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Oral Roberts

     The name, "the seed", is given to Jesus (Gen. 3:15), the Word of GOD is designated as the "seed" (Luke 8:11; I Pet. 1:23), the growth of the believer is compared with that of a plant (John 15), and the evangelization of the world with the harvest (Matt. 13:30). And these are only some examples of the symbolism of the "seed of Faith" which the Bible uses, a theme that is developed by one of the most prestigious evangelists of this age. It's very necessary that we firmly grasp this truth, which, in essence, means that although we have so little to offer to GOD, the possibilities of faith are unlimited. When we take some of our strengths, faith, resources and abilities, and we deposit them in Him, as a seed is sown, we receive the assurance of a fruitful harvest. Faith forms part of the order of creation, as much in the natural sphere as in the spiritual, and should be applied in everyday life.

1. GOD established the principle of the seed and the law of sowing and the harvest (Gen. 8:22)
To overcome your problems, bring forth fruit and develop your potential, follow the divine law of the time of sowing and you will reap.

Noah's first acts after the Flood were to construct an altar and to offer sacrifices to the LORD. That pleased GOD, who made promises to the human family because of Noah's faith. He also instituted the law of the sower and the harvest: "While the earth remains..., sowing and the harvest shall not cease" (verse 22).

When GOD created the first living thing, he gave him the ability to grow and multiply. How? Through the seed. His life began through the principle of the seed. Each action of his life, from his birth, has been done through the principle of the sowing which continually sprouts the good and bad seeds that you have sown. He may go on unaware of the seeds that have been sown. The principle remains today. To realize your potential, to overcome life's problems, to see your life become fruitful, multiply and provide abundance (i.e., health, prosperity, spiritual renewal, in the family or oneself), you should decide to follow the divine law of the sower and the harvest. Sow the seed of His promise in the ground of your need.

2. Give GOD your best, so that you can expect the best from Him (II Sam. 24:24)
First, generously give to GOD, then you will reap the harvest.

David had sinned and, due to that, a plague overtook his people. To expiate his sin, the LORD told David to build an altar in the threshingfloor of Araunah, and to offer a burnt offering so that the plague would be halted. Araunah tried to give him the land, the oxen and other things for the sacrifice, but David insisted on paying him, saying that he couldn't present an offering to GOD that had cost him nothing.

In the center of faith is the fact that your offering implies a sacrifice. Your offering wouldn't be a living offering unless it cost something, something that represents a portion of your own life. Otherwise, it won't produce a good harvest. Our offerings to GOD should have the following qualities:

First, it should be the best that we can offer. When we give the best to GOD we are in the position to expect the best on GOD's part.

Second, GOD should have the priority in our offerings. The first thought in our minds, after having received something, should be how can I offer a portion of my harvest to the work of the LORD.

finally, our gifts should be generous, that is, totally selfless, without expecting anything in exchange from the one who receives it. As Jesus said to his disciples: "Freely you have received, freely give" (Matt. 10:8).

3. GOD is good. He only desires the best for you! (Exod. 15:26)
Abundant blessings are promised to all who listen to what GOD says.

By promising that his healing presence will be with us continually, GOD demands two important conditions from his people.

First, he asks that we pay attention to him, that we hear his voice and that we have ears to hear. GOD has always spoken to his people, and today he will speak to you, but you must cultivate a receptive attitude to his voice. The LORD speaks in many ways: through his Word, by his anointed servants, and through direct revelation in our inner being (Eph. 1:17,18). GOD seeks people who hear his voice and don't try to flee and hide from his presence (see Gen. 3:8).

Second, GOD asks that we do what is right in his presence; he seeks people who not only hear his words, but keep them in their heart and act on them; people who obey his words and aren't just hearers (see James 1:22-25).

GOD has promised his goodness in abundance. He awaits those who sow to the Spirit (Gal. 6:7-9), hearing his voice and doing what he asks.

4. You should give GOD a chance (II Kings 17:8-16)
Your offerings make something happen according to God's eternal purposes.

This episode teaches us to invite GOD to use his limitless power in the context of our limited resources and circumstances. Here we find two important principles for our edification.

First, we must offer something that is necessary to us. This is the type of gift that requires our faith. This woman had personal and family needs, but she offered to sustain the life and ministry of Elijah, the prophet of GOD. Then GOD gave abundant provision.

Second, this woman gave first. Her offering activated the miraculous process of GOD's provision. For almost three years GOD multiplied her bread.

