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        1. Firstly, go to Netscape Composer and click.
        2. A big window will appear for you to edit. You can see the tool bar at the top: ( New, Open, Save, Publish,
            Preview, Print, Find, Link, Target, Image, H.Line, Table and Spelling).
        3. Now editing begins. click on "Alignment" to centralize the vertical line blinker(cursor).The "Alignment"
            is just below the "Table" on the tool bar.
        4.You can see the blinker in the middle.Type the title of your web site, according to the
           desirable size and colour.Click on the "Font Size" and "Font Colour". For colours,
           click on the black-coloured square (font colour). A table of colours will appear. Choose your colour.
           For example: "WELCOME TO MY WEB SITE.
     5. If you want your title to be underlined, click on the underlined letter "A", before you type the title.
           For example: "WELCOME TO MY WEB SITE"
       6. If you want your title to be framed, click on "Table", a window called "New Table Properties"
           will appear.Set the number of rows to one and the number of columns to one, too.
           Then set the "TableAlignment" to the center.After doing this, click on"OK" at the bottom of the window.
       7. A long table will come out. For example:

      8. Centralize the blinker and then type your title. For example:


       9. Reduce the length of the table or frame: For example:


     10. If you want the background colour for the table or you want the border line width to be thick,
          click on " Table" on the tool bar.You must follow step 6, but don't click on "OK" yet. Now go to
          "Table background" and click on the white square against "Use colour" and click on the box
          the right side of the "Use colour".  A table of colours will appear. Click on the colour you like.
          Then the box will be filled with the colour you need.Finally click on "OK"

         For example:


    11. How to post the photos on the web?  Well, you have to scan your photos first and
          save them  in a file under" Desktop", before you start to create your web site. Name the file "Photos"
          and create another file named "Web Site".
    12. That being done, now click on "Image" on the tool bar. A window called "Image Properties"
          will appear. Go to Image location and click on" Choose File" on the right box.
    13. A window called "Choose Image File" will appear. Then look up for your file "Photos"
          and click on the subject " Family Photo" you need. After that, click on "Open"
          on the left-hand  bottom of the window.
    14. The "Image Properties" window will appear. Then you just click on"OK" at the bottom of the window.
    15. The "Family Photo" will appear on your "draft" web on where the blinker(cursor) is.
    16. To remove the "Family Photo", right-click on the photo. A small window will appear.
          Click on "cut". The photo will vanish.
    17. After having posted the photo, write a composition of it below the photo.
    18. When you have finished your "draft" web, you must click on "Save" on the tool bar.
    19. A window called "Save As" will appear. Put in the "File Name". For example:" MyWebSite"
          or " My_Web_Site" must be typed in these ways for HTML files.
    20. Finally click on "Preview". Now you have your "Draft" website done. Congratulations!
          Then you go to Part II on "How to link your "Draft" website to the Internet".