Zombies are the only things that really scare me. There is something just unexplained and creepy about them. You're not a true zombie fan if you haven't got some of the best zombie movies or even some books.

Zombie things:


October 26:
DVD release of the new Dawn of the Dead. Unrated directors cut.
I saw this in the theaters, and its nothing like the original. First off let me say the zombies in the movie reminded me of the virus victims in 28 Days Later. I donít like the running zombie thing. But it did have its jumpy moments.

The DVD release of the special edition of the original Dawn of the Dead.
Itís a four disk special.


Shawn of the Dead:
George A. Romero and Peter Jackson both said that this movie was great. A comedy zombie spoof, where a guy is trying to get back with his ex-girlfriend only to find out that zombies have risen. It has been released in only a few theaters, so it hasnít been released by me.

Resident Evil 2: Apocalypse
There were a few great jumpy scenes. Iím unsure what to think of the end.


The Zombie Survival Guide-by Max Brooks
Itís a complete guide to protect yourself from the living dead. There are tips from protecting yourself from small outbreaks to zombie Armageddon. Also true recorded zombie attacks.

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