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(XF) = The X-Files
(XF) The Animal I Wanted by Ladyluck: It's Mulder and Scully's job to hide Krycek.
R: I can't say enough how much I LOVE this story. I don't think I've read an X-Files story that has Alex and Mulder's characters down so perfectly. It was just so epic emotionally. Mulder, Alex, and even Scully grew so much throughout the whole story, that it seemed so real, their trials and tribulations and everything. Mulder/Krycek *****+

(XF) The End of the Cold War by Kadru: The love-scene in this story made me wish that I was a man with a foreskin, just so I could have Mulder diddle it like Alex's. That love scene will go in my permanent top 5, for sure. I was really drooling over the imagery in the story alone, though. I mean, that scene with Alex in the snow.... pure poetry (it kinda reminded me of Cowboy Bebop: The Movie only with snow instead of psychedelic, glowing, golden butterflies). There were countless others. Mulder/Krycek *****+ (FAV)

(XF) Waiting for the Axe to Fall (Axe I & Axe II)by Tarlan: Someone's been experimenting on Alex.
R: I really loved this story. I just wish that there were more focus on Alex's powers. I'm a bit fanatical about powers of any kind. Mulder/Krycek ****

(XF) Wild Justice by MJ Lee: "I know that not everyone will agree with the ending, but after reading rapefics, something struck me as rather odd. Too many of them, no matter who raped who, ended up with the rapist and the rapee picking out curtain patterns." --MJ Lee
R: I wanted an ending where Mulder had to face what he had done and live with the consequences.' I TOTALLY agree with the author on this. The story had me literally on the edge of my seat. Mulder/Krycek *****+
Sequel: Divine Retribution *****+ (FAV)

(XF) Consent series by Grey: Mulder is the object of obsession for a stalker. Skinner/Mulder, OMC/Mulder ****½
Story 1: Consent
Story 2: Bound and Determined

(XF) Guardian by Sugar Rush: Mulder is in desperate need of the information that Alex has.
R: Wow. I don't think that I've read a story were Mulder has had sex with Krycek for information yet. You'd think that stories with that premise would be abundant, but nooooo. Anyway, this story was fantastic. Krycek/Mulder ***½

(XF) Exigency: Becoming Alex + all of it's sequels by Zoe Takashi and Louise Wu: The story of Alex Krycek from boy to assasin.
R: This story and all of it's sequels are my favorite X-files stories. I really love this story. Skinner/Alex, Alex/OMCs *****+ (FAV)

(XF) Restitution/ Restitution 2: The Lateness of the Hour by Cody Nelson: I really like this story. There were just so many emotions boiling beneath the surface. I think Scully must have noticed something. And Dmitri...ah, he was just toooooo adorable. I would have taken him home with ME. I was hoping to see Mulder...ahem...receive some of Alex's lovin'. Mulder+Krycek ***½

(XF) Faerie Story by Mort: In this world, men are dainty little things. at least, that's what all of the women want to believe. Skinner/Krycek(Alexin), Skinner/Mulder ****½

(XF) Long and Winding Road (I & II) by Kassandra: Krycek rescues Mulder from an alien ship, and they are soon on the run, the three of them. Krycek/Mulder MPREG ****

(XF) Ghosts 1 by torch: I really love the depth that is in this story. This is yet another side of Mulder and Krycek that I have yet to see in any other story. Keep up the excellent work. Krycek/Mulder *****+

(XF) Ghosts 2: Lovers by torch: R: I like seeing things from Mulder's prospective just as much as Krycek's, which surprises me, because I didn't think that I would like seeing things from his perspective anyway. There was one phrase that I laughed out loud at; "Scully, I have a bump the size of an Egg McMuffin on my head,...." I didn't even get to read the rest of the sentence before I burst out laughing. Seriously. My eyes were burning. And -and- get this! I love, and I mean LOVE the movie Beautiful Thing. I became, and still am, obsessed with Cass Elliot because of that movie. Can you tell I'm rambling? Mulder/Krycek *****+

(XF) Str8 by Mik: Mulder and Alex are forced to work together on a case. Krycek/Mulder ****½

