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News and Updates

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Alliance Radio is no more.

The video for "Munsters A Go-Go" and "Sliced Through" are now out!

March 21, 2006.

Upon The Throne of Lord Xenu (the new FACTORY of Ghouls Single), is dedicated to Matt Stone and Trey Park. In light of the recent events of the Church of Scientology trying to use it's influence as a "religious" entity to censor the South Park creators for their episode "Trapped in the Closet" (episode #912)...... I wrote this song in support of their fight for freedom of speech.

go to to stream the song and view the lyrics!

Join the good fight! Align with the KULT of XENU (K.O.X.)

Long live the light of Stan Marsh! HAIL XENU!!!!!!!

July 18, 2005.

To get the ABSOLUTE latest F.O.G. news, Click Here and join me (the GrindPunk)at my personal community!

July 1, 2005.

FACTORY of Ghouls will be featured in the "Best of Collection" for in August! So be sure to check taht out!

June 29, 2005.

The video for "Sliced Through" is now out! Go over to the "MP3 Audio" page on this site, or head over to to watch it and/or download it!

June 26, 2005.

Killer news from "THE HOUSE OF GHOULS"!....... FACTORY of Ghouls will be releasing it's first EVER VIDEO!!!!..... for the song "Sliced Through", off the re-release of the original self titled 1998 record. Look forward for this video, coming soon!

March 16, 2005.

Hey Scott Page.....

To all Paintballers out there: I know that you hear the name Dye come up in many discussions about paintball and paintball gear. However it is my duty to warn you not to buy into the hype. When I got into paintball back in 1999, I loved every little thing I got from dye. Unfortunately in the past couple years; they have decided (apparently) that their aftermarket products do not need to receive attention. I have recently purchased several dye products, and they have all been sub-par to flat out useless. The quality is no longer there. I did extensive research to make sure that I didn't just come across a fluke bad batch. My results showed that many people have been experiencing many of the same issues with dye products. So stay clear and beware of Dye products. I emailed them, and I thought their products sucked...... their "customer service" is the worst I have come across. I have spent 6 years working in retail, and know the strains of retail, but nothing constitutes the arrogance and denial I received. They even went as far to say that they do not make mistakes or miscalculations, even though two of their dealers admitted to me in email that they have had problems and compatibility issues with dye products. Never the less I must now protest Dye, and urge warning to you if you consider their products. If you need grips, I'd go with smart parts protouch (just as good as Dye Sticky3), and the Benchmark frames are 100Xs better than the Dye 45 pros. The Freak, All American, Pepper Stick, End Game, and evil pipe barrels are just as good, if not better than any Dye barrel.
I hate to say it, but FUCK DYE!

Febuary 12, 2005.

I would just like to take the time to say a big THANK YOU!!! to Angelfire/Lycos for all their help and services. You guys kick ass!!! Thanx!!!

December 27, 2004.

The FDA is completely out of their FUCKING Minds! Has our medical and scientific communities become such a fucking failure, that they are now just pulling ideas out of their useless and tax payer raping asses!?
In this news article, the FDA has approved the study of Ecstasy (an illegal and dangerous narcotic) for study in cancer treatment. Basically what they are saying here (just as they did with "medical marijuana"), is that because they have been stealing your money (for their wealth) and wasting all our time..... they have failed to cure anything, or benifit humanity in anyway..... so to make it up to you..... if you are dying, you have a pass to get stoned.
Of course with all the new over priced Rx medicines out there that fail to work, and cause numerous side effects, you'd literally have to be the dumbest fucking piece of shit to think that these assholes even care about any of you.
Silentium Nullum Plus!.... REBELLO!

December 9, 2004.

This is a sad day for metal music.

December 8, 2004.

FINALLY!!!!! Technology does something worth a fuck! The japanese car company unvails it's entry line of mountable robots. Or as I call them "FUCKING GUNDAMS!"
Click Here to stream video footage from the Toyota website.

December 6, 2004.

