flicks of late.The best part about it is theres no god awful CGI involved but rather simple fx and crafts work which always looks better on-screen.When I saw this movie,it reminded me of what a film would look like if Robert Rodriguez decided to take a guy who looks like he belongs in "Desperado" and throw in a killer robodog as his nemesis rather than a gang of marauding mexican drug lords.By the way I think someone forgot to mention that the plot of this movie seems like it was written from a PETA (people for the ethical treatment of animals) point of view.The plot states that a dog is beaten at a young age and is rebuilt robotically and seeks revenge on it's assaultee.The reality is,this movie works in flashbacks and present tense situations but the film right at the beginning totally makes the written plot summary null and void and the ending finishes off what was left of the alledged plot summary written for this movie."Rottweiler" follows a man named Dante who is a prisoner at an immigration camp run by some really nasty nazi like characters in Spain in the year 2018.Dante manages to escape however but is soon pursued by a guard and his odd rottie dog.Whats odd about the dog? How about the fact that it has metallic teeth and blue eyes.The film pretty much lays the plot out to us fully while pausing briefly in some areas to flashback to Dantes pre-immigration camp life with his "woman",but upon escaping he can't seem to remember what became of her before he was locked up. Thus he heads off to find and reunite with her after escaping.What I liked about this movie was that it was a man vs beast film.Thats pretty much what I'd sum it up as.This guy manages to kill the camp officer hunting for him and the roborottie spends the entire movie afterwards hunting Dante down killing anyone and anything that gets in it's way.The dog is the real star of this movie and as the villain is a way better antagonist than most humans I've seen in some recent films.Brian Yuzna does some great directorial work with the closeup camera shots of the dogs wicked metallic choppers and evil blue eyes during it's gruesome attacks on people and animals alike.If you're a blood and gore lover this movie will not disappoint.Every attack by this robodog is messy.We get people (men and women),other dogs,and even chickens killed at the hands of this merciless animal.The rottweiler also has this awesome robotic low growl that really sets the moods in alot of scenes where it appears on screen.When the film reaches it's climax it's finally revealed why the dog has such a strong will to hunt down and kill Dante which totally negates the plot summary that paints the dog out to be the victim in this film.I was thoroughly impressed with this film,way more than I expected to be.I didn't really think it was going to be anything special but it surprised the hell out of me.It's sad that studios with huge budgets resort to computer generated effects for almost any movie involving a killer animal when this movie shows that all it took was some creativity and some real fx pros to create this fierce K-9 villain.

Pros:Great kills which don't spare us the ugliness of it all,intense chase and kill sequences,awesome looking robo rottie,and nice camera angles as well as a pretty cool musical score.

Cons:The very end of the film was somewhat lacking

Overall:Just think "Mans Best Friend" without the annoying characters,the suburban setting,and a flesh and bone dog,and with a more vicious antagonist,better and more messier kills,and genuine suspense.

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