(XF) Private Dancer I by Aries: Mulder let's an aquaintance drag him into an exotic dancing establishment. R: "There was a brief tinkling sound as buttons flew everywhere...." I don't even finish the last part of that sentence. That sums up the sexiest part of this story for me. I think it's because Mulder was letting go some of his control that made it so hot. I don't really see stories where Mulder is hot, but when he's hot, he's HAWT! XD Mulder/Krycek ***** (FAV)
Sequel: Private Dancer II: One Night Only ***** (FAV)

(XF) Sound and Fury by Dr Ruthless: I don't recal the darn plot. BAH! Still, five it a chance, if you will. R: I love how to-the-point this story was. I can really relate to Krycek. I just have to find my own Mulder and then things would be peachy. Krycek/Mulder ***½

(XF) Journey's End by Courtney Gray: Something isn't quite right. R: S'all I'm sayin'. Mulder/Krycek *****

(XF) The Poetic Series by Scribe: In this story where nearly every chapter coincides with a poem or nursery rhyme, Alex is wanting.
R: I don't like poetry as much as I should, since I write the stuff. miraculously, I loved everything that was in here. I've been re-reading the Poetic Series (in order this time), and I can't believe how much detail is in this story. And, I like the twist involving Skinner and Alex. Oh, and the scene at the bar was effin' awesome. The bartender was hilarious. Krycek/Mulder *****+(FAV)

(XF)(MISC.) Mission Impossible: Jaws of the Jaguar by Scribe: Mulder's services are needed for an undercover mission. Ethan Hunt/Mulder (Crossover with MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE)*****(FAV)

(XF) Believe by Hiro: This story was really great. The detail that was put into every section had me riveted. I have to say that I'm a real detail whore. Oh, and the sex on the car... *Nods* Good. VERY good. Krycek/Mulder ****½

(XF) Names by Mona Ramsey: '"Mulder, by the time that we're done with this relationship, we're both probably going to be in his-and-his wheelchairs. I'll be half-blind, you'll be half-deaf, and neither of us will know what the hell is going on. And we'll still be humping each other, even if nothing comes of it.""That's so romantic, I think I'm going to cry."' R: This author is hilarious. Krycek/Mulder, Skinner/Scully *****
Sequel: Numbers

(XF) Affirmations by Viridian5: Most people try to convey Alex as some sort of misunderstood assassin who has a beanie baby for a heart, and that just doesn't make sense. This story does, and in so many ways. I enjoyed the list, too. Is it bad that most of those things apply to me on a not-so-good day? Krycek/Mulder ****½

(XF) The Best Lies by Cody Nelson: Alex has other emotions besides anger and sarcasm (Is that an emotion? Meh....).
R: He's real in here. A real guy whose made some bad choices and wants to make them right, who has a real love for Mulder and not just an obsession. Hallelujah! Mulder/Krycek *****

(XF) Mad Dogs by Sleeps With Coyotes: Alex swoops in with his cool-ass mutha-fuckin' car, and save Mulder's fucking life, all while being the sexiest fuckin' thing I've ever fuckin read. FUCK YEAH! XD R: Can you tell I'm excited?! I don't think that I've seen Alex Krycek being so...damned...COOL! Seriously, though, the kind of cool that makes you tingle you-know-where. The love scene was awesome. The fact that Alex had to hold back some unforeseen aggression directed towards Mulder/the demons in his own psyche was way past poetic. I am now obsessed with that song, too. Krycek/Mulder *****+

(XF) Mad Dogs 2- Phoenix in the Snow by Sleeps With Coyotes: Now we've got some mutha-fuckin' emotional shit goin' on. Fuck yeah to that, too!
R: The need that Alex shows for Mulder, and the acceptance that Mulder has for him is just...I can't even explain it. Mulder might not fully understand what the hell is going on in Alex's head, but he is okay with the possibility of never knowing everything. Sure, he does want to know, but he knows that Alex might not want to know himself, so he lets it be. Gah, I wish I were Mulder! I'd even take the beating just to be with Alex. Krycek/Mulder *****+

(XF) Mad Dogs 3- Reprieve by Sleeps With Coyotes: And the fuckin' and lovin' continues.
R: I was worried for a second that all of the spark that made Alex who he was in this story was sapped right out of him, but I was pleasantly surprised that he still had it. I'd like to think that he's just showing a part of himself and that part hasn't gone far. He's kind of like me in that aspect, or at least I like to think so. Krycek/Mulder *****+