Alliance Radio has recently added FACTORY of Ghouls to it's rotation. So make sure to check out the "Awaken the Grave" show with DJ ColdBreed, on Alliance Radio every sunday at 5pm. You can stream the radio show from And request FACTORY of Ghouls.

November 12, 2004.

The official re-release of the original F.O.G. self titled album is here. Now brought to CD for the first time. Pick up your copy today, on the merchandise page!

July 31, 2004.

The re-release of the first FACTORY of Ghouls album from 1998 is only a couple weeks away. Shortly before the re-release of the album (for the first time on Cd), will be shut down while a new site is uploaded. All those that would like to be kept up to date with all the latest F.O.G. news before it is posted here, email me and ask to be put on the F.O.G. newsletter. More news to come.

June 18, 2004.

With two beheadings, suicide bombings, 9-11, and countless other tragedies spawning from the mid east "peaceful religion" goat rapping sand people...... it is about time that we stop playing this liberal nicety bull shit and wage a real war on these fuckers. I say one hundred slain and buried with pig carcasses for every westerner they kill. We the people must not only support war against these animals, we must demand a heavier, more precise, and deadlier offensive against the terrorists. Fuck fighting fire with fire, fight this fire with a furious blaze. Let god sort them out.

June 5, 2004.

My condolences to the Reagan family for their loss. President Reagan was one of the best presidents ever to grace this great country.
May he rest in peace.

March 29, 2004.

Happy Memorial Day to all!
Take the time today, to remember all of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our great country. Also show thanks to all our brave men and women in the armed forces for their service to us. May all our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan make it home safely and in victory!

March 29, 2004.

I would like to thank Peter at for his recent review of FACTORY of Ghouls.

March 23, 2004.

I will say what it seems no other will.... So, Bravo Mr. Ariel Sharon, I applaud your actions against the evil Hamas terrorist organization. You have my full support in your fight!

March 21, 2004.

I have decided to discontinue the production of "The PornStar Murders". So it is now out of print. All sales of the record will end on Jan 1, 2005.
After the re-release of the first F.O.G. record, I will focus F.O.G. on what I have wanted it to be for a long time now.... A hardcore grindpunk band with lyrics focusing on the straight egde life style, and social issuses that we face today.

March 3, 2004.

To all you FxOxGx Fans out there.... Get this, Count'em Three new records in the next 12 months. The re-release of the original 97/98 album is coming in the next four months. It will be followed by a hardcore oriented album coming this summer (featuring 20/20+ tracks, that's over 40 mins of sXe grindpunk). The final release will come late this year, early next year, will be the record you have been hearing about (being in the works) for the last six months.
The Album that is coming out this summer will be called "No Disclaimer", and will feature the (soon to be posted) track "One Nation Under Turmoil / Destroy The Left".
So look forward to the next 12 months being a sXe grindpunk year.

March 2, 2004.

Well, it seems that the Netsky.D virus is spreading like a wild fire. It originated in europe and attacks computers that use microsoft operating systems. Gee could this be due to the fact that microoft is growing in popularity in europe, and those socialist eur-trash assholes are attacking people who use windows?
It spreads through email, and changes the subject so it appears to be a different email each time you recieve it. It also uses the email addresses of people whos computer has been infected, so those people may not be responsible for sending it to you. Be carefull! Don't open any suspicious emails!
Nevertheless, I have been hit with this virus. For the last four days, I have recieved emails from many different addresses (many belonging to other metal bands). All I can say it thank god for anti-virus software.
Fuck all you assholes who attack people on the internet! You guys are just as useless as drug dealers. Of course you fuckers probably use drugs.

Febuary 21, 2004.

The full version of a new b-side song I just recently wrote will be posted soon for streaming. This song is not part of any F.O.G. album (and I don't plan on putting it on any future albums as of right now).
So look forward to the new track entiled, "One Nation Under Turmoil".

Febuary 16, 2004.

