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Production and Engineering

Tracks 1-6 were written in the fall of 1997. Tracks 7-9 were written in the spring of 1998.
The first six songs were recorded and performed as the FACTORY of Ghouls "Demo 97" EP. After tracks 7-9 were written and recorded, they were compiled with the "Demo 97" EP to create the self titled album FACTORY of Ghouls.
When it was decided in the winter of 2003 that the self titled album would be remastered and re-released (for the first time on CD), I began going through all the old demos and re-recordings to compile the best recordings from 97 and 98. They were then transferred to computer were I remastered the album to CD. Because of the delay in the re-release of the record, I decide to record a song (that was to go on a future CD) as a bonus track.
All songs (music and lyrics), All Instruments and Vocals were written and performed by FACTORY of Ghouls. F.O.G. was, engineered, mixed, and mastered by FACTORY of Ghouls 97-98. Remastered at "The House of Ghouls" 2004. All artwork by FACTORY of Ghouls. Artwork assistance by Angie H.
Copyright Tracks 1-6 1997, Tracks 7-9 1998, Track 10 2004. All rights reserved 1998/2004, F.O.G. MonsterMusic / Pentacle Five Records.

This recording is raw, and I used no editing or effects to doctor the original sound of the songs contained on the CD.

The Story of "FACTORY of Ghouls"

As stated on the Bio page, F.O.G. was founded in 97 as a side project to my black metal project. All the songs on this record are based on fictional stories, and none of the content of this record should be taken seriously. At the time I wrote this album, I had no ideas for lyrics (due to my focus on my black metal band) so I just based all the lyrics of this record (excluding the song "The Factory") on video games. I was a big game junkie at the time and I wanted F.O.G. to be a fun side project, so I didn't bog down the lyrics with anything serious.

Monster Five and the Wild Rush:
This song is about my two favorite defensive moves on N64's QuaterBack's Club 97.

Is based on the longest grand slam I hit on N64's Ken Griffey Jr's SlugFest.

The Other:
Is based on the Playstation game Silent Hill.

Riddled with Bullets:
Is based on multiplayer Death Match mode on N64's 007 Golden Eye.

Inter Your Mind:
Is written about the character Psycho-Mantis in the Playstation game Metal Gear Solid.

Is based on the Playstation game Resident Evil (Directors Cut).
Click Here for more about "Creature".

Is based on the N64 game Rampage.

Sliced Through:
Is based on the Playstation game Tenchu : Stealth Assassins.

The Darkest Eve:
Is based on the DreamCast game Nightmare Creatures.

The Factory:
Is a story I wrote about a evil scientist lab that creates mass-produced monsters by combining the undead, genetic research, and cybernetics. Kind of a cross between Frankenstein, and Universal Soldier.

The Story of "The PornStar Murders"

Somewhere in the late nineties, horror (both movies and music), just got over the top and completely rediculous. That combined with humanities obsession with violence and sex, I thought I'd push the envelop with my brand of twisted humor to playfully mock my beloved death metal music and combine the images of murder and sex to really fuck with people - and make them uncomfortable. Thusly The PronStar Murders was born. As far as production and engineering, I was really trying to make one hell of a brutal death metal record and take the quality to that new level. Everything was written in 2002 and recorded, mixed, mastered, and released in 2003.

Hacking Up Hookers:
Is based on killing prostitutes in Grand Theft Auto.

StripClub Strangulation:
Is based on a true story I watched on Court TV.

The Spuge and Splatter:
Is based on the movie "Bordello of Blood".

Bludgeoned By Dildos:
Is just damned funny, and then some fucking video game stole my idea - you fucking fags!

MoneyShot the Corpse:
Zombie Sex. There is that stupid movie "zombie strippers" - of course this song came out way before that.

Instrumental intro to the title track.

The PornStar Murders:
A fictitious story about a killing spree by a junkie who is obsessed with two porn actresses, and is shacking up with a prostitute (his girlfriend and first victim).