(XF) Green Eyed Monster by Aries: Alex and Mulder deal with jealousy. Mulder/Krycek ****

(XF) Chemistry (Book 1, Book 2, and Book 3) by Louise Wu: Well...they've chemistry....
R: I don't think that I've ever seen Alex described like that before. He was so human. And, maybe I'm giving myself too much credit here, but he reminds me of me. Mulder/Krycek *****

(XF) Il Traviato by Cody Nelson: Alex is not only what he seems. Mulder/Krycek *****+

(XF) Flesh by Leather Alex: Skinner is a twisted man.
R: I was fighting for so long not to find this hot, but I didn't quite succeed. Skinner raping and torturing Alex and not REALLY feeling any remorse for it was something I thought that I would never see. Skinner/Krycek **

(XF) The Places That Scare You (Pt. 2, and Pt. 3) by Rose Campion: Mulder rescues Doggett, and together, with, help, they deal with what's been done to him. Mulder/Doggett MPREG *****+ (FAV)

(XF) 42 by Mort: Alex is no longer human, and Skinner is surprised that he's having a hard time with that.
R: I cried while reading this. Skinner/Krycek *****+

(XF) 42 (Two Years Later) by Mort: (May 23, 2007) So, yeah. It's 2 years after. R: I love Alex's mannerisms in this story. If I had a friend like that, I would hang around him all the time, if only to see he and Walter screw each other silly. I'm not sure that I like Mulder, sadly. Skinner/Krycek ****

(XF) What's In A Dream? by Lashala: Was I high on insomnia when I wrote this rec? I've forgotten what this story is about. I dunno....Still, read this. If I recced it, it must be good. Mulder/Krycek *****

(XF) Too Blunt An Instrument by Rose Campion: (May, 26, 2007) Doggett needs to be more careful about what he wishes for. Mulder/Doggett MPREG *****+ (FAV)

(XF) Two Voices by Bette St. Cloud: (May 27, 2007) Krycek and Skinner become domesticated. *****+

(XF) Breathless (1, 2) by Sleeps With Coyotes: (May 27, 2007) People are being turned into mindless puppets, and Mulder and Scully try to find the puppetmaster. Mulder/Krycek ****

(XF) These Men of Honor Rachel Lee Arlington: (May 29, 2007) Mulder learns the unsettling truth about Krycek. Mulder/Krycek, OMC/Krycek ***½
Next Part: The Moment of Truth by Phyre

(XF) When Things Fall Apart by Rose Campion: (May 31, 2007) Sequel to Midnight Train to Georgia (which you should also check out), this story deals with Mulder's interaction with Doggett's family after they've gotten together.
R: I love meet-the-family stories. Especially when the family overcomes some of their own biases. There was just so much emotion in here, that I felt myself getting choke up and biting my nails at times. And the sex was tastefully done, but there was still enough 'mmph' to satisfy me, if you know what I mean. Mulder and Doggett are fast becoming one of my favorite couples thanks to this author. Doggett/Mulder *****+

(XF) Ice Storm by Rose Campion: (June 1, 2007) I don't recall exactly what this story is about, but if it's by Rose, you can bet it's GOOOOD. R: I really liked this story. I wish that you would have elaborated on their daily lives more, but I get that this is a short story, so I'll bear it. Doggett/Mulder (I think) ***½

(XF) The Alex Krycek Affair by Rose Campion: (June 1, 2007) Based on the movie, "The Thomas Crown Affair". Alex plays Thomas Crown.
R: I love the intense romance and intrigue in this story. I didn't anticipate that it [the intense romance and intrigue] would be such a turn on? Krycek/Mulder ****½ (FAV)(A sentimental favorite)

(XF) Karma by Ladyhawk and Amatia: (June 1, 2007) Relationships aren't always the easiest things to get right.
R: Wooow....I mean REALLY. The awkwardness of the relationship is something I don't ever think that I’ve seen in an X-Files story. I think that people seem to think that Skinner is going to be some kind of raging bull sex god, but he's just as vulnerable as Mulder is, if not more. The first sex scene, I swear, my eyes must have nearly popped out of their eye sockets. I was shocked at just how raw it was. Very nicely done! Skinner/Mulder ***