FACTORY of Ghouls is a featured artist at Check it out!
Imesh featured artists.
I would like to extend a thanx to those at Imesh for their support.

Febuary 9, 2004.

I have (in the works) plans for a FACTORY of Ghouls Video CD. It will feature behind the scenes footage of the making of "The PornStar Murders", the re-release of "F.O.G.", and the upcoming third record. It will also include videos of F.O.G. songs. As to which songs is undetermined, and as to a release date for the video CD is yet to be determined. I am hoping to release it with the third record, but we'll have to see how things go. I'll post details as they come.
Look foward to the re-release of the first FACTORY of Ghouls CD "F.O.G." coming soon!

January 9, 2004.

Some new info on the re-release of the original F.O.G. CD....
I will be posting mp3 samples (to be decided later) on this site. The full version of "Creature" will be available at, and I have ideas for a video for the song "Sliced Through" in the works. When completed, the video will be available for a free full version download from this site!
Check back soon for more updates.

January 5, 2004.

Check out the new edition, video news!
By clickin the link "Video News", you'll be able to stream an AVI video of the latest F.O.G. news right from Ryan.
Hope you enjoy it!

December 31, 2003.

First off, Happy Fuckin New Years!
Alright, would you like to hear a full F.O.G. song for free?.... If so, go to New Music Network, sign up (for free) and search for FACTORY of Ghouls.
You'll then be able to hear the full version of the Title track, "The PornStar Murders" from the album "The PornStar Murders".
You can purchase "The PornStar Murders", via paypal or money order, from the link on the homepage. FACTORY of Ghouls bumper stickers, mini posters, and buttons are coming soon, aswell as two CDs in 2004.
Check back soon for more updates!
Feel free to email me with comments or suggestions about F.O.G., this website, and any problems you encounter on this site.

December 14, 2003.

I recently got a copy of Saw Plus 32 ( a very powerful digital audio workstation software program ), and will be using it on the re-release of the self titled 97 record. I will be mixing the record from the multi-track tapes to Saw Plus were the songs will be mastered back to stereo tape to preserve that great thick analog sound. The CDs will be burned from the analog master. I promise that it will be brutal! I might be adding some of the rare demos to the CD so you can get a taste of F.O.G. in it's raw forming days. More updates coming soon!

December 14, 2003.

This is a great day!

December 4, 2003.

Dispite that I am dedicating all my time (right now) to my industrial band, I have gotten the time to work on some new F.O.G. material, and it is coming along great. The new record is going to be very fast, and brutal. There are the noticable GrindPunk elements of F.O.G. in the new songs, but there are a lot of new elements, such as odd time signatures and more hyperspeed tempos. One song I just wrote clocks in at 200+ bpm and, at the slow parts, drops to about 180 bpm.
I will be releasing the album title and track list at the first of the new year. I will also post some mp3 samples of the re-release of the original 97 album come january.
Check back soon! Until then, keep it straight and true!

November 25, 2003.

The Flash version of the F.O.G. website is now up and running. It features four fully interactive pages, and links to various html pages this site already offers. I will be adding links to the Flash home page on various html pages over the course of this week. Until then, if you venture through the flash site, use the back button on you inter browser to go from an html page to the Flash pages.
Hope you enjoy this new edition!

November 23, 2003.

I am currently working on a interactive flash version of this site. Parts of the new flash site will be up and running by Nov. 28.
You will stil be able to access the standard html version that is currently up.
I will also be shutting down all video game related pages on this site, as I am retiring from playing video games.

November 18, 2003.

In my continuing search through the old F.O.G. demo tapes and multi-track tapes, I have turned up many great cuts of the classic 97 self title record. Many of these demos will inspire the re-mastering of the first F.O.G. album, set to be re-released next year.
While going through my old demos, I came across three killer songs that never made it to any official F.O.G. release.
I have decided to release one of the songs on the re-release of the self titled album, and the other two will be reworked, re-recorded, and released as part of the new F.O.G. record in the works.
Check back soon for more updates!