Your gifts are the cause for something to happen according to the eternal principles of the sower and the harvest. There's an old saying that merits repetition: "Without GOD you can't, without you GOD can't". GOD has already provided his part. Now we must dedicate our offerings to him. He will make his provisions flow for our earthly existence. Sow! GOD will multiply it!

5. GOD has unlimited resources and the good thing is that he puts them at your disposal. (II Chron. 25:9)
GOD's supplies are never scarce; When he gives, he places you in a favorable position to get more.

In the human economy, the law of supply and demand regulates the price and payment for goods and services. In moments of excess supply, the prices go down; in times of scarcity, prices rise. Human economy is fluctuating.

But the divine economy doesn't have any variation. GOD always supplies according to our need. GOD doesn't want his people to suffer needs, but says rather, "that they will abound more and more" (see I Thess. 4:10-12). Do you believe that because you give something to GOD you will have less? No, according to the divine Law. When you give you place yourself in a position to receive!

We can never surpass the generosity of GOD. No matter what we give, it is multiplied back to us in a greater quantity that what we have! However, we have to develop our capacity for harvesting. Expecting to receive, not from the person to whom we give, but from our divine source, is also an act of faith. When I was a child, on a farm, I learned that planting signifies doing something and, equally, to recover the harvest it's necessary to do something. Both are acts of faith.

6. GOD has a way to fill your need, to solve your problem. It all depends on how your faith changes into a seed (Matt. 17:19,20)
When we allow our faith in GOD to be activated, it's changed into something miraculous.

When you sow a seed, GOD changes the nature of that seed, in the way that it becomes a plant; and the power of life surges into that ground and young plant, in such a way that even a thick layer of earth can't stop it from breaking through and growing.

Jesus says that our faith in GOD is like a seed. When we put our faith into action, e.g., when we place it in GOD, it takes on a totally new nature; it becomes a potential miracle.

What is the mountain that you must remove in your life? Loneliness, loss of work, illness, a broken relationship, domestic difficulties? Some other thing? Cheer up! Jesus shows you the way to overcome it!

First, GOD tells you that you have a measure of faith (Rom. 12:3). That faith is inside you. In the second place, GOD says that that faith gains life by "hearing the Word of GOD" (Rom. 10:17). In the third place, GOD says that you can put your faith into action to obtain your determined needs. How? Do something as an act of faith. Sow the tiniest mustard seed of your faith in a loving action (Matt. 17:20). Then, when your faith has been sown and is growing, speak to your mountain and observe how GOD will act.

7. GOD desires that the Bible's message abounds in you (John 10:10)
Believe that GOD wants you to have abundance; align your highest desires with those of GOD.

By giving yourself entirely to GOD, GOD hands himself totally to you. This is the great message of the Bible. Inherent to "being totally" of GOD - that is, to his own person - is the concept of a well-being and prosperity based on the Bible. The real possibility of health for your complete being (body, mind, emotions, relations), and that your material needs are attended to. And above all, divine prosperity gives fruits of eternal life. Reflect upon this. What more could we aspire to?

Jesus said that he came to give life; not only ordinary existence, but life in plenitude, abundance and prosperity (III John 2). On the other hand, the enemy (Satan) comes only to steal, kill and destroy. The line is clearly drawn. On one side is GOD offering goodness, life and "more" than what is necessary for life (see Joel 2:26 and II Pet. 1:2); and on the other, the enemy of our souls, who comes to deprive us of GOD's blessings, to oppress our bodies through illness and accidents, and to destroy all that we love and appreciate.

The first step toward experiencing total biblical prosperity is to believe that it is GOD's greatest desire for you. The second step is to submit your own greatest desires to those of GOD.

8. GOD knows that you will harvest according to your giving. The LORD wants us to expect a miracle at harvest time! (Luke 6:38)
Our offerings don't pay a debt that we owe, they are a seed that we sow; giving and receiving go together.

Jesus established a totally new way of giving. He gave himself to and for the needs of the people. We don't have to pay or offer sacrifices to receive refuge in GOD's mercy. Jesus Christ has already paid our debt to GOD, and his cross is a sufficient and eternal work in our favor. Then, our giving or offering has ceased to be the payment of a debt; it is a seed that we sow! The life and source of power comes from Him. It belongs to us to simply act upon the potential power of that seed of life that GOD has placed in us through his power and grace!

Notice that when Jesus said, "Give", he also said "And you will be given". Giving and receiving go together. Only giving places us in the position to expect, receive and harvest. And Jesus said that the harvest would be "good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and overflowing".