(XF) The Adversary by Xanthe: (June 25, 2007) The Consortium finally get's it's hands on Mulder. He is trained to their liking.
R: The first thing I have to say is that I was nearly scared shitless when I read that huge warning at the beginning of the story. It wasn't nearly as gruesome as I thought it was going to be.
P.S. Two days after I read this story, I got teary-eyed over Laurence. How sick is that? Skinner/Mulder, OMC/Mulder *****+

(TS)(XF) Soul Mates (1, and 2) by Jo B: (June 29, 2007) There's something more than just love that's holding Mulder and Doggett together.
R: Doggett and Mulder's relationship was something that I haven't quite seen before. It was refreshing. Mulder/Doggett ****

(XF) Wild Justice 2: Divine Retribution (1 & 2) by MJ Lee: (November 8, 2007) After the events of the first story, things get even more sordid.
R: I just thought of the perfect song for this fic. "Shadow Boxer" by Fiona Apple. I think that this fits Alex pretty well. I was listening to her CD over and over again, when the lyrics of this song hit me over the head with a clue-by-four. Another one of her songs, "Carrion" fits the whole theme of the story. Krycek/Skinner *****+ (FAV)

(XF) Measure of Devotion by MJ Lee: (November 12, 2007) Skinner comes into possession of an old enemy. Mulder/Krycek *****+ (Mainly for characterizations)

(XF) It Had to Be You by Rose Campion: (Read with other R.C. fics) This was immensely enjoyable. Doggett coming into contact with a bacterial love-potion No. 9 with Mulder along for the ride could have gone wrong in so many ways, but this was smoldering (or, should I say "S'Muldering"), and funny. Mulder/Doggett ***½

(XF) Dry Heat (Part I, Part II, Part III) by frogdoggie: (January 19, 2008) Post colonization. Skinner is on a quest to find the people important to him. If he happens to find himself out THERE, then so be it.
R: This story is very descriptive, and I could find myself SEEING exactly what was going on. The OCs are well thought out; there's nothing worse than faceless, monotone OCs. The love/sex scenes are Grade-A. All I shall say is "jockstrap". Also, I find it eerie that I just bought and watched the X-Files movie for the first time in years, and I then I ended up reading this story that was based on the movie as opposed to the series. The truth is really out there, man.... ( 0)_( 0) Skinner/Mulder *****+

(XF) Colorblind by Amirin: (January 19, 2008) Mulder's inability to see the colors red and green make things difficult. R: This story is short, comparatively, but it is greatly entertaining. I was riveted to the very end. Mulder/Krycek (I think) ****

(XF) The Weaknesses Series by Viridian5: (January 21, 2008) During his time spying on Mulder for the Consortium, Krycek learns something about Mulder that he'd rather not know. He's not sure it's something he wishes to reveal to his employers.
R: The vignettes are really worth reading. Usually, I DESPISE drabbles, vignettes, and all things of that sort, because I see them as author’s avenue of dumping their crappy, half-thought-through stories on me, but the vignettes are really good. Mulder/Krycek, Mulder/Mulder ****½
All Alone Together

(XF) World's Child by Xanthe: (February 21, 2008) William, Mulder and Scully's son, narrates his life from gifted child to world savior. Very well written (like I would expect anything less from this wonderful author!). Skinner/Mulder *****+ (FAV)

(XF) The Gift of an Enemy by Sylvia: (May 01, 2008) Mulder is given a certain green-eyed assasin as a gift by an alien looking to strike a deal. Mulder/Krycek *****

(XF) Echo Lane by Louise Wu: (May 2, 2008) Mulder sees what life he could have had.
R: Asphyxiation!Sex and a young, hung Krycek in a Spring Break porno. Krycek/Mulder AU ****½

(XF) Not Your Typical Fairytale Ending (Part 1 and Part 2) by Anonymous Bosch: (May 2, 2008) Skinner is called to help Mulder by Gibson Price. Skinner realizes how affected Mulder really is by the events of his life.
R: The only downside to this story is that the sex isn't described. Normally, that wouldn't be so irksome if that's what the author prefers, but this author alludes to sex so much that it become annoying when love scenes are cut short before they even begin. Still, the concepts in here are very good. I never would have thought of some of the things that involve Mulder in here. Skinner/Mulder ****½


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