November 13, 2003.

To releave some of the stress of working on my industrial prog-rock bands new record, I have started going through all the old F.O.G. demos and the original 1997 self titled record. I have been re-working a lot of it to compile the best material from the start of F.O.G.. Expect a re-release of the first F.O.G. record to come in the first quarter of 2004, with lots of killer bonus stuff. The remastered artwork looks killer, and the new mixes sound brutal. I'll add a couple original tracks so you can hear the contrast in quality.
This release will not disappoint any F.O.G. fan....
check back soon for more updates about the third F.O.G. record due third quarter 2004.

November 11, 2003.

It is Vertarns Day!
Take the time to tell a War Vet you are thankful for their service, and/or take minute of silence in memory of all Vet.... Those we've lost and those who are still with us!

October 31, 2003.

First off, Happy Halloween to all!
I have been shredding ideas left and right for the next F.O.G. record, and in the last month, I have written down (count'em), as of today, October 31.... a fitting 13 new songs! All I can say is that this next album is a blend between "The PornStar Murders", and the original "F.O.G.", but to the level after next.... with massive tempo swings and a lot more technique experimentations! very brutal! I am very sure all will love it as much as I am loving writting it.
After I finish the album I am currently working on, with my industrial band, I will begin to work out and arange the new F.O.G. material and get to recording ASAP.
I'll post more news when it comes!

October 29, 2003.

The ideas are flowing at full force. In the past week, I have written down eight ideas for new F.O.G. songs. The new guitar ideas are very dark and heavy. I am using a lot of drop tuning and seven strings in these ideas. The new material involves a more experimental take, with lots of harmonics, tapping, and scale fragmentation. Expect the third F.O.G. record to be very dark with massive tempo swings from blazing 200+ bpm to a crunching and sluggish 120 bpm. But no matter how fast or slow these songs get, they will all be very brutally!
That is a promise!

October 28, 2003.

All the artwork for the re-release of the original F.O.G. record has been redone for a cd release.
The album cover for the third F.O.G. record (set to be released summer 2004) is complete. The artwork pays tribute to Boris Karloff and Bella Lagosi, the true actors of REAL horror films.

October 24, 2003.

Although I am currently busy working on a record with my industrial band, I have written down ideas for eleven new F.O.G. songs, and two bonus tracks for the upcoming third full length F.O.G. record.
I have song titles for all of the new songs, and have written the guitars for seven of them.
Provided that all thing go smoothly, I project that the third record will be out summer 2004.
Check back soon for more updates on the new F.O.G. record, and the upcoming re-release of the original 1997 record that started it all!

October 9, 2003.

Purchasing F.O.G. cds is now made easier with PAYPAL.

Septmeber 13, 2003.

The New F.O.G. record set to be released mid to late 2004 will consist
of eleven new original tracks.
It will follow the early to mid 2004 re-release of the first F.O.G. record (from 1997) on CD.

Septmeber 12, 2003.

Please take the time on this day to remember the two great entertainers that we lost today!
May The Great Johnny Cash and Mr. John Ritter Rest in Peace!

Septmeber 11, 2003.

Take the time (on this day), to
give a moment of silence in memory of
those who we lost.

Never Forget... September 11th, 2001.

Septmeber 7, 2003.

I am proud to announce!
The original, Self Titled, FACTORY of Ghouls record F.O.G.,
is set to be Re-Released between the end of this year, and the beginning of next year!
Check back soon for more updates.

August 22, 2003.

Things with F.O.G. will be kinda slow for the rest of the year. I am taking a little time off to work on another project with my brother and my friend Jesse. It is a experimental band, and the first record should be done by Dec at the latest. In the mean time, I have started going through all the old F.O.G. demo tapes, and the first F.O.G. record, and plan to re-release the album on CD later this year. I am still writting new matterial for the next F.O.G. record, which I am planning to release 2nd quarter 2004, at the latest. I will post more news as it happens.

