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Takao Ueda 

Hello! My name is Takao Ueda. As you see from my name, I am a native speaker of Japanese, but I have lived in the USA for the past 24 years. My field of expertise is mathematics, but I have studied numerous subjects including computer science, economics, psychology, philosophy, and literature.   In fact, I have a MS degree in Japan and a MA degree in the USA and was a PhD student in English at a US university.

Translation Service

I have worked as a translator for the past 13 years.  In particular I have translated innumerable patenting applications in the fields of computer software/ hardware and electronics.  I have also translated various materials such as legal, journalistic, literary, and academic documents.  Please fax a sample page, if you are interested in my service. 

Languages: Japanese to English, English to Japanese.

Fields: General writing.  Professional writing:  Computer software/hardware, electronics,

other academic subjects.

File types of translated documents: English: MS Word, WordPerfect, LaTex, HTML.

          Japanese: Word, Text format.

Fees: J-E Translation:

  General writing:  $0.03 per Japanese character or punctuation mark.

  Professional writing: $0.04-$0.05 per Japanese character or punctuation mark.

         E-J Translation:

  General writing:  $0.08 per English word.

            Professional writing:  $0.10-$0.12 per English word.

On-line Courses and Tutoring

Advanced English Writing: A, 0, THE, or -S?

Lack of articles such as "go to beach," "writers in Victorian period," wrong use of "a" and "an" such as "a furniture," "an advice," and invention of plural forms such as "various informations," "three furnitures" are found everywhere in the speeches and writings of well-educated Japanese people.  In fact, how to use and not to use articles and plural forms is the hardest problem and the weakest point for Japanese people, yet neither teachers who are Japanese nor teachers who are native speakers have adequately addressed this problem that is uniquely Japanese.  This course is a monolingual writing course intensively focused on this challenging problem, not a bilingual translation course.  A requirement for the course is that students use an ESL dictionary, i.e. an English to English dictionary for non-native speakers of English.  Another requirement is that the students and the instructor communicate with each other by E-mail in English only, and this is part of writing practice.   By analyzing sentences in fields of their interest and composing their own, the students will increase their power of expression in English.


Textbook:  A, 0, THE, or -S.

Fee:  $40 for 4 weeks.

Tutoring in English Writing

If you are a student, professional, or businessperson who wants to improve your English, I can help you with your writings by correcting and editing them and give you some explanations and instructions.. 

Correction and Editing: $0.04 to$0.08 per English word.

Payment methods:

Checks, money orders, or PayPal. Transfers (to a US bank in dollars or to a Japanese address or bank in yen),



Address:37-30 63rd St., 2F, Woodside, NY 11377.

My Mathematical Pages

I am not only a research mathematician, but also an experienced

PROBLEM SOLVER that covers all subjects in high school and most of

undergraduate mathematics.  For my mathematical Web pages including

information on tutoring service, see http:/takaoueda/