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This video is a free video. The song "Sliced Through" is copyrighted 1998 (FACTORY of Ghouls), 2004 F.O.G. MonsterMusic/Pentacle Five Records.

The song "Sliced Through" is offered free via the internet by FACTORY of Ghouls..

This video contains manipulated scenes from various kung-fu and ninja films and video games. Support the underground kung-fu/ninja action film scene, and rent and/or buy these films. Classics like "Drunken Master", "The Tai-Chi Master" aka "Twin Warriors", "Shinobi : Heart Under Blade", and the entire "Wu-Tang Collection" (especially "Drunken Wu-Tang") are must owns!

Kung-Fu/Ninja Game to own are; All the "Tenchu" games, "Shinobi" (The new one is Killer), "Onimusha", "Shenmue" (more roll playing than action....... but simply brilliant and amazing), and "Rise of The Dragon".

There are many great movies and games to own......... so fuck what the marketing agents say! Do some research and find some killer Japanese and Chinese imports. There are literally hundreds of great asian films! is not affiliated nor endorsed by any of the movies or games featured in the video(s), unless indicated otherwise. All movies and games names are trademarks or property of their copyright owners and are used in recognition of their owners. This is not an official site of any network, show, movie, or game. All logos, images, and sounds are copyrighted to their respective owners. All trademarks are property of their legal owners. only claims rights to the song(s) used in the video. The images used were part of free promotional clips or trailers. I strongly support and freely promote these networks, shows, movies, and/or games, as a fan of these works. Please visit the LINKS page for links to websites and/or other information about these works. All FACTORY of Ghouls videos are free (as well as the songs [copyrighted by FACTORY of Ghouls] contained in the videos), and are for promotional and entertainment purposes only!

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