August 3, 2003

I have been going through the website, and redesigning and adding a shit load of new stuff. So surf through and check it out.
If you have any suggestions or comments.....
Email me!

I'll be posting some more news stuff soon. As of now I am redesigning my studio and getting my recording PC back up and running. I recently upgraded my PC and added some new studio gear, so I should be doing some test recordings by the end of the month.

I have also been working on sales of "TPSM" and scouting it out to a couple labels to try and get some support.
Check back soon for more F.O.G. news.

July 28, 2003

Just to give a heads up, I added a couple new things to my website. First is the edition of the Soldier of Fortune page, and secondly I added a F.O.G. wallpaper page. I have one ("The PornStar Murders") wallpaper right now, in 800x600 and 1024x768. So go check out those new pages, and don't forget to sign me ol' guest book!

July 22, 2003

I have added a guest book to the home page of this site. So feel free to check it out.

June 27, 2003

Although The PornStar Murders has just come out (officially released on June 17, 2003), I have begun working on material for a new FOG record. There is no planned time frame for release, and details about the new record will be few and far between (untill recording sessions begin). I will post news updates as much as possible. Once again, there is no confirmation about the new record. I started writting The PornStar Murders around this time 2002, and it was not released till June 2003. If I can get things going like I hope, I will try to release the new FOG record by December 2003. Maybe sooner.
Check back regularly, for news updates and new additions to the FOG website!

June 17,2003

You can Mail Order your copy at the link provided on the home page!

May 28, 2003

The MP3 Samples page is up and running... Check out some clips (of songs) from the debut record, "The PornStar Murders".

May 27, 2003

The PornStar Murders, is in the final stages of mixing. The Finalizing of the record will be done by next week, and the record will be in duplication and ready for release by the second week of June. More updates will come soon, and an official release date will be posted next week.

The MP3 sample page should be up and running this weekend.

May 15, 2003

The recording sessions are over. I officially started the mixing phase of the album. All drums, guitars, and bass work have been completed. Most of the vocals are done and I have begun mixing the songs that are completed. I expect that "The PornStar Murders", will be ready for duplication in two weeks. I do not have a set date in mind yet, but "The PornStar Murders" will be availiable for release between May 25 and June 1.
More updates soon.

May 12, 2003

Good news from the studio, "The PornStar Murders" is going into the mixing phase this week. The recording is wrapping up by Friday the 16th, and mixing will start on that day. An MP3 samples page will be added to this site next week so you can check out samples of the upcoming record.

FACTORY of Ghouls would like to say Happy Birthday to the Zildjian Cymbal company. They celebrated their 380th birthday May 11, 2003. Zildjian cymbals are the F.O.G. cymbal of choice.

April 28, 2003

Just to give all of you a heads up, the recording sessions are going very well. They started out pretty slow in the beginning, but have rapidly progressed in the past few weeks. Almost two thrids of the record is complete. Check back soon for more updates soon.
Check out the new edition to the F.O.G. website, a link to my private studio "One Hundred and First Recording", to view pictures of the recording sessions.

March 26, 2003

FACTORY of Ghouls is now in the studio recording "The PornStar Murders"
More updates coming... A release date will be posted soon.

Dec. 21, 2002

The new artwork is complete. It is still graphic, so the warning that this record is not for anyone under 18 remains!

Dec 20,2002

"The PornStar Murders", will be recorded at my studio, t.H.O.T. Recording and Mixing Studios, in Columbia SC. More updates to come!

Nov. 22, 2002

Due to the pornographic nature of the albums (The PornStar Murders) artwork, you must be 18 years old or older to purchase this CD. This album is not intended for anyone under the age of 18, and probably shouldn't be purchased by anyone under 21. It features subject matter and artwork that is very graphic. The story of the album, is about how a guys drug use, and involvment in prosititution leads to crime and his death. I also am aiming to mock the retarded movenment of the gore metal garbage that is a scar on the underground metal scene.

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