We give as if it were to GOD, and we receive from GOD; but we should remain attentive to the different ways that GOD employs to deliver our harvest. I sometimes say, "A miracle is approaching or is occurring next to you at each moment". Extend you hand and take it! Don't allow it to pass by you! (see Matt. 9:20-22). It could be that GOD's miracle for you may come as an idea, an opportunity, an invitation, or a previously unknown and unidentified association. Stay vigilant and expectant to the ways through which GOD may decide to send a miracle to you, in his due time (which, for you, could be now).

9. There is a season to GOD for all the seeds that you sow, whether they be good or bad (Gal. 6:7-9)
Whether good or bad, the seeds we sow bear fruit, some at once, others later.

GOD has a calendar for each seed that we sow. His calendar doesn't always correspond with ours. Sometimes the "due time" is associated with a rapid result. Others, a slow process, that could take years, even an entire life. But we can be sure of three things. First, GOD will make our seeds bring a harvest. Second, GOD is never early or late; he always acts just in time and whole-heartedly regarding our well-being. Third, our harvest will depend in quantity and quality on the type of seeds that we sow: The good seeds bring good harvests, while the bad seeds bring bad harvests.

What must we do during the growth period of our seeds? 1) Don't be discouraged. 2) We must determine to keep our faith alive and active. 3) Give and continue giving; love and continue loving. Know this: Your harvest, which GOD produces, is guaranteed. We should continue in an attitude of expectation.

10. Your offerings prove GOD, he opens the doors of heaven and drives away the devourer (Mal. 3:10,11)
GOD invites the people to offer and verify that they can trust in Him.

In this passage of Scripture, GOD himself invites his people to prove him, through their offerings, to verify his faithfulness. He says that withholding our offerings we deprive him of the privilege of pouring out great and abundant blessings. He makes a calling for us to renew our offerings in this promise. First, there will be "food" or resources for the divine word ("in my house"). Second, he says that those who offer will be in the position to receive great and abundant blessings. (You can experience how the windows of heaven are opened to pour out blessings that you can't "receive", that is, hold in your arms! Third, GOD says that he will rebuke the devourer for our sake. He will make it so that every blessing destined for you can't be held back, not even by Satan himself. Don't be afraid to prove GOD with your offerings; he is the LORD and he will pass the test.

11. Your faith in GOD is the key to that which you receive (Mark 11:22-24)
Hope opens your life to GOD and allows you to receive every good thing that comes from Him.

Believing can take opposite forms. It can be faith or it can be doubt. When you believe that GOD exists, that he loves you and is attentive to your needs, then faith is born in your heart.

On the other hand, doubt is equally real. On the contrary to faith, doubt tells you that GOD doesn't exist, or that he doesn't love you and isn't concerned with your needs. Doubt makes fear appear and that causes torment, not peace. Actually, fear keeps you from receiving the good things that GOD desires to give you. Seize this truth: Doubt, and will won't receive anything; have faith, and you will receive. For many years it has been said, "Expect a miracle!"

Such expectations open your life to GOD and enable you to receive salvation, economic aid and also mental peace; in a word, all the good things that your heart desires and much more!

12. All our offerings should be directed toward GOD, as the source from which everything comes (Matt. 25:34-40)
By giving to others, we raise our eyes to GOD, giving as an expression of loving service to Him.

Always when we give or plant our seeds of faith, we are doing it for Jesus. The person whom we feed comes to be like Jesus to us. The person whom we visit in jail or in his sick bed comes to be like Jesus to us. How can we know our LORD? We know him by doing his work and dedicating it to Him. We know him when we wrap our arms around those who are hopeless or alone. Jesus said that when we do this we are embracing Him: Jesus Christ, our blessed Savior.

Even if it's true that our offerings have to take very real and tangible forms by helping people, by giving through individuals, churches and ministries, in order to respond to the world's great needs, the focal point of our faith should be Jesus and only Jesus, our GOD, our strength, the object of our worship and our love. He, and no one other than He is worthy of our lives, and only He is the one who can supply all our needs.

We offer to others, but keep our intention very clear: We help them, but with our faith placed in GOD and as a loving service to his cause.

13. Be wise about where you sow your seeds of faith. GOD multiplies those sowed in good soil (Mark 4:1-20)
We have the responsibility of sowing our offerings where they'll bear fruit for GOD.

We are responsible not only for sowing the seeds of our faith through actual acts, and how we give them to the LORD but we are also responsible for selecting the terrain in which to sow. The quality of the land is what determines the magnitude of the harvest. Jesus clearly shows us how we should offer our testimony.

First, we must take charge of our giving. We sow our seed of faith and must do it with patience and diligence (see Luke 8:15).

