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Click on the link of skin you want.
Download will automatically begin

(Pics of my Custom Skins,
are shown below the download links.)

Once downloaded, simply copy the pk3 file into your
sof2\base\mp folder.

Green_Ghoul MP5

F.O.G._AK74/Super Bloody Bayonet

Mossy Oak M4/M203

Advantage Camo Sniper Rifle

Real Tree MP5

This USAS12 Auto-Shotty's camo,
is based on (and designed using) Ghillie Suit Camo.

Advantage Timber M590
This Skin comes with new sound FX.

Custom Chrome Talon

CDP 1911
This Skin comes with new sound FX.

Night Sights Cross Hairs

The FACTORY of Ghouls Limo,
Click Here to view detailed pics of the F.O.G. Limo.
(The download link for the F.O.G. Limo can be accessed by click the "More Links" button just below the first ten download links)