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The PornStar Murders

FACTORY OF GHOULS is a death metal/grindcore band. They are similar in style to old grindcore favorites like Napalm Death, Entombed, Obituary and Carcass. Two songs are available to listen to on their Soundclick website. The first song, "The Spuge And Splatter" is a mid tempo death metal song with solos that sound a bit like Slayer but not as frantic. The song churns along and it is very heavy. The next song available to listen to is "The PornStar Murders" and right off the bat, this song has a doomy, Obituary sound to it which is really cool. It goes into a more mid paced style after that, similar to the first song, "The Spuge And Splatter." This song has more of a doom feel to it but for the most part it is another solid death metal/grindcore song. FACTORY OF GHOULS doesn't break any new ground with their music but they do a good job for what they play. If you like the above mentioned bands, you should enjoy FACTORY OF GHOULS. FACTORY OF GHOULS is another one person band. Ryan sXe plays all the instruments and he plays them very well. With a lot of one man bands, it seems that at least one instrument is not played as good as others but Ryan plays all the instruments very well and if you didn't know, you would've guess that this was a full band. I commend Ryan's fine work and for not using a drum machine for the drumming. Often times, a drum machine in a one man band ends up sounding bad, but not on these songs. FACTORY OF GHOULS has a CD available to purchase called "The PornStar Murders" and I would recommend buying it after listening to the two songs available on their Soundclick site. For more information about this cool band, visit the FACTORY OF GHOULS website.

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BODYFARM - Independent Metal Band

GRIND!!!GRIND!!!GRIND!!! Non-typical, killer off beat Grind /Punk.