Second, we must seek the places where the Holy Spirit is working. We should find places that have acquired life with the Word of GOD and where spiritual results are seen; where miracles, signs and wonders confirm the preaching of the Scriptures. Plant your seeds of faith there!

Third, seek people whose ministries have already borne fruit for the kingdom of GOD. Are they saving souls? Are the sick being healed? Are people being delivered? Then, sow there!

Our Savior himself tells you what you can expect when you follow his principles while sowing: an abundant harvest! Results of 30, 60, and even 100 % can be expected when you sow your seed wisely.

14. GOD multiplies your seed so that you have even more than you need (Luke 5:1-11)
GOD not only multiplies that which you give him, but you'll find GOD among your increase.

Jesus taught a great lesson about sowing a seed and the importance of sowing in good soil (see Mark 4:1-20). Later, as a way to illustrate it, told this group of tired and discouraged fishermen cast their net for a miraculous capture of fish.

These men had just planted their small boat as a seed in the ministry of Jesus. They had given Jesus their greatest possession as a platform from which he could preach the gospel. They had served the greatest need that Jesus had at that moment, and Jesus responded to their need. As professional fishermen, they needed to fish for the lives and daily sustenance of their families. They also needed to see GOD working in their lives, or rather, to see that Jesus was whom he claimed to be, and that their faith worked effectively. Jesus responded to both needs!

When you give something to GOD, He will multiply it back to you; and, moreover, will do it will all his grace and power.

15. Give what you have (II Cor. 9:8-10)
GOD makes everything beautiful, satisfactory and agreeable abound, so we can share it with others.

Pay special attention to the following three things while you study this passage: First, GOD is the one who makes all grace abound for you, and the one provides all your needs. All the things that are benefits in your life come from the hands of GOD. Second, He gives to us with sufficiency, even "abundantly", so that we can do good works. He blesses us so that we can be a blessing to others! (see Gen. 12:2). The word "sufficient" signifies "self-satisfaction", "contentment" or "competence", that are the signs of a believer whose life has been truly blessed with these qualities, in the measure that GOD makes him prosper in everything (see also Gen. 12:2). And third, the GOD who places the seed to be sown in your hand is the one who takes care of your basic needs, multiplies what has been sown, grants you abundance so that you can share with others, and makes you grow spiritually with love, joy, peace and all the other fruits of the Holy Spirit ("the fruit of righteousness").

How great our GOD is! With Him we lack nothing.

16. You can always give a seed of prayer...a seed of forgiveness...a seed of love and joy (James 5:15,16)
There is always something to give: prayer, love, pardon...keep sowing.

James 5:15,16 You can always give a seed of prayer...a seed of forgiveness...a seed of love and joy, SEED OF FAITH. Do you sometimes feel that there's absolutely nothing that you can give to GOD? Well then, you can always sow in another's life a seed of faith, or prayer motivated by love.

What effect does this type of prayer have? "Saved" and "healed" are virtually interchangeable in the Greek idiom; and "infirmity" can refer to any weakness, inability or sin: anything "negative" or "wrong" in life. In other words, the prayer of faith will restore any aspect of life that isn't going well.

And when people lift up this kind of prayer, they are healed as they pray! Jesus also said that we are forgiven as we forgive (see Matt. 6:14,15). We experience love as we love. We are blessed as we bless others. GOD gives to us as we give to others.

We can always sow a prayer of faith in another persons' life. Let us do it with love...with joy...with a spirit of forgiveness...and let us expect GOD to multiply this seed in our own life.

17. GOD gives to us first; he's our model for giving and receiving (John 3:16)
GOD sacrificed the best of himself, and did so hoping to receive. Thus we, ourselves, should do.

Is it difficult to believe that you should expect to receive something in reciprocity for what you have given? Read again these emphasized verses and note the following things: 1) Because of the way that GOD loved. Love was the motive for GOD to give. That should also be our motivation. 2) GOD...who has given. The love of GOD was transformed into an act of giving. 3) His Only begotten son. GOD gave the best that he could give! Thus we should also give our best. <4) GOD gave for a specific reason: To recover the human being from the power of Satan. GOD's deepest desire is to restore the human being to himself. And in order to realize that purpose, he gave his Son. What is your need? Your act of giving - fruit of your deepest love and firmest faith - is the key to satisfying it. 5) GOD gave sacrificially. Our salvation cost Jesus his life (see John 12:24). It also costs us: complete repentance and handing our life over to GOD. 6) GOD's plan is functional! People are saved because GOD gave the best of himself, because he gave first to later receive. GOD himself is our model in giving...and in receiving!

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