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Counter-Strike Source Spray Tags

All Spray Tags Designed by the GrindPunk!
More Tags are coming! Check back soon!
Music by FACTORY of Ghouls
Email FACTORY of Ghouls

Just right click the spray tag you want, and save in your c:\vaulve\steam\steamapps\counter strike\cs source folder.
Then use your option menu during game play to assign the image as your spray tag.

FACTORY of Ghouls Logo Spray Tags Dark Spray Tags

FACTORY of Ghouls Logo


FACTORY of Ghouls Logo

Dark Pentagram

FACTORY of Ghouls Logo

Classic GoatHead Pentagram

FACTORY of Ghouls Logo

Back From The Grave
Action Spray Tags Funny Spray Tags

Bullet Hole Counter-Strike Logo

Tell someone to Kiss Your Ass!

I came up with this design, from a request by a really cool Danish guy that emailed me with the idea for the text.

Straight Busted! Mock your defeated enemy!
CamoBob TacticalPants
(I found this pic on-line, and had to make a tag out of it!)
This one might get you kicked off a few servers!
Comemerative Spray Tags

These Spray Tags are for those who once your team wins a round, wants to pay honor to your team mates that didn't survive.

Spray this one to honor your fallen team mates.

Spray this one to mock your defeated enemy.

To anyone you feel deserves it.