Brutally Murdering Porn Actresses with a Hacksaw:
Just poking fun at Cannibal Corpse, while staying with the theme of sex and murder.

Debbie Does - A Pick-Axe to the Face:
Well apparently she has done everything else.

The Story of "Reanimation Defect"

Well, after six long years, enough people convinced me to bring F.O.G. back from the grave. Thus this is the reanimation defect. If you bring something back from the grave, it may not always turn out the way you planned. Sometimes, Dead is Better............

I set out to push my agenda, that natural, raw, organic music is better than the sample replacing, drum triggering, pod guitar recording, fruity bat shit garbage - that plagues music today. (It might be fine for others, but not for F.O.G.). Guitars are a PRS into a Marshall JCM900 (L) / PRS into a RAT pedal into a Tubeworks (R and leads). Bass = direct through a tube pre and a dbx comp. Vocals = a Beta57, a tubepre, and a FMR comp. Drums = Tamas with Remo heads, some shure, cad (overheads) and sennheiser mics into Mackie and Presonus pres (tubes on the kick and snare). Raw and brutal. If you don't like it, then choke on a dick.

Ghouls Arise:
F.O.G. is back from the grave. And Dead is always better.

Is brutally descriptive imagery about gluttons at a buffet.

Fuck Ton of Murder:
With 72 Law and Orders, 491 CSIs, 12 NCISs, Criminal Minds (x2), the First 48, and the countless piles of shit from Quentin Tarantino and other "lets make retardedly shocking gore films" dipnuts put out - it's a bit hard to find any real entertainment. I think I'll stick to Spongebob and the Discovery Channel.

The Cyclic Bleeding:

Lyrically is it a medically based description of the menstrual cycle

Multiple Stabwounds:
Is about putting a worm on a fishing hook.

Upon the Throne of Lord Xenu:
Is a hymn to Xenu (as I love all the devils of all the religions, since I am agnostic and don't believe in such creations), as well as a praise of support to Matt Stone and Tray Parker for their right to comically poke fun at anything, and their freedom of expression. Scientology is a fucking joke (in my opinion) and stating so is anyones right. They have constantly mocked everyone and every religion (including athiests) - and those Sci-Fi nerds get their bitchy little panies in a bunch. Piss off, our I'll nuke your thetans - you dumbass tards!

Zombie Meal:
CD Exclusive Bonus Track. Cause if you like MP3s, you should be killed by a gay zombie poodle with a Lady GaGa Hair Cut!
Drive Thru: Welcome to Soylent Burger, May I Take Your Order?

Zombie Customer: Uhhhhhhhhhh...........

Feasting on the Serpent::
CD Exclusive Bonus Track. In honor of my cats triumphant murdering of a snake! Good Girl!

The Story of "Gracing Dismemberment"

Gracing Dismemberment:
Is about the "Feel Box". If you don't know about that game, your life sucks. (originally released as a single on Halloween 2012).

Ruptured Flesh:
Is brutally descriptive imagery about popping zits.

Haunted by the Ghost:
Is about the aftermath of eating a Ghost Chili (Bhot Joloki).

The Other (re-recorded):
See original description above (1997 - F.O.G.)

Zombie Meal (Remastered):
See original description above (2011 - F.O.G.)

The Story of "Death in Binary"

Back to the root (lyrically) of F.O.G.. 100% video game based subject matter - (as if you couldn't tell from the video footage).

The Horror Lurking:
Is about PewDiePies gameplay of Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs.

Game of Death:
Is about HAppy Wheels!

She's always Watching:
Is about the free indie horror game, "Calm Time".


The Story of "F.O.G. Singles"

Various FACTORY of Ghouls Singles:

Anti-N.W.O. song..

About when farts or poop smells as bad as death.

Holy Diver (cover):
Cover of the Dio song Holy Diver.

Tomorrow's Victim (cover):
Cover of the Six Feet Under song Tomorrow's Victim.