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1. Use a sheet of square paper and begin with a preliminary
    base. Pleat-fold the top flap. Unfold. Then valley-fold
    the bottom flap. Repeat behind.
2. outside reverse-fold the bottom triangular flaps.
3. Pleat-fold the loose triangular flap. Repeat behind.
4. Inside reverse-fold both the bottom triangular flaps.
5. Valley-fold the left triangular flap. Repeat behind.
6. Rabbit-ear the left and right triangular flaps to form the
    legs. Repeat behind.
7. Narrow the body with mountain folds. Repeat behind.
    Crimp the head part.
8. Crimp the head part to form the lower jaw.
9. Outside reverse-fold the legs and narrow the lower body
    with a mountain fold. Repeat behind.
10.Outside reverse-fold the lower jaw.
     Shape the head with a sink fold and a mountain fold.
     Outside reverse-fold the tips of both the front and hind
     legs. Repeat behind.
     Narrow the tail with a mountain fold.
     Sink the top of the sail with a mountain fold and narrow
     the sides of the sail with mountain folds.
11. The completed Demitrodon.

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